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Dead Naked Hippies - Hero Fisher - Linda Em

Dead Naked Hippies - Rare. Background - With an angular opening riff that batters its way into your head and stays rattling around in there all day, Rare is the ferocious new offering from Leeds art-rock trio Dead Naked Hippies. Don't be fooled by the initial ferocity, Rare serves to empower others and front woman Lucy Jowett is not holding back: “It is a song about self love. I think we're quick to judge the term & deem it laughable or irrelevant in fear of being arrogant, or weird. But if you take a hard look at the society we live in, it's clear to see why so many people struggle to feel content in their own minds and their own bodies. I've always struggled with myself and it sickens me to think that so many other people feel the same. It needs to change.” Expanding more on the band’s mission, and where latest release Rare fits in – Lucy says: “We're used by advertising companies, so they can make money out of our discontentment. Bombarded with images of

Tom Auton - Shane Guerrette - Stonefield

Tom Auton - Stay. Background - Self taught musician, Tom Auton will be releasing his highly anticipated EP Big Little Glass Bowl on September 14th. “I spent months hitting my head against the wall. How on earth do you build a colossal fanbase overnight?! Then I realised; it’s useless being a ‘small fish in a big pond’, I need to be a ‘BIG fish in a SMALL pond’. I’m wasting time splashing about, trying to be heard from every single person on the planet, It’s my hometown I need to pour myself back into. A crowd draws a crowd. It’s this new mindset that inspired me to plunge back into Cardiff, put on my first headline show which subsequently sold out at 150 capacity. Big Little Glass Bowl is for not only my pond, but all the other musicians who are trying to be a small fish.” - Tom Auton. Influenced by Royal Blood and John Mayer, the singer-songwriter has already made his mark, breaking the top 8 in Fender’s Undiscovered Artist of the Year Award, showcasing himself to an audience of ov

Foxhole - Vaureen

Foxhole - After The Walk. Background - “After the Walk” is the soaring second single that Foxhole is sharing ahead of the release of Well Kept Thing, the post-rock band’s first new album since 2006’s Push/Pull EP. Written under one of the live oaks that pepper Austin, TX, album opener “After the Walk” (which was mixed by the Grammy-winner Stephen Roessner and mastered by Bob Weston from Shellac) is an attempt to bring joy and elation to post-rock, a genre not exactly known for its bright side. A close listen reveals coins dropping to the floor as the song empties out, as well as a misplaced chuckle in a guitar mic at the break. It’s a celebration of friendship — the sort of excitement that comes not from swelling cymbals and cinematic guitars, but from being in the same room as old friends, who remember parts of you that you’d nearly forgotten. Written across 12 years, five states and three countries, Well Kept Thing is a sonic autobiography, telling the story of a band growing up

Mars Motel - Telefones

Mars Motel - Green (The Eclipse Sessions - Live). Background - Mars Motel is a dream-rock band from Brooklyn, NY presenting an explosive and immersive sound which originates from melodic elements of 1990’s Brit-Pop as well as the raw, driving rhythms of the early 2000’s NYC rock scene. Well before the official name and creation of Mars Motel, the music began as a series of psychedelic, Brit-Pop-inspired bedroom demos written by singer/guitarist Sarik Kumar during his last year of high school. For almost 10 years, the demos were left on an old computer and almost forgotten until the summer of 2016, when Kumar rediscovered them while visiting his childhood home on Long Island. After a couple of successful singles being released in the last two years since Mars Motel was formed, including “Green” and “Living in the Moment”, The Eclipse Sessions live EP was released in late July of this year. Recorded on August 21, 2017 at Mission Sound during the first solar eclipse the contiguous Un

Martin Van Ruin - Calvin Johnson - Arthur Nasson

Martin Van Ruin - Current Day (album). Background - Current Day is the follow-up release to Martin Van Ruin’s critically-acclaimed debut, Every Man a King. A collective project from some familiar Chicago faces (members of Derek Nelson & The Musicians, Jenny Dragon, Planetsexploder). The seven-piece’s new album sees the group exploring increasingly modern sounds while building upon the ideas that led critic Jessica Hopper to write that their debut was “one of the best local albums of the year; a sprawling folk-rock work with vintage country and chamber elements … an album in a classic sense.” Also for American Songwriter to say that “fans looking for Chicago’s next Wilco may want to check out Martin Van Ruin,” and for the Chicago Sun-Times to write that “The Bob Dylan and Neil Young comparisons are inescapable for this new folk rock supergroup.” Current Day was recorded over a series of sessions in 2017 at the Music Garage in Chicago and was engineered by Mike Lust (Tight Pha

Schmieds Puls - Fightmilk - Fufanu

Schmieds Puls - Don't Love Me Like That. Background - Schmieds Puls have released new single ‘Don’t Love Me Like That’ taken from upcoming album Manic Acid Love. Fronted by Mira Lu Kovacs, Christian Grobauer (drums) and Walter Singer (bass) – Schmieds Puls are an Austrian outfit who have been making waves in their home territory for some time. Spanning genres, refusing to be pigeonholed and being politically outspoken, particularly regarding Mira’s feminism has cemented them as one of the countries most interesting outputs, earning them prestigious accolades such as the Amadeus Austrian Music Award. New album Manic Acid Love is a triptych leading us through the spectrum of human emotion, the eleven tracks taking us through unconditional devotion (Manic), the deep vulnerability and pain this dedication precipitates (Acid) and the human power to overcome these hurdles and find peace (Love). Delicate guitars are paired with staccato vocals that cut right through to the listener,