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Maria Matveeva & Deep Forest - French For Rabbits - Post Lovers - Slum Summer

Maria Matveeva & Deep Forest - Kalinushka. Soprano opera singer Maria Matveeva together with well-known French Grammy-award-winning composer and producer Eric Mouquet aka Deep Forest shared their latest single “Kalinushka” this week, to be taken from their upcoming collaborative three-track EP titled "Siberian Trilogy Project" set for release on the 21st December. In addition to her career as a lyric soprano in the Opera, Matveeva has experimented various musical genres. She is always on top of her game - and in the past she has collaborated with notable musicians such as David Bowie’s pianist, Mike Garson, notable for working with the likes of Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins, Alessandro Alessandroni Jr and Alex Elena, just to name a few. Matveeva’s latest delivery, "Siberian Trilogy Project" is an experiment with an innovative musical idea, which fused different styles: lyric voice, electronic sounds and the ethnic elements. Since 1992, Deep Forest has

Wild Child - Sands

Wild Child - 1996 (E.P). Yesterday Austin, TX's Wild Child released a surprise EP titled 1996 that includes three brand new songs. The EP arrives as the band kicks off their headline tour that will make stops in Boston, Philadelphia, New York and many more. "We probably had 20 songs in consideration for our fourth LP Expectations and these songs didn’t seem to fit in the final sequencing but we still really liked them," said co-frontman Alexander Beggins. "'1996' was one of the first tracks we recorded for Expectations with Scott McMicken up at Mt. Slippery back in the summer of 2017. We recorded a full version of the song one day, woke up and scrapped it the next day and started working on a new version messing around with drum machines and midi toys. We now play a hybrid version live. "Best Lay" and "Hold On, Hold You" were recorded in our hometown in Austin, TX with the ever talented Adrian Quesada. We work really well and quick to

Lusterlit - Erin K - The Fame - Kazyak

Lusterlit - Meat Cake. Meat Cake is the new double-A-sided single of Lusterlit songs inspired by comic book artist and author Dame Darcy's series of the same name, and written for her Bushwick Book Club event with Brooklyn Book Festival. Lusterlit were so inspired by her renaissance-mermaid royalty that they immediately started planning a Lusterlit record. The relentless indie drive of "Wax Wolf" and the chamber/hip-hop epic "Cutting" are now available at Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and on blue vinyl, courtesy of Brooklynphono! These helpings of deep hooks and vivid storytelling feature the duos dark cinematic blend of spiraling vocals over acoustic/electric landscapes of vintage beatboxes, swirling guitars, keyboards and brutal drums. Lusterlit produces Bushwick Book Club (founded in 2009), the international performance series featuring songwriters and performers of all kinds, putting on regular shows featuring new music, art and snacks inspired by a ch

Silverbacks - Anna Karenina

Silverbacks - Just In The Band. Irish art punks Silverbacks delve into themes of false idolatry and deeper connection in their latest track ‘Just In The Band’ out now on PK Miami. Produced by Daniel Fox from fellow Dubliners Girl Band, 'Just In The Band' carries the same nagging unease as previous single 'Dunkirk' with taut drums and unrelenting bass underpinning seasick guitar arps and Daniel O’Kelly’s blunt commentary on the ‘problems down the back’. Feedback soaked and frazzled, it sees the band step further away from their indie roots and more into the groove - if the groove covered itself in petrol and dared you to light the match. Silverbacks are a thrilling prospect, delivering their own louche take on NYC-indebted rock: slack enough for the tastemakers while also mining the gems of a pop vein, catching the ears of those with a taste for a good hook. Now a full-fledged five piece after graduating from the bedroom project of songwriting brothers Kilian and Da