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Rich Girls - The Nadas - Quicksilver Daydream - The fin.

Rich Girls - Hit. Background - Garage/art rock trio Rich Girls share their new track, "Hit," the first single off their forthcoming debut full-length release, Black City. The album was recorded by Travis Harrison at Serious Business, Brooklyn and Sean Beresford at Blighty Sound, San Francisco. It was mastered by John Greenham at Infrasonic. Black City is due out April 6th on Tricycle Records. Rich Girls return with a heady new pop sound and nine songs that pull their minimal garage into ambitious new territory. Songwriter Luisa Black unveils a new sonic toolkit, adding vintage synths, dark marimbas and ambitious melodies to the trademark Rich Girls verbed-out sound. The songs are awash in contrasts, veering between aggresssion and tenderness with lyrics about insurrection (“In the Street”), a power ballad about post-addiction love (“Wayne”) and the band’s biggest departure yet, a slurry synth-driven track set to a motorik beat (“Hit”). Black channels the zeitgeist of heart

Kidsmoke - Reichelt - And Then Came Fall - Darlingside - Fever High - Sharaya Summers

Kidsmoke - Sister Sadness. Background - Dreamy Welsh indie outfit Kidsmoke present their latest melodic number Sister Sadness, blending hazy soundscapes with crisp, jangly guitar tones and hushed vocals to perfection in their first release of 2018. Taking a wistful journey through a somewhat dystopian scene, Sister Sadness draws feelings of melancholy and heartache, whilst holding on to a dreamy sense of optimism that resonates within the band’s trademark sound. Notably incorporating the influences of Bill Ryder Jones’ Two To Birkenhead and Snail Mail’s Thinning, the quartet’s latest delicious slice of indie pop follows on from their 2017 EP Save Your Sorrow and further hints at their raw potential. With backing on the airwaves from Steve Lamacq (BBC 6 Music Recommends Track Of The Week) alongside widespread approval from the online community (and a sync in Netflix’s Black Mirror), Kidsmoke are primed for the spotlight in the coming months with tour dates dotted across the UK. Produ

Varvara - Martha Ffion - Amaroun - Berries

Varvara - Anxiety. Background - Varvara have released their new single 'Anxiety' and announce the new album 'Go'. Varvara from Hamina, South-East Finland have come a long way since the release of their debut album back in 2011. Varvara was originally formed by main songwriter and guitarist-vocalist Mikko Kiri in 2007 when moving back to his old childhood neighborhood after studies around Finland. Mikko wanted to start a band that would locate in Hamina and gather its’ influences from the late 90s and early 2000s; a period he had first gotten actively involved in music. Soon Mikko found himself among friends and decided to name the band after a statue they used to gather round before nights of misbehaving. Varvara Schantin (1870-1941), the hometown hero who that statue represents, was born in Russia but became an important figure in the small town of Hamina. Schantin handed out food and refreshments to soldiers as they were preparing for war and their possible date wi

Michelle Mandico - Therese Lithner - Croatia

Michelle Mandico - Ptarmigan. Background - Nashville singer-songwriter Michelle Mandico has a new single entitled “Ptarmigan” (named for a northern grouse of mountainous and Arctic regions, with feathered legs and feet and plumage that typically changes to white in winter) which was released recently. Colorado native Michelle Mandico traded in snowy slopes as a ski instructor for the warm sounds of Nashville to deepen her career as a writer and musician. Encouraged by a musical family, Michelle grew up singing with her sisters before learning to play piano at age five and she began songwriting shortly after. Her music is comparable to contemporary artists like Ingrid Michaelson and true classics such as Joni Mitchell. Mandico’s onstage charisma blossomed in Denver's live music scene and she has headlined notable venues, including Los Angeles' Hotel Cafe, Denver's Lost Lake and The Basement in Nashville. In 2015 Michelle released Half Captive , a piano-pop EP produced by

The Loons - Malena Zavala - Tenderfoot

The Loons - Blue Ether / Saturday's Son. Background - In this click bait, flavor of the month, short attention span world, The Loons are an anomaly. Their records and live performances have commanded the attention of a devoted tribe of fans for twenty years and counting. In that time they’ve made four albums, a bunch of singles, and played gigs in more cities around the world than they can keep count of. They’ve collaborated with original ‘60s music icons like Glenn Ross Campbell of the Misunderstood, Dick Taylor of the Pretty Things, Randy Holden of the Sons of Adam and Blue Cheer, and Michael Stuart-Ware of Love. The Loons have grown and evolved but never compromised, remaining fiercely committed to the untamed spirit and creativity of ‘60s garage, freakbeat and psychedelia. After fifteen years with the same lineup, they have a musical chemistry that is practically telepathic. Mike Stax, who also publishes Ugly Things magazine, is the lead singer.  Anja Stax plays bass and sin

Canary Islands - Everett Bird - Bryde

Canary Islands - Glöm Baby Glöm. Background - Swedish Canary Islands, consisting of members from Animal Five, are now en route to a new album release. They have previously released music under their own format ”3P”: 3 songs, recorded in 3 days, released as a long triple song.They released 3 of these 3P’s in one year. ”Glöm baby Glöm” is the first single from their upcoming album, and it’s a straight forward and dreamy pop song: ”Glöm baby Glöm' is about a person that breaks up with someone they love above all because they deserve that kind of love.” - Martin von Inghardt. FACEBOOK . 'Glöm Baby Glöm' is a smooth flowing indie pop song that is beautifully crafted. The vocals are natural and pleasing regardless of any language barrier, the music is vibrant and equally charming. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everett Bird - Bucket of Dark Meat. Background from Everett B