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Jackie - Whitacre - Shadowlands - Revolution, I Love You - Courteous Thief - Maija Sofia - Scott & Charlene's Wedding

Jackie have a new video for 'Lifetime In A Touch' a feisty rocker of a song with plenty of determined attitude. === They describe their music as mountain rock and you can hear why with Whitacre and the new song 'Peach' where the fusion of Americana, country rock and folk come together beautifully. === Just a few weeks after featuring Shadowlands they return with 'Pining For Time' another creative piece with dreamy vocals, analog synths, and plenty of atmosphere. === The new single from Revolution, I Love You is entitled 'Wait' and the lyrics are described as bittersweet, yet there is a dreamy vibe and plenty of energy to make the track a pleasing conundrum. === Courteous Thief is about to release 'Mountains And Sea' which is a really gorgeous folk pop song with a fabulous musical arrangement and wonderful vocals. === Just over a month since we first featured Maija Sofia she is back with 'The Wife Of Michael Cleary' and once again the fo

Tiny Magnetic Pets - Winehouse - Julia Jonas - Martha Bean - Fenn Wilson - Unspoken Tradition - Walt Disco - The Adobe Collective

Tiny Magnetic Pets release their new E.P today entitled 'Girl In A White Dress'. Comprising of four vibrant electro pop songs this is both impressive and refreshing material from this deservedly and highly regarded band. === Released today we have the debut single from Winehouse called 'Pretty Lips', where the smooth musical backdrop has hints of jazz and the soulful vocals are just beautiful. === Julia Jonas latest single is released today, and is entitled 'Lift You High', it's a melodic and refined indie pop piece that precedes an E.P release at the end of this month. === We featured Martha Bean just a few weeks ago and now she has shared 'Circles' a gentle folk orientated song that resonates beautifully. === Fenn Wilson has just released a new album 'Ghost Heroin' where his striking and beguiling vocals are just wonderful, the opening song 'Lost My Way' is simply breathtaking, and he maintains that quality across the album. === New

Flora Hibberd - FELIN - Michael Colton - Selkama

Having already shared a couple of tracks from her debut E.P we now have the complete set from Flora Hibberd entitled 'The Absentee'. Her gorgeous and distinct voice resonates through each song and the simmering atmosphere is contagious. === It's more than two years since we last featured FELIN and we catch up with the artist with the fourth single 'Money Honey' from her recently released album, as once again the feisty rocker is on top form. === Singer songwriter Michael Colton is about to release a new single entitled 'A Little Crazy', it's a fine country rocker packing energy and hooks galore. === Selkama recently shared 'All My Friends Are Growing Up' where the Finnish brothers deliver a melodic and perhaps a little melancholic but nonetheless lively and engaging song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Flora Hibberd - The Absentee (E.P). Born in East London but currently residin

Thyla - Faultress - HEBE

Thyla return just a few weeks after sharing 'Two Sense'. This time we have 'Lenox Hill', where the band are a little less post punk and a tad more indie rock, the melodic vocals supported by a solid rock backdrop ensuring once again that they stand well out in the crowd. === Faultress has released her '5 Myths' E.P. Having already featured four of the songs we now complete the set with a video for 'Icarus' and have also added the full collection below, needless to say the final song is also something beautiful. === HEBE has released a video for 'Hunting Me' the electro pop song gains considerable traction with her melodic and soulful vocals and well crafted musical arrangement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thyla - Lenox Hill. Brighton post-punk prospects Thyla continue their extraordinary rise with searing new cut Lenox Hill, the second track taken from the band’s eagerly antici

The Dockers - John Tiller - KEYS

From Sydney, Australia we have The Dockers with their new song 'Fake It', described as "cheeky and cheerful" it's also bright and rather catchy. === With earnest and gritty vocals  John Tiller delivers 'Battle Ready' with plenty of passion, his folk, Americana or whatever other tag might describe best, is beautifully produced. === Back in April we shared 'Black and White' from KEYS who return this week with 'Bad Penny' just ahead of a new album release. This time we have a gentler, psychedelic and dreamy piece with gorgeous vibes throughout. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Dockers - Fake It. Party-starting rogues, The Dockers are excited to release their follow up single Fake It. A single for care-free wiggling and late night grinning. Cheeky and cheerful, Fake It implores you to let go and just dance, the loose flow and jaunty rhythms are a wink and a nod to the gleef

The Mowgli's - Arborist - Yr Ods - Sasha Bell

The Mowgli's have a new video for 'Fighting With Yourself' where Katie Jayne Earl takes on lead singer responsibility for the first time doing so with abundant charm and finesse. === The first single from Arborist new album 'A Northern View' is 'Taxi'. The video is a grand companion for this fabulous spoken word piece that conjures even more mental images, this really is breathtaking. === Described as off beat euphoric pop Yr Ods song 'Tu Hwnt I'r Muriau' is most definitely that, and the Welsh language once again shines, with or without your ability to translate. === From her first and just released solo album Sasha Bell shares a video for 'Castle Keep'. Having been part of many other musical projects often with a sixties feel, this song demonstrates her ability to move on, without losing any of the class and creativity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Mowgli's -