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Taking A Break - See You Soon

Time for a break - Back with some new tunes soon. For those on holiday - Enjoy! For those working all the way through... been there, done that, got the t'shirt!

Francesca Brown - Torgeir Waldemar - The Rebels Of Tijuana

Francesca Brown has just released 'Hashslingin' Blues' a gorgeous and classic sounding country song, with a fresh modern production and beyond the refined vocals, a splash of pedal steel guitar seals the deal. === We have the Radio edit for Torgeir Waldemar latest song entitled 'Heart and Gold', it's been a while since we last featured him, that said his brand of rock remains bright and pleasing. === The Rebels Of Tijuana do Garage Rock French style on the new E.P. 'La Dominicaine' and they do it very, very well with plenty of swagger and a whole load of hooks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Francesca Brown - Hashslingin' Blues. Singer-songwriter Francesca Brown is a California girl, steeped in the sound and visual traditions of the Southwest. Her love for old timey country and folk is offset by an inherent Laurel Canyon hippie vibe and a deep appreciation for the Blues stemming fro