Georgia Lines - Bonnie

Georgia Lines - I Got You.

Captivating singer-songwriter Georgia Lines has unveiled her stunningly emotive new single and video "I Got You." Layered in dreamy, atmospheric strings which floats over a chilled groove, "I Got You" is hook-laden in melody, performed by Georgia’s uniquely soaring vocals. The Tauranga-based artist is compelling in her storytelling, reflecting on change, loss, acceptance and letting go.

“At the time there were so many things in my world that were changing, including dealing with the grief of losing a family member,” says Georgia. “It felt like life was becoming a game of giant jenga with so many pieces being pulled out from under me, whilst trying to hold everything together. ‘I Got You’ is about the process of learning to let go, whilst continuing to hold onto the few things that you know to be true.”

Co-written and produced by Djeisan Suskov (BENEE, Matthew Young, Mitch James, LEISURE), "I Got You" is the very first song the now prolific duo wrote together in 2020. Written fresh out of Aotearoa’s first lockdown, the track is reflective of Georgia’s growth mindset in navigating the challenges of pursuing a career in music during a pandemic.

“Covid has required loads of adaptability, positivity and constant changes in perspective,” says Georgia. “The biggest mindset shift that has helped me navigate this unknown, has been the conscious decision to make sure that every part of the journey is enjoyable. For me, keeping this perspective along with having an incredible support network, has helped me navigate through the hard yards and all the challenges that Covid has brought to pursuing a career in music.”

Also released is the stunning new music video to accompany the single, directed and produced by Georgia Lines herself. Drawing on nature’s elements and spaces where all is falling apart, Georgia crafted the video to sit in the same visual space as the music does sonically. “Conceptually I loved the idea of creating a video that had aspects of the elements in it (water/sand/nature/grain),” says Georgia. “I loved the idea of creating beautiful graceful movements mixed with static poses amongst these big piles, and loved the idea of creating different spaces within the giant warehouse we filmed in, to bring different ideas visually to the video.”

“Working with Chelsea Jade on the Choreography over zoom was also such a highlight. I loved working with her for "No One Knows," and was so pumped to get to work with her again for this one.” With a number of upcoming live shows and tours, including performing as a headlining act at Festival One and supporting Dave Dobbyn at Black Barn, Georgia Lines is showing no signs of slowing down.


Bonnie - 8000 Miles.

Love can fill the whole universe but sometimes it can be the size of a pinhead. Bonnie has just releasesd her new song “8000 Miles”.

This rhythmic and danceable song moves stylish between Triphop and Pop and can best be described as a love song without the happy ever after. A true rollercoaster of emotions just as real life itself.

Carried by an interchangeable rhythmus, groovy guitar and Bonnies warm, haunting voice it tells us about the highs and low of love.

Bonnie, who has found her style in Rhythm & Blues, Pop, Country and Rock best described as “Vintage Soul and Roll” releases her inner tragic diva and shows us a completely new facet as an artist.

The song has been written by Bonnie herself and Hoffi Hofstetter. It is produced by Rico Horber.