Go Analog - Eric Bazilian

Go Analog - Wait.

Columbus Ohio's Go Analog dropped the official video for the song "Wait" from last year's Moonlight Gram today. In addition to the video the EP is also officially available on vinyl as of now!

Go Analog is back with a new EP recorded at the Oxide Shed in Athens, Ohio with producer/ engineer Eddie Ashworth (Sublime). The four piece band has been a mainstay in the Midwest for over a decade, but has not released any new songs in years. 

The songs for Moonlight Gram began to come together during a few stripped down jam sessions following a time when the band had not even hung out let alone played together for nearly a year. As the lyrics came and the sonics of the songs began to fill out, they knew they had to get back into the studio and lay them down.

Over five days Moonlight Gram was recorded with Ashworth helping them see their vision to fruition. The resulting EP is a wonderful throwback to early to mid 90s indie rock. With a guitar driven sound surrounding Eric Croft’s vocals the songs take on relationships both past and present, the situation the world finds itself in, and a bit of self awareness that only time passing can create. All of this wrapped in away that only good rock n roll can.


Eric Bazilian - Back In The 80s.

Grammy nominated singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and founding member of The Hooters, Eric Bazilian, is set to release his fifth and final single prior to the release of his long-awaited new album Bazilian.  Titled “Back In The 80s,” the song may at first seem like a glorified look back on a very successful time (the heyday of The Hooters)—a simple nostalgic ode in a time of isolation. The melodic, yet measured pop track is in fact an ode to appreciating all that life has to offer, the highs and lows and of being in the moment.  

The wry, quirky video conceived and directed by Max Tellving provides the perfect backdrop to the track as it takes old tymey imagery and turns it on its head to encompass a much wider perspective than anticipated.  Bazilian produced and mixed the track and plays guitars, bass, keyboards and mandola.  The Hooters’ David Uosikkinen provided drums from his home in Philadelphia and Steve Churchyard (formerly of Air Studios in London), provided help with the mixing. “Back In The 80s” was released on April 30 and the new album will be available May 14.

Says Bazilian: “I did a podcast with a Medium last spring. She told me that my father had a message ‘from the other side’-- that there was a song I’d given up on that I needed to finish. I wrote the chorus to ‘Back In The 80s’ the next day, and, with some help from James Bourne of the legendary British band Busted, I wrote the third verse a couple of days later. As glorified as that decade has been (and as kind as it was to me and my band, The Hooters), I feel no more sentimental attachment to it than I do to any of the other decades that gave us great music. If anything, the song is about appreciating the time we live in for all its beauty as well as its faults and frailties.

The video was conceived, directed, shot, and edited by Max Tellving in Sweden, the same person who has done many of my earlier videos such as ‘One Light,’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ (with James Bourne). His concept was to set the video in the 1880s (or 1780s) rather than the expected 1980s, but to include several timely visual ‘Easter eggs.’ We shot the video in my wife’s home town of Järvsö, four hours north of Stockholm, in the summer of 2020.”