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Derw - Ci.

Following on from their highly praised debut EP ‘Yr Unig Rai Sy’n Cofio’ in February 2021, Welsh language band Derw return with their latest single ‘Ci’, released on CEG Records.

The band was founded by mother & son duo, guitarist Dafydd Dabson and lyricist Anna Georgina, following their success in reaching the final of 2018’s Cân i Gymru contest, a national Welsh language songwriting competition aired annually on S4C.

Derw is fronted by Welsh/Iranian singer Elin Fouladi, with musicians from Welsh acts Zervas and Pepper, Afrocluster and Codewalkers involved in the recording of ‘Ci’. In ‘Ci’, Anna writes about the return of the depression that dogged her teens and how she feels better equipped to deal with it now - knowing that it will pass. The chorus is a plea to her former self that there is hope and light at the end of the
tunnel - ‘Paid bod ofn fy ffrind’ (‘don’t be scared my friend’). She says of the song ‘To face depression at the beginning of life, a time which should be full of hope but instead is shadowed by uncertainly and self-doubt, is a very different matter from facing it later in a life shot through with times of great happiness.’

The band has had a busy time during lockdown, filming a series of live videos at Acapela Studios as well as making their first festival appearances at Tafwyl and Sesiwn Fawr Dolgellau. Drawing influence from chamber pop and indie bands such as The National and combining it with Fouladi’s soulful vocals, the band have already garnered radio play from national and local radio stations across Wales, as well as features in popular Welsh publications Golwg and Y Selar.

Derw · Ci


The Wild Violets - Something New.

''Something New sees The WildViolets strive for fresh ground with this soulful ballad. 

It expertly marries the string-infused elegance of 60's pop music with a passionately executed chorus, warm, jazzy strings and dreamy guitars. An acoustic version of the song and a lyric video will be released.

The song tells the tale of a hopeful longing of spending time with a special someone in one's life, knowing it will enhance their life; having created that 'Something New'.''



Ada Lea - can't stop me from dying.

In a historic bustling city where the old world meets the ever-new, young people are chatting outside of French-Canadian diners over coffee and cigarettes. They stumble over words to describe the events of the previous evening, while little old ladies walk by hunched over with grocery bags. Above, sheets hang from balconies drying in the wind. It’s partly cloudy. Just like any other city, to be alive here is to balance the realities of past and future. All inhabitants constantly move forward in time yet remain bound by personal histories, painful memories that won’t let go. This is the city of Montreal Quebec. It’s the hometown of songwriter Alexandra Levy, publicly known by the moniker Ada Lea.

one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden is the name of Levy’s second album. On one hand, it’s a collection of walking-paced, cathartic pop/folk songs, on the other it’s a book of heart-twisting, rear-view stories of city life. Ada Lea has followed up the creative, indie-rock songcraft of her debut what we say in private with surprising arrangements and new perspectives. The album is set in Montreal and each song exists as a dot on a personal history map of the city where Levy grew up. The physical record, due on September 24th from Saddle Creek and Next Door Records in Canada, will be released alongside a map of song locations and a songbook with chords and lyrics, inspired by Levy’s studies in jazz bass and love of real book standards.

Roadworn and broke from a long European tour, Levy penned and demoed this batch of songs in an artist residency in Banff, Alberta. After sorting and editing she made her way to Los Angeles to record with engineer Marshal Vore who had previously worked on 2020’s woman, here E.P. With a nearly maxed-out credit card, Levy walked to and from the studio and lived off of cans of vegetarian chili. Session days were spent diving into the arrangements, playfully letting everything fall in place with complete trust for her collaborators. The resulting sounds range from classic, mid-tempo soft-rock to intimate finger-picked folk passages to night-drive art-pop. And the textures are frequently surprising due to the collage of lo-fi and hi-fi sounds that tastefully decorate the album without ever clouding the heart-center of the song. Tracks like “damn” and “oranges” feel timeless with their AM gold groove and 70’s studio sheen, while songs like “saltspring '' and “can’t stop me from dying” sound completely modern in their use of electronics, sound effects, and pitched vocals.


Rebecca McCartney - Behind Closed Doors.

Rebecca McCartney returns to the city where she was raised by a family of musicians and nerds, now with her own sound and much to say. She grew up immersed in NYC’s classical music world and her early songwriting eventually led to the release of an indie-folk record under the duo name Garden Party (2020) with her close friend, Jakob Leventhal. 

Now, after a college career studying jazz and playing in an R&B band, McCartney is preparing to release her genre-bending debut EP, How You Feel. Calling on her eclectic musical influences and experiences, the upcoming record generates an edgy, ethereal sound that celebrates McCartney’s buttery vocals and absorbing lyrical insights.

Here's what she had to say about it: "'Behind Closed Doors' is about being in a relationship with someone who wants to keep you a secret from their world, but choosing to turn that quiet rejection into a dance-y celebration of yourself. It’s about reminding the world that you will not be held back or made to feel embarrassed. Let’s dance about it instead".


Red Leaf Hill - Feels Like Home Acoustic Version.

Upcoming Friday Red Leaf Hill releases her new single ‘Feels Like Home’. ‘Feels Like Home’ is her third single of the upcoming EP which is planned to release February 2022. When we ask Red Leaf Hill about her single she says the following: ‘Sometimes life has its dark sides that probably everyone can relate to. When you’re not completely in your power it’s easy to be dragged along in these feelings or moments. Noticing this is usually the first step to recovery’.

’Feels Like Home’ is a song about that moment, the realization, when things start to flow again and when you find a new source of energy inside of yourself to look towards a brighter future. Water is used symbolically as the ‘place’ within yourself where things can finally heal. Letting go of the darkness, letting it flow away from you, whilst new water flows through you. New water to give strength and lightness to build a better future.

Under the name Red Leaf Hill, singer-songwriter Carmijn Bakker shares the beauty of nature with the whole world. Her cozy pop songs immediately take you to majestic and breathtaking landscapes, the places that inspire Red Leaf Hill to translate her deepest emotions into music. Red leaf Hill gets her inspiration from nature. From the simple afternoon walks in her backyard, somewhere in a rural area on the border of Germany. To shooting beautiful images with her drone in the fjords of Norway; nature is a majestic place Red Leaf Hill gladly wants to share with you.