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LA based band All Things Blue have a new single entitled 'Chad' and it's a delicious mixture of psych rock with some catchy pop overtones. === We have a video for the acoustic version of 'Keep On Loving Me' by Deidre Thornell  which sees the song in stripped back mode allowing her gorgeous vocals to really stand out. === Cuddle Magic are back just a month since we first featured them with their new single 'Working On Me' and again the chamber pop band are refined and creative. === From Aura Davis we have her first single 'Secrets' a song that is personal and based on her own life experiences, and yet both catchy and warm.

All Things Blue - Chad.

LA-based dream-punk band All Things Blue are sharing new single “Chad”. Led by frontwoman India Coombs (or simply, Blue) and collaborator Jon Joseph, All Things Blue traverse genres and sounds; one moment flirting with abrasive garage-punk, the next – soaring psych-pop – with “Chad” sitting somewhere between the spirited psychedelia of Melody’s Echo Chamber and the exhilarating alt-pop of St Vincent.

Speaking about the track, singer India said: “See-saws are fun until you're riding an emotional see-saw; when you want someone that doesn't want you, but makes sure to keep you around. Sometimes you only realise in retrospect; that person was just a Chad. Also during the whole vocal take I was holding Jon's week old baby boy which is why I laugh at the end cause he fell asleep.”

“Chad” is lifted from All Things Blue’s forthcoming debut full length album, due for release later this year. Covering everything from pensive love songs to directly addressing social issues and political ironies; India herself compares the album to Gabriel Garcia Márquez’s ever-relevant novel Love In The Time of Cholera. Indeed, the the band's new material promises love, however ethereal it may seem, at the end of a very dark tunnel, if not somewhere along the way.

India and Jon originally met in LA at the age of 18, having both independently moved to the city; Coombs driving across the country in her broken down pickup truck from Philadelphia, and Jon hailing from further south in California. The pair wasted no time becoming friends and firing out an eclectic assortment of demos. They did so namelessly for some time, but eventually settled on "All Things Blue”.

The name itself was coined by India's late mother, who, when India was having trouble getting by in the rough and overpriced world that is Los Angeles, told her that she was just feeling blue and sometimes all things are blue for a bit but they'll get better.


Deidre Thornell - Keep On Loving Me.

In April of 2020, Deidre released her newest single “Keep On Loving Me” and on May 11th a video featuring an acoustic version of the song premiered on YouTube.

Deidre Thornell is a rising Country starlet. Her first big success came in 2013 when she was one of five finalists in the 2013 Texaco Country Showdown, leading to a performance on the stage of the infamous Ryman Auditorium, which aired on Great American Country Television.

More recently in 2018, Deidre was voted “Most Entertaining Songwriter” at Lyrics on the Lake Songwriting Fest and sold out a full band show in Dallas at The Rustic. To date, Deidre has released a full-length album 'Destination Unknown,' followed by her EP 'Dallas,' now followed by her most recent single 'Keep On Loving Me.'


Cuddle Magic - Working On Me.

Cuddle Magic—the New York / Philadelphia-based chamber-pop sextet—today shared a new single, “Working On Me,” packaged in a short EP alongside the previously released “What If I” and new track “Still In Touch.” Their upcoming full-length Bath is due July 3rd on Northern Spy Records.

“Working On Me” is a tender ode to self-improvement propelled by Kristin Slipp’s emotive vocals. Slipp, who has also been a member of Dirty Projectors since 2018, humbly requests patience from her partner in this delicate earworm. In her own words, Slipp explains the songs content:

"So much of what I've written in the past three years has referred either indirectly or, in this case, very literally, to my pursuit of self-improvement. 'Working On Me' is a tender request for patience from a partner or a friend. The spare arrangement conveys hope, which reaches a fever pitch by the final chorus when the whole band joins in.”


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Aura Davis - Secrets.

Aura Davis interest in music and arts started at a very young age. She wrote poems and novels already at the age of 9. Around the age of 13, she found herself in a rollercoaster of feelings, which lead her to put down arts and music. Soon finding back to it, to deal with the struggles of finding her own way at the age of 15.

Now ready to reveal her personal story through her songwriting and carefully put together melodies. Davis will take you through a journey of her own personal heartaches and struggles, while showing that nothing is too hard to overcome.

'Secrets', her very first single, is a catchy tune and not only talking about opening up about your inner fears and anxiety, but also about acceptance. Auras ability to write honest, pure and deep lyrics and combining them with catchy melodies makes her stand out.