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Lauran Hibberd - Robert Jeffery - Carroll - Dante Mazzetti - The Soft Underground

Lauran Hibberd makes yet another (and most welcome) appearance on Beehive Candy this time with 'Sweat Patch' a slacker pop come rock song, something she is just so good at creating. === From Australia we have Robert Jeffery and 'This Time' a slick rocker of a song. === We have to go back to 2016 for our only other feature for Carroll, well now we have 'Fern' a gently paced psychedelic influenced pop song accompanied by a very colourful video. === Ahead of a new E.P Dante Mazzetti shares 'Ugly' which is a beautiful song with a rich musical backdrop and notably distinct vocals. === Last month we shared a track from The Soft Underground ahead of their new album 'Anemoia' and I am pleased to say we have the album in full to hear below from this creative art pop duo.

Lauran Hibberd - Sweat Patch.

Effortlessly charismatic and dripping in sarcasm, Isle Of Wight’s …

Nature TV - Helen America - Chrysalism - TJ Roberts - Meanlife

Nature TV return just four weeks after their first appearance here with 'Only One'. Last time we described the Brighton band as "high class indie" and there is no change there with this refined piece. === Taken from her brand new 'Red Sun' album released today by Helen America we share the first song in the collection entitled 'Thelxiepeia'. This is just a small glimpse of things, the musical styles vary greatly, her vocals adding consistent order, the lyrics often demanding your attention. === Chrysalism has a new video for 'I'll kill you, Tomokazu Miura!' this lo-fi and gently soulful song is beautiful. === TJ Roberts has a new single comprising of 'The Party' and 'Midnight Stores' the first is a laid back and engaging track, the latter rocks a whole lot more. === From Meanlife we have the fabulous song 'Ready2Spark' with wonderful dual vocals and an indie meets country vibe.

Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra - Angus Munro - CHICKN - The Hanging Stars

We recently featured a couple of songs from the new 'People Are Idiots' album by Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra and now we have a video for another track from this very good collection entitled 'The 1970's.' === Angus Munro impresses in a big way with the acoustic Piano Version of 'Equaliza' where his vocals are simply stunning. === CHICKN made their first appearance here around three months ago and return with a video for 'She'll Be Apples' where the Athens five piece band share a gorgeous psych rocker. ===The Hanging Stars have released a video for '(I've Seen) The Summer in Her Eyes'. The song is described as "two and a half minutes of garage pastoralism", which pretty much nails it!

Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra - The 1970's.

A new video by Paul Mosley and The Red Meat Orchestra for The 1970's has just been…

The Golden Age of TV - LIFE - Fruition - Rebekah Rolland - Flora Hibberd

The Golden Age of TV have just released a new single 'Caught In Doors' ahead of their self titled debut E.P. We featured them back in early 2018 and the new release is more than welcome as the bands distinct and oh so likable musical construction really stands out. ===  LIFE have released a video for their fabulous album track 'Excites Me' a song that does just that, excites and rocks as well. === We have a video from Fruition for 'Wild As The Night' a beautiful and touching song that is melodic, as both the vocals and musical arrangement shine brightly. === Rebekah Rolland shares two songs on 'Mary / Louise' where the Arizona musician and songwriter is a delight to listen to, her lyrics, vocal delivery and music are somewhere special on the Americana spectrum. === We had the pleasure of featuring Flora Hibberd a couple of times earlier this year and are really pleased to share 'As Long as There is Night' taken from her new E.P, as once again he…

LIA - Deva St. John - Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes

We have the brand new E.P from LIA entitled 'Vasilia'. Her striking vocals, at times intricate musical backdrops and more often personal yet highly relatable lyrics, are at the least beautiful and occasionally simply incredible. === From Deva St. John we have 'The Information Age' which opens with synths, Morse code and drums and explodes into action with energised vocals, as this feisty alt rock song grabs hold of our ears. === Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes returns for a fourth appearance here with 'Moon' the second single we have the pleasure of sharing ahead of a new album due next year, from this gorgeous indie pop/rock band.


LIA - Vasilia (E.P).

LIA has just released her new EP called 'Vasilia'. Here are LIA's thoughts on the latest E.P.

"I wrote this EP as I was coming into myself. It was a period of my life when I learned how to love myself and wh…

Surma - Mappe Of - Chadwick Stokes & The Pintos

Surma has just shared 'Wanna Be Basquiat' a fascinating soundtrack accompanied by a creative and original collage animation by Joao Pombeiro, this is both clever and refreshingly different. === We Featured Mappe Of twice last month and today we have a third song entitled 'Volcae' which once again is beautiful as the Avant-garde folk artist continues to thoroughly impress. === Ahead of their self titled album release later this month Chadwick Stokes & The Pintos have released a third song from the collection with 'Blanket On The Moon', a refined, gentle and melodic piece.

Surma - Wanna Be Basquiat.

"Wanna Be Basquiat", a song by Surma and a collage animation by Joao Pombeiro

Débora Umbelino is 24 years old and its known by its artistic name “Surma”. She was born in a small town near Leiria, Portugal and started having some musical adventures soon. While study…

Talkboy - Matthew Paul Butler - Sunset Sons - Mush

Talkboy make their sixth Beehive Candy appearance with 'Hollow Spheres' and once again the Leeds sextet impress, this time with an emotive indie rocker. ===Matthew Paul Butler shares 'Mockingbird' a highly impassioned new folk song that is majestic, powerful and quite intoxicating. === Sunset Sons have released a lyric video for 'Superman' which is a splendid rock anthem and precedes a UK and European tour and new album. === From Mush we have 'Eat The Etiquette' where the vocals are just plain out there, the music somewhere between indie rock and punk, with hooks flying in all directions.

Talkboy - Hollow Spheres.

Shifting between epic moments of joyful indie pop, interspersed with emotional and engaging songwriting, Leeds sextet Talkboy demonstrate their glittering potential in debut EP Over & Under, set for release 1st November via Come Play With Me / LAB Rec…