Marie-Clo - Venus Furs - Prinz Grizzley

Marie-Clo shares an original & thought provoking indie pop song called 'Animals Eating People'. === Venus Furs has just released 'Paranoia' accompanied with a video, the song is a powerful indie rocker, the subject matter unfolding both lyrically and visually. === Released yesterday Prinz Grizzley new single is 'Magdalena' and it's a striking Americana piece, with echoes of Nick Cave and bags of originality.

Marie-Clo - Animals Eating People.

A true creative chameleon and seasoned traveler, Marie-Clo is a born performer who ropes her audiences into a feverish pitch in both official languages; thanks to “hooked on phonics”. Singer-songwriter and dancer, her eclectic indie pop tackles current themes & conscious lyrics, but also conjures a colourful and enchanted world.

Marie-Clo began her artistic career on stages worldwide performing in musicals, but honed in soon thereafter on her true passion project, music. She is currently promoting the first of three EP’s which will make up her full-length english album entitled Shell(e). A conceptual feminist narrative, it is slated to be fully released in 2021, produced by Polaris shortlisted drummer/ producer Olivier Fairfield (Fet Nat, Timber Timbre, Leif Vollebek), with the support of the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts, and FACTOR.

In 2017, Marie-Clo won TFO’s pan-Canadian tv search for francophone artists Planète BRBR and was given carte blanche to participate at the Granby International Song Festival 2018, as well as at the Petite- Vallée Song Festival 2018. Following these, Aero chocolates bought her song “Sablier” for a 52-week run national commercial in which she stars.

She celebrated the independent release of her debut EP Faune which has since been playing on numerous radio stations across Canada, on Sirius xm, and joined numerous editorial playlists on Spotify. Radio-Canada named her Ontario’s number one artist to discover in 2018 as part of a 13-artist list, Canada wide, for each province & territory. Her latest single Red Flag topped CBC (#2) & Sirius XM’ (#4) top 10 charts for many consecutive months & was featured as a Sirius XM exclusive single. She recently had the pleasure of playing Ottawa’s Bluesfest, the National Arts Center, Place des arts in Montréal & opening for Ariane Moffatt.


Venus Furs - Paranoia.

I wrote "Paranoia" as an examination of mental health, looking at a bout of anxiety and depression. The accompanying video attempts to capture the associated feelings of isolation and alienation, running after and away from yourself, and the discomfort of being alone whether you're in a crowd or on your own. Coincidentally, it was filmed just before social distancing was put into effect – a foreshadowing to the isolation we are all currently experiencing.

For me, anxiety is a combustible nervous energy of caring too much about small details. At the time of shooting, I felt out of place in my home and in the world, roaming the city at night while feeling more and more isolated. We did our last night of shooting just a week before the quarantine began, with all the editing being done while the pandemic unfolded. This brought an entirely new meaning to the word isolation and the experience of anxiety and stress.

Hart: "Paranoia" director - The intro was captured in the first ever demo of the song, recorded on an iPhone; I started to strum my guitar to discover that my amp was off, turned it on and captured a delayed swell that couldn't be recreated as perfectly as it was caught that day.


Prinz Grizzley - Magdalena.

Austrian singer-songwriter, Prinz Grizzley, announced his new single, “Magdalena” released yesterday. The single carrying Prinz Grizzley’s wife’s name is both a passionate love letter to the woman he loves and a dedication to all strong women out there.  It’s off the Beau Bedford (Leon Bridges, The Texas Gentlemen) produced album, To My Green Mountains Home, due out June 26.

Every note Prinz Grizzly sings feels like a searing redemption enrapturing the depths of the soul, “I know I did hurt you / caused deep cuts to your very soul / but a proud woman like you never once lost control.” A mandolin tangos in an apologetic embrace as the drums rhythmically pulse to a soaring heartbeat of a man in love. Beau Beford’s guitar solo highlights the gentle sorrow and vulnerability that ripples throughout the song.

On the upcoming album, Prinz Grizzley performs music from the heart. A heart heavily influenced by “mountains, forests, stubbornness, warmth of heart, religiosity and part of a very simple life.” It is a mix of Austrian alpine culture expressed through the sounds of Americana. To My Green Mountains Home is a search for meaning and identity in love, manhood, life’s tragedies, family history, and home. It’s about leaving behind what you’ve known to arrive in truer, greener pastures. It’s the hero’s journey as a quest within the mountains of Austria and the caverns of the soul.

Prinz Grizzley began discovering the richness of country and Americana music on his debut album, Come On In. On To My Green Mountains Home he establishes his own signature style by enveloping Americana and country music’s essence into the fold of his own journey musically and philosophically. Nashville based artist Erin Rae, whose 2018 album received Album of the Year honors from the likes of Rolling Stone, sings harmony vocals on the song “Drifting.”

Prinz Grizzley and Bedford chose to record the album in Austria because it gave Bedford an insight of who the artist is, where he’s from, and what inspires him. It also allowed Prinz Grizzley’s backing band, The Beargaroos, to play on the record to display the energy of the band’s live show. They recorded over the course of ten days at Nautilus Studios in Dornbirn, about 25 minutes from where Prinz Grizzley lives.