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10000 Maniacs - Greek Theatre 1993

This is 10000 Maniacs live at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California, back on the 3rd June 1993. This concert was recorded for the Westwood One Radio Networks 'In Concert' series and was subsequently broadcast on October 25th 1993 . The band had already recorded the MTV Unplugged concert a couple of months earlier, and that was of course released as an album around the same time as this concert was originally broadcast. As was mentioned in the last 10000 Maniacs feature, Natalie Merchant had already informed the band she was leaving. This concert was part of the 'Our Time In Eden' tour that concluded with Natalie's final performance in the band a few weeks later in New York on the 29th July. Source : Soundboard (pre FM). Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@160kbps. Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie. Set: Full set. Set List: 1. These Are Days 2. If You Intend 3. What’s The Matter Here? 4. A Campfire Song 5. Like the Weather 6. How You’v

Johnny Cash - American Outtakes 1993.

Johnny Cash was approached in 1993 by producer Rick Rubin and offered a contract with Rubin's American Recordings label, better known for rap and heavy metal than for country music. Under Rick Rubin's supervision, Johnny Cash recorded the album 'American Recordings' in Rick's living room, accompanied only by his guitar. For years Cash was often at odds with his producers after he had discovered with his first producer, Sam Phillips, that his voice was better suited to a stripped down musical style. Most famously he disagreed with Jack Clement over his sound, Clement having tried to give Cash's songs a "twangy" feel and to add strings and barbershop-quartet-style singers. His successful collaboration with Rick Rubin was in part due to Rubin seeking a minimalist sound for his songs. A number of out-takes CD bootlegs have circulated, the following comprises a sizable amount of what has surfaced and importantly the 'copy' quality is very goo

Beehive Recommends - Two From Cheap Lullaby Records

Cheap Lullaby Records have released a couple of fascinating albums in the last week or so both very different and also superbly crafted. Josh Ottum are from Seattle, USA and have just released 'Like The Season'. It's not just the Beehive that's giving them a rather large thumbs up and unashamed plug, The Seattle Weekly recently stated - "Like the Season is one of the more adventurous musical offerings to come out of Seattle in years". I'm not going to draw comparisons with other bands, Josh Ottum have a pretty distinctive sound and for me sit somewhere between Indie and Alt Rock maybe even a few country 'tinges' here and there. Thankfully you can check them out below! Listen: 'It's Alright' Website: MySpace . Buy: Cheap Lullaby Store . MP3's at Amazon Josh Ottum We seem to have escaped from Brooklyn regarding new music (just browse the recent recommendations & spot the trend) and 'remain' in Seattle for our se