Julia Jonas - Umbrella Assassins

Julia Jonas returns with 'Air' following the song 'Lift You High' which we featured around two weeks ago. Once again her beautifully crafted indie pop is both melodic and quite captivating. === Umbrella Assassins have a new single out this coming Friday entitled 'Dads Song' accompanied by this wonderful video from the masters of shed-punk.

Julia Jonas - Air.

Sweden based artist and producer Julia Jonas has released new EP Air, which sees her sharing her honest and at times challenging life experiences.

Julia was born in Cape Town but grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. Having spent years of her childhood in a conflict-ridden country, later followed by the challenges of adapting to a society with little resemblance to her roots, music became her way of expressing herself and she started exploring and experimenting with sounds in her basement home studio as a means of escape.

Along with new track Air, these experiences inform the subject of other recent single 'Lift You High'. She tells us that “the track reflects a feeling of loneliness and alienation when feeling pressured to fit in but having the strength to strive for diversity and tolerance despite it. Being quite obviously different in a world where people strive for uniformity creates very strong feelings of loneliness and exclusion.


Umbrella Assassins - Dads Song.

Responding to a post from Rebel Arts Radio, asking for radio stings the band knocked up a riff and used lyrics that drummer Garry's dad gave to them. They liked it so much, they adopted it into a song.

The new single 'Dads song' recorded in Tiny Eyes Studios concludes a busy year for the Haverhill Shed-Punk trio. Andy's words describe a meeting with Carol at a party in Wood Green 1970. A love story that continues fifty years later.

3 years ago Umbrella Assassins were reborn in Steve's shed. Escaping everyday lifes' boredoms and unpleasantness, making a haven for creativity and the appreciation of beer at the bottom of the garden. The punk trio would go on to create something special, that would change their lives forever, Shed Punk!!!


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