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Emmrose - The Pairs - The Know - Big Fox - Ben Watt - Ducks Unlimited - Brooke Bentham - Lilla Parasit

Emmrose has a new single entitled 'Hopeless Romantics'. With hints of Latin music and Emmrose's melodic and engaging vocals this is feisty and catchy affair. === The Pairs have shared 'Will And A Way' where beautiful vocals and harmonies are accompanied by a gentle acoustic backdrop on this mesmerising track. === Formed in late 2018 The Know have a new video for '143', a dreamy and atmospheric song that seemingly glides along. === Folk singer-songwriter Big Fox has just released 'All I'm Trying' the Sweden based artist's vocals are sublime on this gentle song. === We featured 'Sunlight Follows The Night' back in September and Ben Watt returns with another video, this time for 'Balanced On A Wire' that once again suggests his forthcoming album 'Storm Damage' is going to be rather special. === We first featured Ducks Unlimited back in July and they return now with 'Gleaming Spires' which is another vibrant, melo

Armada Of Secrets - The Blue Stones - Golden Cinema - Cox's Army - Izzy Frances - Michael Malarkey - Jody and the Jerms - Piers Faccini

Armada Of Secrets feel that their new song 'Make Me Over' is a milestone for the band. It's also a marvelous and empassioned rocker of a track. === Blues rock duo The Blue Stones have a new video for 'Shakin' Off The Rust', which is a slick and potent song. === The new three track E.P from Golden Cinema is called 'Peachy Keen', and the three member band share some catchy indie rock. === Cox's Army are a bluegrass band and 'New Richmond Town' is a highly engaging track and a fine taster for thier new album. === Ollie Trevers has a new E.P. out and we have 'Can't Make It Up' and 'Stage Of Fools' to relish over, his vocals are wonderful (shades of Jeff Buckley) and the songs are beautiful as well. ===Songwriter Izzy Frances has released 'Safety' a song that showcases both her creative skils and fabulous vocals. === Michael Malarkey has a new video for 'Graveracer', his distinct vocals supported by an understa

Hanya - Phonettes - Ben Witkowski - Papyllon

Hanya have just released 'Dream Wife' ahead of their 'Sea Shoes' E.P due out early in 2020. The gently paced song has a dreamy melodic vibe, with a refined and crystal clear musical arrangement. === Phonettes (aka Daan Hofman) has shared 'Make Up Your Mind'. His vocals exude sensitivity and add so much to this tender and lovable song. === From Australia we have Ben Witkowski with 'Mountain Man' which is a powerful and rousing song, packed with emotion and fabulously arranged. === Finally today we have European indie pop band Papyllon with 'All The Time' a solid, swirling and catchy track. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hanya - Dream Wife. Brighton’s indie talent pool shows no signs of drying up anytime soon if Hanya have any say in the matter. Emerging as the latest enticing from the city’s thriving music scene, the dreamy quartet share tender lead single Dream Wife, taken from f

Debra-Jean Creelman - Grimm Grimm - Albon - Novanta

Debra - Jean Creelman has released a video for 'Smoke' ahead of her 'Triggers & Mirrors' E.P. due out on November 29th. This is refined electro pop the musical layers cleverly arranged whilst the vocals add passion and melody. === Grimm Grimm has just released 'The Ghost Of Madame Legros'  which features Laetitia Sadier, it's a dreamy and creative piece, one that just feels irresistible. === LA singer-songwriter Albon has a brand new song entitled 'Call Me Up'. It's a refreshing and bright sounding piece, a little like The Beach Boy's reborn in the 21st century. === We have featured Novanta just once before back in 2016, and the new song 'Lovers' brings us up to date, musically this is a notable leap forward as they creatively span across genres. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Debra - Jean Creelman - Smoke. Although she’s been making music professionally for 25 ye

The Phantom Broadcast - The Just Joans - Freya Beer

The Phantom Broadcast recently released Antiquities Volume 2, which follows on not surprisingly from Volume 1 released earlier this year. Well we have them both as this band really do explore some fabulous musical directions resulting in some really fine indie, post rock and other musical influences within their songs. === Less than a month since we first featured them The Just Joans are back with a new single 'The One I Loathe The Least' it's another helping of gorgeous, melodic and stylish indie pop. === Freya Beer has a brand new single and video for 'Dear Sweet Rosie' a simmering alt rocker that's full of addictive hooks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Phantom Broadcast - Antiquities (Volume 1 and 2). The Phantom Broadcast’s Antiquities Vol II was released on Friday, Nov 1 and it follows Antiquities (Vol I), which was released in April of this year. Both EPs have been compiled on a singl

Calista Kazuko - Tokyo Tea Room - Tuvaband - Mimi Bay - Frederick the Younger - Multimagic

Calista Kazuko have just released their wonderfully creative song 'Benzo Belle'. We featured them just once before about a year ago, this latest track is a fine reminder of this talented artist. === Also returning for a second time here are Tokyo Tea Room with their new song 'Designer', the psych pop band teasing us with a fine song ahead of the 'Dream Room' E.P due out later this month. === Tuvaband just shared 'Ambiguous Flies'. It's our third opportunity to feature her tantalising music, which consistently leaves me wanting to hear more. === We are on a bit of a second appearance roll on Beehive Candy today as Mimi Bay shares the beautiful song 'Daydream' which is soft and not surprisingly dreamy. === In the case of Frederick the Younger it's appearance number six here with 'Back to the Wall' the retro pop band actually sounding fresh and very current with this delicious song. === Rounding off our bumper new music weekend we