Diamond Thug - LUMER - Chances

Diamond Thug - Eclipsed.

Background - In 2016 the South African band, Diamond Thug, recorded their debut EP with the help of Dave Minehan (The Replacements) and released it to waves of support. After significant support from their home country and now at Spotify, where they have had several million plays, and with the wind in their sails, Diamond Thug introduce their music internationally with upcoming single ‘Eclipsed’, an evocative track that takes influence from the likes of Warpaint, Beach House and Vulfpeck.

Since their formation, Diamond Thug have continually evolved, always striving to create a unique sound that’s stay true to their perspective. Their music glides through dream-pop, skittish, off-kilter electronica & psychedelic-rock, creating cosmic-influenced ethereal soundscapes, which swirl below Chantel’s haunting, yet beautiful melodies.

The pursuit of an authentic & honest sound has earned the band various honours in international competitions such as Culture Collide’s pick to perform at SXSW 2017, as well as Converse’s Music Global Takeover and the attention of Grammy Award winner Darryl Torr, who had this to say about the band: "When listening to Diamond Thug, you are taken on a journey.  It’s the effortless vocals, supported by a solid band, that tips you over the edge & pulls you through into their world.  It’s rare to find a voice that can execute such interesting melodies so effortlessly as well as a band that leaves space for the vocals to shine, yet are able to maintain musical integrity." Website here, Facebook here

Alternative pop might be something of an oxymoron, however with Diamond Thug and songs like 'Eclipsed' it's pretty much spot on. The track is fabulously original, hard to put in any one genre, and yet the attention this band have received so far, suggests their music is very pop, as in popular.


LUMER - Gruel.

Background - Hull postpunks LUMER return this Spring with their new standalone single Gruel. With slots at BBC Radio 1 ’s Big Weekend in 2017’s UK City of Culture Hull (the band’s home town) and also Dot to Dot festival in Manchester during the week of release, Gruel takes the band to new heights in their very short life and meteoric rise as “a band to watch out for in 2017/18”.

On Gruel the four-piece have branched out into something borderline schizophrenic, with their twitchy guitar riffs and warped vocals giving way to something softer and more downtempo. To quote the band’s lead vocalist and bass player Alex Evans: “Gruel is about jealousy, anger, and failed attempts at escaping false thoughts. We had a lot of inspirations for Gruel, but mainly it’s a combination of Goth and Post-Punk bands like Bauhaus & Viet Cong (Preoccupations) as well as being inspired by our environment. Practicing in a dark, damp warehouse building in Hull has shaped the dark nature of the song.” This darkness is captured in the single’s somewhat tortured vocal and eerie instrumental middle section.

With their scuzzy and feverish grunge riffs LUMER are fast becoming a manic force to be reckoned with. Recently likened to acts such as Yak, King Nun and Black Flag, LUMER have bloomed out of Hull’s thriving
alternative music scene, holding the garagepunk torch aloft and lighting the way for the angry and the disenfranchised. Formed in the wintery beginnings of 2016, LUMER have develop their cryptic post-punk sound and have gone on to play high-octane shows supporting Life on their UK tour, Weirds and Vulgarians on their Manchester dates plus a performance at the prestigious Rough Trade Nottingham. Facebook here.

'Gruel' is one of those "cut to the chase" pieces. Post punk, ploughs straight into some alt rock, full of attitude, angst and passion. The resulting explosion of incredibly fresh music, gives hope to first generation punks. Those who remain in search of a refill of those years of the youthful vigour. Something only punk genres can deliver.


Chances - Leave The Light On.

Background from Chances - We are excited to be releasing our new single after our debut single received so much support from listeners and taste makers like you. 

The song is about trusting that you’ve got some things to learn along the way from the connections in life that may be fleeting yet beautiful. It describes going ahead with something or someone, even when you know right from the start that it may not take you all the way to the finish line.

Musically, the song features a rhythmic counter-play between the melody and percussion. We wanted the vocals to be uplifting - infused with a feeling of hope and possibility. Near the end of the song you can hear some french lyrics weaved into the line; reflecting our roots.

We came together in Montreal in 2016 to sketch out a few songs, just to see where uninhibited brainstorming might lead us. New rules brought new possibilities, one person’s writer’s block became another’s building block. Website here, Facebook here.

And if alternative pop is not enough 'Leave The Light On' takes us into the wonderland of experimental pop, and by it's very credentials establishes such a place exists. With this song, it is also clearly thriving.