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The Faces - Ohh La La Rehearsals and Outtakes

This is a small collection of studio session and rehearsal material from The Faces during the recording of Ohh La La at some point between September 1972 and January 1973. There is always a story behind the recording of an album and in this case we are quoting wikipedia ( so excuse any errors) - With his career in the stratosphere due to successes from his solo albums, Rod Stewart  became increasingly distanced from his band mates, who were by the time of the album's recording little more than his backing group in concerts. As a result, according to Ian McLagan, Ooh La La was "Ronnie (Lane)'s  album", Stewart distracted enough to have missed the first fortnight's worth of sessions. The album's recording would be plagued by Stewart's absence. Nonetheless, producer Glyn Johns held the group together, helping to placate tensions as he had with the Beatles during their Get Back  sessions and helping the group to record a strong album in the style of its

2010FM - October Edition One

Another bumper edition of 2010FM so no waffle just the background to the bands and one or to opinions, take it as read regarding each artist that if we include them, we like them! Unsolved Mysteries start us off this time around and just makes our spirit soar, superb music that is full of fun, energy and is very very catchy. The official stuff says's - Marc Jacobs designer by day, BMX rider by trade, and all around energized front man, Jon Lynn draws his inspiration from everything weird that you barely recall from childhood memories and channels it into his spangly electro-pop group Unsolved Mysteries. Originally starting off as a solo-project in 2004, Unsolved Mysteries eventually expanded to include producer Colin Alexander and guitarists Bryan Keller and James Chapman, to further groom their sound to the chiseled, mystic dance pop that it is today. The latest full-length album, Tragic Trouble is a collection of warped pop songs with tints of The Radio Dept’s hazy electro,