The Empty Threats - Ted Kennedy

Australia's The Empty Threats have a new E.P. 'Ablutions'. Described as exploratory rock, it's a description that actually makes sense having listened to all four songs, what's more the individuality of each track doesn't dilute the quality or the overall vibe, this is one very fine E.P. Ted Kennedy's new song 'Forty' showcases his distinctive and very engaging vocals, the electronic musical backdrop is equally striking and the melodic hooks do the rest.

The Empty Threats - Ablutions (E.P).

Exploratory rock comes in many shapes and forms, though leave it up to The Empty Threats to fully embrace a cataclysmic sonic earthquake. The Adelaide four-piece declare a pretence of maligned, experimental rock and visceral psych embellishments.

The Empty Threats are proud to release their new EP into the world. After turning plenty of heads with a string of singles including 'Heavy', 'Loss Of Breath' and 'Magnolia', The Empty Threats' new EP, 'Ablutions', is out now via GD FRNDS.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by two-time ARIA Award-nominated producer, Matt Hills, at Hillside Studio, 'Ablutions' is a four-track masterpiece about cleaning oneself from negative and upsetting memories in the hope to move into a positive, more fulfilling future.

'Ablutions' sees the outfit put together a concoction of prog and psych rock, expertly blended to form four huge tracks that all compliment each other ever so smoothly. The body of work is filled with drenched guitar tones, booming, yet intimate, vocals, rolling electric clarinet solos and tight drum and bass lines to help bring the contemporary madness all together.

The EP is an internal look at a band who's changed and developed considerably. Further, it's a comment on remaining positive in the crushing reality of being a musician. Guitarist, Matt Schultz, explains.

"It's a reflection from the band about the change that we have been through over the past year or so. Commenting on our personal mental states, the state of society and trying to have a positive headspace moving forward."

Over the last year, The Empty Threats have really honed in on what makes an audience click. Their extremely energetic live performance has been put to hard work since embarking on their first national tour in early 2018. They've since been performing regularly to ever-growing crowds, including a main support slot for The Babe Rainbow.


Ted Kennedy - Forty.

It’s a brutal truth that you can’t help someone who doesn’t realize they have a problem. All your energy, support and love isn’t enough. Their addiction is out of your control. No matter how much it hurts, sometimes you have to let go.

My new song, “Forty,” came to me when a close friend relapsed after many years of struggling with opioid addiction. I remember thinking how the cycle of addiction and denial wears people down.

There were just so few people left around my friend that it dawned on me –the ones who remained, the ones who loved him most, were just the last ones to say goodbye.

I have an album’s worth of material that I’ll be releasing throughout 2019. I’m looking forward to performing these tracks  live. I plan on growing Frequencies (a monthly concert series that I curate) this year, expanding to more cities and putting on larger events in Toronto. There is just so much going on in electronic music right now, and I feel lucky to be apart of it - Ted Kennedy.