Flying Burrito Brothers - High Lonesome Sound 1969.

This is The Flying Burrito Brothers performing live at the Seattle Pop Festival held at Woodenville, Washington on July 27th 1969 (tracks 1-15) and additional material from a gig in Wynona, Minnesota in May 1970 (tracks 16-21).

This bootleg was called "The High Lonesome Sound of The Flying Burrito Brothers" and was originally released on Gold Standard (Scorpio Records).

The history of the Flying Burrito Brothers is long and checkered. The definitive line-up began with two ex-Byrds, Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman, and soon added a third, Michael Clarke. Both Gene Clark and David Crosby guested on recordings by the Burritos. Gene Parsons and Skip Battin would play with subsequent incarnations of the group. Indeed, the band went through a ridiculous number of iterations over the years, many of which had only the most tenuous of connections to the definitive Parsons-Hillman line-up. Ironically, even Gram Parsons had a fairly flimsy claim on the name when he took it over from a group of his former band mates in 1968.

As 1969 wore on, the Burritos came apart. Chris Ethridge left in the fall, so Hillman moved over to bass and Bernie Leadon, also late of Dillard & Clark, joined up on guitar. Parsons seemed less interested in working with his own band than on hanging out with the Rolling Stones, in town for several months to mix Let It Bleed (London, 1969). Hillman said of this period, "After that brief initial burst, Gram and I just couldn't seem to hook up again.. Burrito Deluxe [(A&M, 1970)] was written and recorded without any of the feeling or intensity of the first album, and it seemed that we were walking on different roads.

This bootleg captures the changes going on within the band during 1969/70 with Chris Etheridge being replaced by Bernie Leadon on bass by the time of the Wynona tracks,and the departure of Gram Parsons early in 1970. Chris Hillman, Michael Clarke and Sneaky Pete Kleinow perform on all the tracks.

Source: Soundboard.

Sound Quality: Good to very good mp3@320kbps

Genre: Country Rock.

Set: Full set Seattle (1-15), plus additional Wynona live tracks (16-21).

Set List:

1. Close Up The Honky Tonks 2:40
2. Dark End Of The Street 3:54
3. Sweet Mental Revenge 3:15
4. The Image Of Me 3:22
5. Christine's Tune 5:34
6. Sin City 4:09
7. Man In A Fog 2:47
8. Wake Up Little Susie 3:11
9. You Win Again 3:38
10. We've Got To Get Ourselves Together 3:44
11. She Thinks I Still Care 5:29
12. Sweet Dreams Baby 2:55
13. Lucille 2:37
14. Take A Message To Mary 3:07
15. Train Song 3:28
16. Lazy Day 4:03
17. 100 Years Ago 3:09
18. My Uncle 3:02
19. High Fashion Queen 2:12
20. Cody Cody 3:03
21. Wild Horses 6:21

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What a great song; Sweet Mental Revenge."
Thank you.
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Oh how lovey. Thank you x
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Thanks so much. I don't have any of there music, I do have some Gram Parsons so this will give me a chance to expand my exposure to this group
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FYI it’s Winona, MN. Look it up.