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June Music Selection - 2009

I still read several of the UK music press publications every month, and have built up a personal list of music sites, that have reliably led me to discover highly enjoyable new music on a regular basis. Along with that, one of the perks of running this music website, is the material from promoters, agencies, and bands themselves, that come this way. I select new music to share on a simple criteria, either I like it (another perk), it complements the live material, or finally, it adds to the diversity of music on Beehive Candy. There's a selection of all of the above in this months recommendations, nicely mixed up, see what you think. Camera Obscura . OK this is easy, I love the very excellent Scottish band Camera Obscura, and am a little late in encouraging some more interest in their latest album (released back in April). The new album 'My Maudlin Career' is their fourth and continues to present some wonderful indie pop songs, crafted in a very definitive and warm s