Third Ear - The Ghost Road.

Third Ear - The Ghost Road.

Promo words - Third Ear engage the senses and offer an exquisite arrangement of themes and mood, designed to gently guide you as you embark upon a shared journey. Sometimes breezy, laid back and cool, sometimes taut, explosive and rollicking, Third Ear’s musical works are textured throughout with depth, imaginative flair and a soulfulness that seeks the heart. 

Having well served their “live music apprenticeship” by travelling and performing extensively across the country supporting various headliners, Sunshine Coast based act Third Ear have released their debut single “The Ghost Road.” Produced by Mark Paltridge and recorded at Spark 1 Studio’s Maleny, The Ghost Road displays a captivating mix of classic American 60’s surf beat and Jim Morrison style dark lyrics and overtones reminiscent of The Doors. 

According to Third Ear, “‘The Ghost Road’ is written from the perspective of a person attempting to conquer psychological torment, depression, guilt and anxiety, as it treks through wastelands of fear, turmoil and inner despair.” Deep rich vocals, a “killer riff”, and a hauntingly effective undertone graphically illustrate the subject matter with drive, purpose and gusto.

This is one of those songs that I will play far to much. Vocals are wonderful and the no nonsense musical soundtrack is just right. For me it's a little bit like a brighter version of the Sisters Of Mercy and maybe The Doors, but hey, what a mix to be likened to.