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ROCH - Magnapop - Make Friends - Sandtimer

ROCH is a London based artist and her new song 'All Time Favourite Girl' is accompanied by an intriguing video, the song itself is a gorgeous and creative piece that put simply, is stunning. And I quote "Atlanta, Georgia's 90's alt-rock pioneers Magnapop return and debut new single and first music in a decade for "Need to Change . " The alt rockers jump start into a magnificent two and a bit minutes of full on music, the album will be eagerly anticipated by a good number of people I suspect. Make Friends have just released a video for their latest song 'Ellie'. It's a smooth indie pop track with more than a hint of rock to it, and it's totally engaging. Following on from our first feature for Sandtimer (we shared 'Dormant' back in April) we now have 'Whats On Your Mind' which is another striking Indie Folk song, where the duo once again demonstrate their notable talent. --------------------------------------------

Ali Horn - Dave Banks - Ead Wood & The Heights

Ali Horn's current single 'Dreamers' came out a few days ago and is well worth catching up with, his melodic hooks and fine vocals are getting noticed, as this indie pop song demonstrates, that's quite understandable. Dave Banks song 'She's Like' is a modern country piece with plenty of charm, it's fresh, natural and just right for playing on a road trip. 'Plum Cake' from Ead Wood & The Heights is another melodic and very catchy song, the musical arrangement is refined and Ead's vocals are vibrant and likable. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ali Horn - Dreamers. Ali Horn has had an interesting 2019 so far. His current single, ‘Dreamers’, had its release date moved forward when 6 Music’s Liz Kershaw fixed on it as her track of the year to date. His last single Modern Voodoo, was regularly heard on 6 Music and, the day after we meet, h

Tanya Gallagher - Michael Paul Lawson - Ducks Unlimited - Andrew Rinehart

Tanya Gallagher has just released her 'One Hand On My Heart' E.P and we have the song 'Dark Side' to enjoy, the singer-songwriter has a natural talent for modern folk as is demonstrated with this fine song. Michael Paul Lawson recently released the seven song E.P 'Some Fights You'll Never Win' streaming in full below. It's a collection of music rich in Americana and alt folk, his distinct vocals are spot on for these genres, and his material is really high class. 'Get Bleak' from Ducks Unlimited is a vibrant jangle pop song, full of melodic hooks and with a feisty beat, it's pretty much guaranteed a second listen. Back in March we featured Andrew Rinehart for the first time and he returns with 'Rose Gold' which is another gem of a song, it's personal, pleasing and positive... that's good enough for me! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Flora Hibberd - Lola Marsh - Magnetic Skies

We first featured Flora Hibberd in April and she returns today with 'In Violence' an atmosphere drenched song where her imagination and creativity are again notable as is her fabulous voice. With close to forty thousand views since last Friday the new video from Lola Marsh for 'Echoes' has attracted a lot of attention, not surprising really it's a hook fuelled psych folk piece and the video is fabulous. Coming out this Friday is the brand new E.P. from Magnetic Skies titled 'Hold On' and along with this they will also release their second single 'Refugee'. As this is our fourth feature for them this year, I think it safe to say we like them (and some). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flora Hibberd - In Violence. Born in East London but currently residing in Paris, Flora Hibberd has been described as ‘intelligent and measured…there is a profound intui

Madame Psychosis - Smoking Alaska

We have a couple of tracks from Madame Psychosis namely 'Crashing Down' and 'Kapow'. The bands mixture of indie rock and alt pop is very impressive, whether they are performing more melodic and refined pieces such as 'Crashing Down' or full on rockers like 'Kapow', they give every song their all, and do so with considerable class. Smoking Alaska recently released their new E.P. 'Bring Me Back a Souvenir', and these Dutch indie rockers can and do cover plenty of differing styles. From slick and pleasing indie rock like 'Sirens in the Sky' to the more expansive and vibe filled 'Allegory of the Cave', the new E.P is imaginative and genuinely worth listening to in full. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Madame Psychosis - Crashing Down / Kapow. Madame Psychosis is a five-piece alt pop & indie rock band from Toronto. Members include

AVA - Clear - Davina and The Vagabonds - Laughed the Boy - Katrina Parker

'In Motion' from AVA is a refined ambient soundtrack with a mixture of violin and piano that blend and flow together beautifully. Clear shares 'Somnium' a dream pop track that exudes atmosphere, as the distinct vocals and layered sound-scape creatively merge together. Our second feature this year for Davina and The Vagabonds this time with 'I Can’t Believe I Let You Go' another bluesy piece with some fine jazz vibes running alongside. We have to go back over two years for our last song feature from Laughed the Boy however their latest track 'Sun' sees them still writing catchy indie rock and bodes well for their next album due in August. Katrina Parker title track for her new album is 'Stars' a powerful folk ballad where her vocals are packed with emotion and sincerity. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AVA - In Motion. AVA is Anna Phoebe (Jorj