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Jasmine Rodgers - Rod Picott - Union Duke - Mercvrial - Rose Ette

Jasmine Rodgers has shared a live video recording for 'Underwater' featuring Scott Matthews. It's a refined modern folk song and this production really is quite special. Rod Picott has a voice just made for intimate Americana music as is witnessed with 'Mama's Boy' where his raw and personal vocals are so engaging. Folk rock (perhaps with the emphasis more on rock) comes in the form of  'Ladidadida' by Union Duke a vibrant and hook laden song from beginning to end. Two new singles for the price of none as Mercvrial share a couple of videos for 'Carnival' and 'Otherworld'. There both from their upcoming EP 'The Stars Like Dust' and the band deliver some fabulous shoegaze mixed with dream pop. We featured the audio for 'Skin' by Rose Ette a couple of months back, however they now have a brand new video for the song, so I thought it's a fine tune, lets give it another play. --------------------------------------

Kazyak - Bryony Dunn - Kacy & Clayton - Rebecca Binnendyk - Arche

Kazyak create a smooth, layered indie rock vibe with 'Smoke Jumper' there's a live feel that the video emphasises further. 'L.O.V.E.R.S' is released today as Bryony Dunn shares some vibrant, upbeat, feel good and pretty catchy modern pop. Kacy & Clayton have just released 'The Forty-Ninth Parallel' as a taste of their October scheduled album 'Carrying On'. Their ability to mix genres with class is demonstrated here, it's Americana and more! Rebecca Binnendyk shares 'Brick By Brick' a stylish contemporary pop ballad with something of a classic feel, her gorgeous vocals and refined musical backdrop are splendid. Finally we have Arche with 'My Only' a beautiful indie pop song where the chorus is dreamy and the musical hooks are everywhere. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kazyak   - Smoke Jumper. "Smoke Jumper is a flo

Izzie Walsh - Phonettes - Party Hardly - Elijah James And The Nightmares

Back in March when we first featured Izzie Walsh I described her voice as "gorgeous" and her music "vibrant and pleasing". Today's release of 'Clouded Mind' reassures me that I wasn't overstating matters, as she shares another delicious slice of Americana music. Amsterdam based singer-songwriter and film composer Daan Hofman has shared 'First delight' under the moniker of Phonettes . The song is hard to define, it's synth pop and yet it's also somewhere between Indie folk and pop, whatever it's original and catchy - that will do! Party Hardly return to Beehive Candy for a fourth time with 'Rats In The Kitchen' another powered up alt rocker where the band lay out their message in a potent and uncompromising manner. Elijah James And The Nightmares round off today musical sojourn with a video for 'Movie In Your Eyes'. The Liverpool indie rock band provide a creative musical backdrop and the impassioned vocals

Basset - Zooni - The Switch

Basset have just released 'Waterloo' and I have to say I am mightily impressed. Their acoustic musical combination of instruments ensures they have a fresh and distinct sound and the vocals add vibrancy and energy, they are ones to watch out for, I would suggest. Art pop band Zooni have just released their new single 'Cotton Blue' a gently paced song, where the musical arrangement is well structured with plenty of clarity for each musician and just right for the heartfelt vocals. Finally The Switch have shared 'What If' taken from their upcoming album. The band have a refined musical approach, melodic and crisp the originality is notable, this album tease suggests their fifth full-length 'Birds of Paradise' will be a splendid affair. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basset - Waterloo. Basset is a young and rising all-acoustic group, consisting of vocalist

Harry Heart - Carrie Scrimgeour - Children of the Sün

Harry Heart has released his first UK single 'Montaigne'. Within moments it's clear that Harry has a fine voice however it's the vocal delivery that sets him apart and with a fresh indie rock backdrop, this is a fabulous song. 'Bigger Than Me' from Carrie Scrimgeour is a noteworthy singer-songwriter piece, the vocals are energised and driven, supported by a simple and sturdy musical backdrop. Children of the Sün round things off today with the gorgeous song 'Emmy' a track that exudes memories of the sixties West Coast music scene, with just enough of a modern twist. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harry Heart - Montaigne. Harry Heart is one of those artists that come along very rarely in a lifetime. A dual resident and native to Sydney, Australia and East London outskirts of Walthamstow respectively. This young troubadour has come of age. Recently