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Smoke Fairies - Brudini - The Shacks - Chelsea Williams - Kluster B

Smoke Fairies have just released a new track entitled 'No Matter How This Goes, Just Make Sure That You're Kind', we've already featured three songs from their recent album and this one is another spectacular piece. === Brudini returns with 'Radiant Man' which is a beautiful calm singer-songwriter piece. === Retro indie rockers The Shacks released 'Wings' and it opens as an understated song before adding more melodic layers. === Los Angeles artist Chelsea Williams new song is 'Wasted' which is an upbeat and hook filled track with bags of charm. === So far this year we have shared three songs from Kluster B new album 'b' and it's a pleasure to now share the full collection that has just been released. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Smoke Fairies - No Matter How This Goes, Just Make Sure That You're Kind. Smoke Fairies (Jessica Davies & Katherine Blamire) h

Discovery Zone - Juliper Sky - Soë Blue - Pam Tillis - Dougie Poole - Walter Martin

Discovery Zone shares 'Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody' which is a rather fine song title and an equally pleasing and soothing electro piece. === Our third feature for Juliper Sky in just a few months is for new single 'Infinite Jets' which follows their recent E.P release and is another impressive song from the band. === Soë Blue has released her debut single 'Karma' and what a gorgeous and refined soulful track it is. === Pam Tillis recently released 'Looking for a Feeling' a sultry country song with a touch of bluesy vibes. === From Dougie Poole we have 'Vaping On The Job' ahead of a new album due in June, the track itself is a mixture of country with a touch of rock & roll. === Finally today we have Walter Martin with the topical 'Quarantine Boogie' an amusing and thankfully listenable song on the current situation (& we have received plenty that are hard going to say the least) anyway this is also for a good

Marie Dahlstrom - Andrea & Mud - Sandmoon

Marie Dahlstrom just shared 'Wandering' and it's a lush and beautiful soulful song, her vocals are fabulous as is the whole arrangement. === Andrea & Mud have released 'Lines' as a foretaste of their next album due in June, the surf-western duo are in splendid form and the album is all on a par with this fine song. === We first came across Sandmoon back in January and they are back with 'Empty' and it's another refined indie folk song from this creative band. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Marie Dahlstrom - Wandering. Danish, London based artist Marie Dahlstrom continues to tease the release of her upcoming debut album Like Sand, with soulful new jazz-inflected cut "Wandering". One of the more experimental, electronically-charged tracks on the album – Marie creates an image of a ship being adrift at sea, not being able to navigate to shore again. “I wanted the song to fee

Suzy and The Lifeguard - Richard Edwards - Emily Keener

We have already featured a couple of impressive tracks from Suzy and The Lifeguard 'Anima' E.P due May 1st and now we have a third song entitled 'Loolluby', which is a calm and dreamy ballad. === We have to go back to January 2017 for the last appearance of Richard Edwards on Beehive Candy still the new song coincidentally entitled 'January' makes for a fine return, it's a beautifully textured and melodic piece. === Following on from 'Do You Love Me Lately' Emily Keener returns with 'Boats' ahead of the album, 'I Do Not Have to Be Good', due out May 22, the new song is gentle, sincere and intimate folk music. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Suzy and The Lifeguard - Loolluby. Mental health is seemingly being torn apart at the seams amongst the Covid-19 crisis. Suzy & the Lifeguard’s new ballad, “Loolluby,” presents a soothing elixir, while also questioning what i

Rosie Carney - Maleena - Alla Igityan

Rosie Carney has released a new single 'i spoke to god' alongside her new E.P. We shared 'When I Look At You' a month ago and this is another gorgeous track from this consistently creative artist. === Maleena shares 'Don't Forget Me' and it's a refined modern pop song with beautiful vocals. === From Alla Igityan we have 'Sad Song' which may have sad sentiments lyrically, but it's also a refined and very pleasing piece. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rosie Carney - i spoke to god. Rosie Carney releases new single "i spoke to god" alongside new EP i dreamed i was the night today. The EP was made in New York with Thomas Bartlett (Doveman), known for his work with Sufjan Stevens, Vagabon, Florence & The Machine and more, after the success of her debut album Bare. ‘i spoke to god’ was written in Rosie’s family home in Ireland after a 3-month tour, as she explains