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Signe Marie Rustad - Jackson Mico Milas - Ruth Lyon - Siv Jakobsen

Signe Marie Rustad - Bark Up Someone Else's Tree. Norwegian singer songwriter Signe Marie Rustad has shared 'Bark Up Someone Else's Tree', the second taste of her forthcoming new album, Particles Of Faith. Of her new single, Rustad says: "The song is about how it's easy to close your eyes to the stuff that doesn't work in a relationship, as long as there is passion and you (think you) are in love. Looking in the rearview mirror, you might have known all along what would be the downfall, but letting go when you are emotionally attached to someone can be extremely hard. At least it is for me." Known for her poetic lyrics and clever songwriting, and backed by a tight knit band that’s been with her for years, Rustad’s new album offers a natural transition from her already classic third album, When Words Flew Freely (WWFF). However, Particles of Faith also brings something completely new and fresh. Particles of Faith is hard to place in any one genre, meld

SUEP - Plastic Barricades - Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra - Laure Briard

Photo - Josh Cohen and Max Warren SUEP - In Good Health. London indie supergroup SUEP announce long-awaited debut album Shop and drop new single ‘In Good Health’ with a poignant and trippily kaleidoscopic-pop video. SUEP is led by Georgie Stott (Porridge Radio, Garden Centre) and Josh Harvey alongside George Nicholls (The GN Band, Joanna Gruesome, The Tubs), Will William Deacon (PC World, Garden Centre), and Ollie Chapman. Together they make oddball car-boot-sale pop songs with a sprinkling of theatrical storytelling inspired by a mutual love for Paul McCartney, Jona Lewie, the B-52s, Devo and other performative freaks enjoying themselves. New single ‘In Good Health,’ fronted by Georgie Stott, is a darkly euphoric and pleasantly strange meeting of Siouxsie Sioux and Jona Lewie, with a playfully discombobulating mix of 80s jangly guitar, chirpy keyboard, and moody post-punk. The song was written by Georgie following a stay in hospital due to a mental health crisis, and tackles mental h

Elizabeth P.W. - Y Dail

Elizabeth P.W. - The Company You Keep. The Company You Keep was written during the midst of the pandemic. As someone who suffers from Crohn’s disease - a chronic gastrointestinal disease, Elizabeth P.W. had to live in extreme isolation for 2 years. “I had to find new ways of maintaining my relationship with friends and family. I noticed that in isolation and with all the chaos that was going on in the world, relationships changed quickly and sometimes severely. And in my isolation, ruminations ran wild. This was a blessing and a curse. To have the time to figure out your relationship to yourself and others is a gift we may never feel so strongly again, but it was not without pain, heartbreak and discord.” Elizabeth has a Sara Barielles quality in her voice with an Ingrid Michaelson meets Glenn Campbell style of songwriting. The 11 songs explore the human condition and relationships. Elizabeth P.W. is a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer with a passion for storyt

Holly Henderson - Micah P. Hinson

Holly Henderson - The Planes. With the release of new single “The Planes”, Holly Henderson has announced that her second album, “The Walls”, is finished, mastered, and on its way to the pressing plant for release in early 2023. The long-awaited sophomore release from the UK alternative singer-songwriter brings a very different side to Holly’s musicality and depth. While her debut album, “Monday Green” featured Holly’s impressive rock guitar work and alternative pop anthem prowess, her new work shows a more introspective, and slightly more delicate side to her songcraft. “The Planes”, is a beautiful retro gem that instantly pleases the ear with its silky-smooth layers of haunting psychedelic harmonies and fuzzy guitar leads. There’s a crisp organic sound encasing the track as stunning streams of consciousness collide in shimmering audio gold. Recorded in a farmhouse in the English countryside, “The Walls” brings Holly full circle from her previous Los Angeles recorded album. Finely cra