Sad Palace - Ali Murray - The Tates

Sad Palace - Melody Crux.

Background - South Coast quartet Sad Palace unveil their latest single, Melody Crux, its was release via Kissability on November 10th. Brimful of grooving attitude, the single is a continuation of the icy pop Sad Palace have already made their name with, just three sharp releases into their career. Fizzing organs and piercing alt.rock guitars sit atop jazzy breaks, delivered seamlessly by the rhythm section, whilst imperious vocals deliver commanding hooks, breaking at times into infectious falsetto. 

If the track is channelling late night vibes, then here’s why: 'Most of the lyrics were written on a night out, sometimes you go out partying for the night when you really shouldn't. It's a weird feeling, being out dancing and drinking, and then realising you're just not in the mood.The music stays really upbeat as the words slowly deteriorate with the night, because the night doesn't care about your feelings, it goes on anyway.'

Sad Palace’s previous single Frostbeat was released on limited edition tape as part of International Cassette Store Day earlier this year, a move echoing their sonic combination of retro and contemporary influences.

With online acclaim building, invites to perform at the exclusive Sofar Sounds sessions and another glacial diamon under their belt, Sad Palace look set to break beyond their small town constraints, possessing the creativity and ambition to level-up to national indie stalwarts. Melody Crux will be available on all streaming and downloading services from 10th November. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

'Melody Crux' is a refreshing and sprightly song where the band are clearly putting their hearts into the music. It might be Indie or Alt something, it's certainly a breezy pleasing song.


Ali Murray - Only Wind.

Background - Ali Murray has just released a new EP called 'Only Wind'. Musically it's kind of atmospheric folk, influenced by the dark hills and barren moorlands...and the general harshness, beauty and sadness of remote Scottish island life. He will also be following up the EP with a full-length album sometime soon.

”Ali Murray is a songwriter/musician hailing from the cold and rainy Isle of Lewis in northern Scotland. Equal parts grandiose and humble, effervescent and melancholy, spatial and solitary, Ali’s dark blend of acoustic folk, atmospheric post-rock, and dream pop is as beautifully depressing as it is introspectively invigorating.

His lyrics, which speak of longing, loss, and various degrees of emotional turmoil we can all relate to in some way, speak volumes themselves but are also wonderfully complimented by moving melodies and expansive soundscapes; Ali proves himself to be a creator of an incredibly vast array of sound for a single person. An artistic channeler of all spectral ranges of human emotion, Ali Murray will appeal to any and all folks looking for that faint, but visible light at the end of the tunnel.” - Kevin Berk. BANDCAMP, FACEBOOK.

The title track and one of four on the EP 'Only Wind' is typical of the refined and high standard of music Ali Murray creates. On the featured song Stephanie Ratcliff adds some beautiful additional vocals. It's worth noting however, that as a solo artist Ali is more than capable of filling all voids, and some.


The Tates - Water.

Background - ‘Water’, the brand new single by Welsh Indie / Pop five piece 'The Tates', has been eagerly anticipate after the success of the band’s debut release ‘Electric Girl’. The song was supported by Huw Stephens, BBC Introducing, Radio 1 and gained Amazing radio playlisting as well as being A-listed on BBC Radio Wales.

Energized by their summer tour in support of ‘Electric Girl’ a confident and inspired band returned to the studio in Cardiff to work with producer Steffan Pringle (Estrons, Himalayas, Future Of The Left) again. They emerged with a sense of purpose with a song that will redefine 'The Tates' as the torch-bearers of a new sound, a sound that ranges from The Libertines’ poetic raw energy to the death disco of early New Order and the fuzzed day-glow pop melodies of MGMT. Lyrically ‘Water’ asks a poetic question exploring themes of nature over nurture, as Tom the guitarist explains: “Are the flaws that we share with our parents who we are, or have we learnt from them?
Are we free to be the people we want to be or are we trapped by our genetic makeup and our immediate environment and society?” It is testament to the band that with their unwavering belief in the pop song they are in full control of their chosen genre - they make the pop song theirs. 'The Tates' build from the ground up, step by step until they can reach the stars. FACEBOOK.

'Water' is vibrant and feisty. Vocals and harmonies are bright, and supported by a determined and delicious musical arrangement. Whatever it is in their 'Water' it's definitely a mood lifter!