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Fake Shape - Nicole Atkins - Kite - On-The-Go - Britt - Tim Cheesebrow - Inbetween Movies - Selci

Fake Shape just released 'Headspace' a slick and stylish indie song with exquisite vocals and musicianship. === Nicole Atkins shares a video for 'Captain' featuring Britt Daniel, it's a dreamy pop piece with a gorgeous retro film. === From Sweden we have Kite and 'Tranås/Stenslanda' where the indie electro duo share an expansive, emotional and dramatic song. === Moscow based band On-The-Go have released 'Unsaid' a distinctive multi genre influenced song that is oozing hooks. === Britt shares song and video 'Looking For Another' a rhythmic, melodic and in all fairness quite mesmerising track. === Tim Cheesebrow has a new album out simply called '7' from which we have the first of twelve tracks 'Almost Through the Dark'. The song gives a good feel for the album where crafted musicianship and arrangements are driven by Tim's notably fine vocals. === Inbetween Movies first appeared here just a couple of months back and no

Snake - Dawn Coulshed - HEBE - CocoRosie - Cherokee Death Cats - EllaHarp

Snake released 'Falling' earlier this week and it's one feisty and fabulous rocker with hooks galore. === Scottish artist Dawn Coulshed has just released 'Same Side' a beautiful singer songwriter piece with a richly refined musical arrangement. === We featured HEBE last November and she returns with a new song and video for 'Out Of Sight' a smooth and soulful electro pop song. === CocoRosie share a fourth song and video from their next album, this time we have 'Restless' and it is simply wonderful. === Although this song was released back in November Cherokee Death Cats have just appeared on our radar and 'Sick' is to good a rocker to pass up on. === EllaHarp releases 'Screaming Into The Void' a stunning song where the harp and her melodic vocals fuse beautifully together on this refreshing folk pop song . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Snake - Falling. Four years a

Adult Mom - Yerachmiel - oh!no?ok. - Biche

Adult Mom have just released 'Berlin' a smooth flowing indie rocker with melodic and just a little hypnotic vocals. === Yerachmiel shares a new video for 'Vision Of You' & both the song and the video are beautiful. === oh!no?ok. first came our way last November and now they are back with a mixture of slacker and alt rock with a tinge of retro about it, anyhow enjoy 'Candy Crush'. === Biche share 'Discipline' a stylish indie song and despite the lyrics being French, this is just so dreamy and catchy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Adult Mom - Berlin. Adult Mom released a new song entitled “Berlin” this week and are about to kick off a lengthy tour with Palehound. “With the inclusion of keys, soft acoustic work, and Knipe’s tender vocals, one can practically feel the emotional height of their heart grappling with this loss.” says the Grey Estates about the new single. “‘Berlin’ is a s

Mechanimal - Certain Animals - Brielle Ansems - Vilma Flood

Less than a month since we featured the video for 'Stolen Flesh' Mechanimal return with another video this time for 'Scavengers' a fabulous electro industrial piece with incredible spoken vocals. === Certain Animals return for a fourth time in six months with 'Tangerine' where the Dutch band share some superb sixties vibes. === Brielle Ansems has just shared 'Ironside' a beautiful indie folk song that is refined and beautifully arranged. === It's been a year since we first came across Vilma Flood and so it's a welcome return to Beehive Candy with her new song 'End', another Scandinavian Americana piece that is totally captivating. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mechanimal - Scavengers. With a stunning mix of post-punk, electro and industrial, Greece's ‘drone n roll’ project Mechanimal (Giannis Papaioanou, Freddie Faulkenberry) have just released their new album Crux (

Emily Keener - Matt Harlan - Emerald Park - Adam & Elvis

Emily Keener releases 'Do You Love Me Lately' this coming Friday and we have to go back almost three years since we last featured her. Ahead of her new album due in May this is a gentle introduction, the vocals are beautiful and shine above a restrained musical backdrop. === Matt Harlan releases 'Best Beasts' his brand new album comprising of thirteen really fine songs. The songwriter mixes personal observations with some refined musical arrangements that are natural and easily connect with the listener. === A couple of weeks back we featured 'Rules Don't Apply from Emerald Park and now we have a video for 'The Haze' also taken from their impressive brand-new E.P 'Basement Sessions'. === Since 2016 Adam & Elvis have appeared here on four occasions and the fifth is for 'Bedwetters' an alt rocker that finds the band in marvelous form with this rather intriguing song. -----------------------------------------------------------------

Selkama - The Danberrys - Pawn Painters - Detalji - Satin Nickel - Puss N Boots

Having featured the previous two singles from there forthcoming album it's a pleasure to include the third from Selkama entitled 'Mosquito Bite' as the pair once again impress in a big way. === The Danberrys have just released their new single 'The Mountain' and the Americana duo have a bluesy rock vibe going on as they give us a glimpse of the upcoming album 'Shine'. === From Bavaria, Germany we have Pawn Painters and 'Under The Sun' a moody, emotive and atmospheric indie rocker. === Detalji shares 'Without You' a feisty and rhytmic electro song where her vocals soar superbly above and within the beats. === New York City based Satin Nickel release 'Call It' a fabulous folk pop song accompanied by a beautifully matched video. === Puss N Boots might be better known than many of the emerging artists we feature here however their new song 'Sister' is just to good to ignore. ----------------------------------------------------