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Kylie Odetta - Swimming Tapes - Rival Cavves - High Signs - Monogold

Kylie Odetta - Stress.

Background - 19-year-old Kylie Odetta has always been able to access a musical maturity that transcends her age. By 6 she was playing piano fluidly, by 12 she was recording her own material in her own iconic style and, as of 2017, has clocked in hundreds of shows that include opening slots for Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Callait and Mat Kearny. 

The slow-burning R&B that is saturating the mainstream as of late was always in alignment with Odetta’s sensibilities, culminating in 2016’s High Dreamer EP which was a pivotal moment in her musical trajectory, both personally and professionally. Its bluesy ballads accessed the lower register of her sultry voice, drawing comparisons to contemporary soul torchbearers like Yuna, Lianne La Havas and Adele and securing coverage in outlets as varied as Paste and The Music Ninja. 

Odetta’s mellow yet modern aesthetic was molded from a youth spent listening to both top 40 radio while entrenching herself in the pantheon of jazz piani…

CIITY - TAWLS - Sophia Kennedy - Martin Simpson - Lød - Witching Waves


Background - Dallas based Indie-Pop band, CIITY, have been creating music since 2015. Their highly anticipated new single, ‘DNVR’, just might end up in your summer playlist.

The latest single from their EP Parallels, the song was recorded at The Lair studios and produced by Matt Noveskey: owner of Austin based Orb Recording Studios. Singer Carter Davis says, “‘DNVR’ is about not seizing the opportunity you were given and having to live with the regret of never having the fulfilment you wanted.” 

This song is an Electronic/Alternative mixture that creates a cloud of ambient swells, driving drums, and catchy synths to peak interest in the listener. A perfect match for fans of The 1975, St. Lucia, Foster the People, and Coldplay.

CIITY, has been making waves across the North Texas community since the release of their first single, ‘Late Night Confession’, in October 2016 and continue to lure new listeners with their creative lyrics and unique sound. North Texas radio stations …

Zak Fleisher - Peaking Lights - Miranda Lee Richards - The Hurt

Zak Fleisher - Decisive.

Background - Zak Fleisher, a 23-year old Australian, is a multi-instrumental and talented singer songwriter. He starting playing guitar at age 7, there has been no looking back since.

Zak is excited to release his new single ‘Decisive’, through The A&R Department, marking his followup to debut ‘Green Girl’. In late 2015, Zak decided that it was time to take the leap of faith and play solo, playing shows in Western Australia, Melbourne, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Tel-Aviv and Vancouver. ‘Decisive’, which was originally written in late 2015, is broadly about making a decision with someone regarding a relationship. 

“For me it means either a ‘yes let’s go for it’, or a ‘no not for me’ attitude rather than the grey area of let’s see how this pans out. Either way, I can deal with the answer, the real trouble is getting that answer because people are too conscious of hurting other people’s feelings, which shows a higher degree of empathy but also a…

Layla Frankel - The Furious Seasons - Scott Ruth - Ayla

Layla Frankel - To Disregard.

Background - Born in Los Angeles and raised in a musical family in Chicago, Folk/Soul songwriter and vocalist Layla Frankel has been delighting audiences of all ages for as long as she can remember. A performer from a young age, she appeared on her father, Joel Frankel’s, children’s records and often joined him on stage.  As a teenager, with her formal training in choirs and range of musical influences, Layla began composing songs and quickly developed her own vocal style.  She later attended the University of Illinois where she started as a jazz studies major with a vocal concentration, but soon realized that her passion lay not only in music, but in songwriting. She began to focus on creative writing and poetry while also singing in big bands and jazz combos - gaining experience as a songwriter and as a band leader. 

Between 2013 to 2015, Layla honed her craft as a songwriter, creating a body of music including the tracks on her debut EP, Tame the Fox. I…

Kylypso - Brudini - Marlene Enright

Kylypso - Blame Love.

Background - Evolving from a two-piece to a three-piece, East London’s Kylypso are comprised of recent addition Hugh Fothergill, a record producer; Rudi Falla, Ableton set designer; and Tom Greenwood, a session musician. Initially the project started as Rudi and Tom sent ideas back and forth between each other to jam on and flesh out. The resounding success of their collaborations prompted them to form a band. 

Their first track, last year’s 'Means 2 You' was a firm and striking statement of intent, combining pop melodies with a mesmerising production approach that takes in ideas from a broad spectrum of popular music. It caused a respectable ripple in the blogosphere, leaving those in the know with a strong sense that their natural musical chemistry together was something special. Now, with new material like latest single ‘Blame Love’ on the way, Kylypso sound like they’ve already arrived fully formed and leagues apart from the herd without compromising o…

Sugarchild - The Konincks - CREO - Lucy & La Mer

Sugarchild - Offering.

Background - 90s Indie darlings Sugarchild are back with an album of dark, sparkling and utterly contemporary rock songs. The new album Dangerous sees the band delivering on its early promise with themes and tunes for the current age. Dangerous is set to shock and awe with epic guitars and vocals that switch between sweet and menacing.

Sugarchild’s prestigious history dates back to when the band were teenagers in the 1990s. A staple live act of the time, Sugarchild supported Jebediah’s national ‘Animal’ Tour, as well as Pollyanna, Effigy, The Rosemary Beads and many more. The band played at Fremantle’s Millennium concert to 20,000 people. They have received airplay on Triple J, RTRFM, RRR and independent radio around Australia, and been profiled in Rolling Stone and national street press.

In 2016, Sugarchild enlisted drummer Tim Jewell, formerly of Humbug, to record an album with Dave Parkin at Blackbird Studios. Dangerous showcases a band finally delivering on it…

Neil - First Blush - Jade Jackson - AyOwA

Neil - Blank Sheet.

Background - Seahorse Recordings presents the sophomore album from Neil, called ‘Black Flowers’. Recorded on the isle of Sicily in southern Italy with renowned producer Paolo Messere (Blessed Child Opera), these 11 tracks showcase songmanship that mix folk with grunge, and vocals with an uncanny resemblance to Gavin Rossdale (of Bush). 

The first single from this album is ‘Blank Sheet’, which deals with writer's block – that moment when the artist is in front of a white sheet and cannot dial into his muse. 

Written and performed by Neil Lucchetta (vocals, guitar, harmonica). This second album offers a more rock-oriented sound than the previous album thanks to the contribution of Andrea Breda on drums and Alessandro "Ake" Donazzon on bass. Now, during live performances, he is accompanied by Andrea Breda and Alex Michielin (bass).

Originating from the Italian city of Pieve di Soligo (Treviso), Neil began his path as a singer-songwriter, having written his …