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Lauran Hibberd - UV - Seablite

Lauran Hibberd returns for a seventh time here with her brand new song 'Frankie's Girlfriend'. It's a full blown rocker and contrasts well with her previous material, her knack for creating hook filled tunes remaining intact. Just over a month since she first appeared on Beehive Candy Marina Elderton aka UV returns with 'Blind Deities'. Her vocals are once again enticing and emotive and the ambient synth backdrop matches so well. Seablite have a colourful new video for 'Pillbox' a zesty upbeat song that packs melodic energy into this sub three minute whirlwind of music. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lauran Hibberd - Frankie's Girlfriend. Enigmatic Isle Of Wight sensation Lauran Hibberd continues her remarkable ascent with infectious new single Frankie’s Girlfriend, and announces the arrival of debut EP Everything is Dogs, set for release 20th Septe

Weird Milk - Hunting - Anna Rose - Bull - Ana Egge

Weird Milk have a new release entitled 'Honey, I'm Around' and it's a fabulous and refreshingly unpretentious pop song with gorgeous vocals and harmonies. 'Gold Day' from Hunting is a gently paced indie rock song flowing with melodic hooks and a cool laid back feel. We have already featured Anna Rose a couple of times this year and the new video for 'Sucker Puncher' is clever and a fine companion for a determined rocker of a song. In session at the Tapetown Studio's we have Bull and their song 'Eugene' that was first released in May. It's a fine version, the band clearly comfortable in this live setting and giving the piece plenty of natural character. Ana Egge returns for a third time on Beehive Candy with a music video for her new single 'Hurt A Little', a beautiful song where the musical backdrop is restrained and her melodic vocals are very much centre stage. ----------------------------------------------------------

Ganser - SoccerPractise - Frankiie - Junaco

We featured Ganser three times last year and they are more than welcome back with the new video for 'Bad Form'. On this song the bands post-punk is edgy with suppressed tension and the practically spoken vocals add to the fervour and intensity. SoccerPractise have just shared 'Posture' along with a cleverly matched video, the music straddles genres it's lo-fi rock with energised beats, a contradiction that works so well below the "mantra" like vocals. We have to go back to March of last year for our first and only previous feature for Frankiie , so it's a pleasure now to share their new song and lyric video for 'Compare'. Describing their music as indie dream rock, I would just add that it's full of stylish hooks and subtle charm. Junaco have now released their debut E.P. 'Awry'. Having already shared a couple of songs from the collection, we now have the whole piece and the duo continue to impress with the melodic and irresi

Frog - Zooni - Catherine MacLennan

Frog have shared 'Black Friday' taken from their fourth album 'Count Bateman' due for release next month. The band carve out a pleasing and unique blend of genre styles with just a little quirkiness to further their originality. From Zooni we have a new video for 'Cotton Blue' which is a beautifully arranged piece, that gently drifts somewhere between lo-fi and alt rock. We have two songs from Catherine MacLennan namely 'Roll With The Wind' and 'Emmet's Song'. Both are pretty special to say the least, as this talented singer-song writer creates some pristine and natural roots music. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frog - Black Friday. Count Bateman is the fourth release from Frog, the acclaimed cult Wyrd-Americana Indie band from Queens, NYC. Their music has found over one million streams on Spotify, they’ve received support from the BBC, NPR

Bjørn Tomren - Ynys - Chickn

Bjørn Tomren third track release from his upcoming album ‘Bad Science Fiction’ is 'Hiroshima Mon Amour'. The song itself is beautiful, the dual vocals wonderful, enjoy! I have said it before that music transcends language and 'Mae'n Hawdd' from Welsh artist Ynys more than reaffirms that opinion I feel, this is a splendid song. 'Infrared Panda Club' from Chickn is something else, even the promo calls it "bizarre" it's also a highly addictive psych piece, that's simply uplifting. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bjørn Tomren - Hiroshima Mon Amour. Bjørn Tomren has released the third track ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ from his upcoming album ‘Bad Science Fiction’, which is due for release on 20th September via Norwegian powerhouse Propeller Recordings (Dagny, Highasakite, Sløtface and more). After accidentally announcing on a national radio show that