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Marika Wittmar - True Moon feat. Christine Owman - Ttrruuces - Malena Zavala - Tuvaband

Marika Wittmar has just shared 'Underneath Your Hands'. The Swedish songwriter has surrounded herself with an impressive musical arrangement which contrast well with her distinct and powerful vocals. Swedish quartet True Moon feat. Christine Owman share 'Sisters In Arms' a fast paced post punk song with just a hint of Gothic vibes and hooks galore. Ttrruuces debut track in entitled 'Sad Girl'. Accompanied by an animated video, the song opens as a gently melodic piece. Gorgeously arranged with fabulous harmonies and rich textures of musical sound, it builds into something quite epic. Malena Zavala latest release is 'En La Noche' a song that somehow manages to capture the vibrancy of Latin American music and mix it with psych pop/rock! This is something rather special. Just over a month ago we featured Tuvaband for the first time and now we have another fine song entitled 'He Said Me Too'. The vocals are incredible and exude emotion and

Tayla Young - Gran Noir - Damone - Rue Snider - Plaza - Desert Sparrow - Jennah Barry

Tayla Young has a new single 'With The Fire' which opens in a gentle, beautiful manner and then gradually builds in power without overdoing it and allowing her vocals to shine right through. We have a fabulous song from Gran Noir entitled 'On And On'. The driving beat and melodic vocals are accompanied by a fresh new video, this is just so catchy. Damone share the single 'Moon and Stars' which is a bright and smooth alt pop / rock piece with melodic vocals and harmonies. Rue Snider has been featured on Beehive Candy a few times and the new video and song 'Chelsea' sees his music take on a more fuzzy rock feel, with a dramatic vibe. From Plaza we have their new song 'See'. The pace is slow, the music and harmonies conjure an atmospheric feel, and the distinct lead vocals really do add character. Desert Sparrow share a story line video for 'Karma', the song itself is a mixture of indie folk and sixties pop sensibilities, it

Faultress - Two Tribes - Cousin Kula - Dee Lunar

Faultress were featured just four weeks ago and now we have a couple more new songs namely 'Sanctury' and 'Hood&Wolf'. It's becoming clear that creativity and originality are something Faultress thrives on, yes the influences are there however that if anything ups the quality, the 5 Myths E.P is sounding good. We have seven minutes of gorgeous dance punk from Two Tribes in the form of 'Videodrone' an epic, addictive and powerful song. Back in May we first featured Cousin Kula with the song 'Stacked' and they now return here with 'Invitation,' a funky psych pop track that exudes warmth and refined melodic hooks. Dee Lunar has shared 'Shapeshifter' which is an imaginative rocker where her fabulous vocals intertwine with a flowing musical backdrop and some slick guitar work adding to the piece. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Faultress - Sanctury / Hood&Wolf.

Shadowlands - Certain Animals - North America

Ahead of the new album '003' Shadowlands have released a video for 'Low'. The song is a good introduction for the new collection of material and is one of eight consistently impressive tracks where the bands rich mixture of warm layered sounds which span a number of rock genres support the fabulous, emotional and beautiful vocals. If you like 'Low' then next months album release is a must hear. From Rotterdam we have Certain Animals and 'Strawberry Sunset' which opens as bluesy rocker, before morphing into an old time psychedelic piece where the vocals and harmonies are just wonderful, this is hugely addictive! North America have just released a new single entitled 'Leave Us To Fate'. Back in August we shared 'My Baby's No One's Girl' describing that song as "a melodic and earnest indie rock song that is lush and just so natural". With the new single they up the stakes even higher, this is just gorgeous. --------

KIM HON - The Belle Curves - Valve - Friendship

KIM HON have released 'Nofio Efo'r Fishis' where the Welsh language band are in genre defying mode, the sweeping musical landscape, gentle pace and assortment of vocal styles are wonderful, this is a really creative song. We have the new album from The Belle Curves entitled 'Promising Light'. Each song is a new musical journey where Americana, folk, alt rock and whatever else seems to take their fancy ensures the collection exudes variety. The one consistent is Delaney Hafener whose beautiful vocals carry each track even further, the various musicians involved deliver high quality musicianship. In short, this is a stunning debut album. Valve have just shared 'The Colours' a vibrant alt pop song with plenty of dance along vibes, the tight arrangement is notable, yep it's a fine fresh tune. From Philadelphia we have Friendship and their gentle song 'You Might Already Know'. It's low key alt country feeling is gorgeous, the vocals are cen

deux furieuses - The Soft Underground - Rocket - CVC

We have carried the previous three singles from the album, now deux furieuses share the fourth 'Let Them Burn' just a few days ahead of the full release. Well the post punk come full throttle rockers once again impress, this is going to be some album. It's back to July 2018 for our only other feature for The Soft Underground however 'Voicoder' from the art rock duo makes for a creative and pleasing return and a superb teaser for next months 'Anemoia' album release. LA-based quintet Rocket share 'Giants' and the new Mark Needham Mix. It's feisty and potent pop punk that's packed with hooks, they are apparently quite something to catch live. CVC are from South Wales and have just released 'Jungle Fever' where the six-piece slacker funk outfit are just superb, their reputation as a live act is spreading fast around Cardiff, this song deserves to get them noticed further afield. -------------------------------------------------