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Running Red Lights - Crush - Tiny Bit Of Giant's Blood - Walt Disco - New Fries - Swim the Current

Running Red Lights have today shared a video for the song 'Flower In The Concrete' as the band release four singles before finally calling it a day, the first of which is a beautiful folk and soft rock combination. === Manchester band Crush have shared 'All My Plants Are Dead' and it's a rich mixture of melodic alt pop & rock. === Tiny Bit Of Giant's Blood are a Chicago based Glam Punk outfit and taken from their new album 'Gigantosaur' we have the brand new video for 'Five Foot Heels' a song reminiscent of The Tubes in part, both musically and humour wise. === Walt Disco new track 'Cut Your Hair' is a vibrant, quirky, genre mash of rock styles and some fabulously out there vocals. === Toronto based New Fries have a new song entitled 'Ploce' where the experimental band have developed one addictive and rhythmic sound. === Swim the Current Featuring Greg Christie have just released 'Temperature Maps' where the swi

Andy Jenkins (feat Erin Rae) - Same - Alissa Musto

Andy Jenkins brand new track 'Far Away From Here' also features Erin Rae on vocals and between them they serve up some blissful, beautiful music. === Four weeks ago we featured the song 'Bluish' from Same and now we have a new video for the gorgeous slacker rock piece 'Osho Tapes' also taken from 'Plastic Western' their debut LP due May 8th. === Alissa Musto has just shared 'How Still' and it's a refined, atmospheric & creative singer-songwriter piece. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Andy Jenkins - Far Away From Here (feat. Erin Rae). Virginia artist Andy Jenkins shares a brand-new track featuring Nashville artist Erin Rae via Spacebomb (Natalie Prass, Matthew E White). “Far Away From Here” is soulful and lilting, steeped in hazy guitars, sprawling piano and an uplifting sense of ease. “Far Away From Here” is available to stream or download now. Speaking about the new tr

Whitney Rose - David Haerle - Kidsmoke

Whitney Rose new album is entitled 'We Still Go To Rodeos' and it's a fresh collection of twelve Americana songs with plenty of Texan authenticity and it's streaming in full below. === David Haerle 's brand new album 'Death Valley' comprises of fifteen new songs from which we have videos for 'Romy And Michele' plus 'Go Do That With Sharon' both of which give a good feel for this fabulous mixture of rock genres. === Kidsmoke have released 'The Bluest You' a very appealing song that sees the band combining dream pop and observations on mental health. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Whitney Rose - We Still Go To Rodeos (Album). Whitney Rose has never been daunted or intimidated by challenges. Whether she’s perusing the possibilities that accompany a new project, or following up on her early transition to residency in Austin, she’s always eagerly embraced any opportunity

Rex - The Northern Belle - Anacarina

Rex are back just four weeks after sharing 'Palaces' with the new track 'Lovers Like We Used To Be' and the trio continue to deliver some moody and potent alt rock. === From Norway we have The Northern Belle with 'Gemini' taken from their next album 'We Wither, We Bloom' due for release in August, the featured song brims with Americana styles and some serious pop sensibilities. === Los Angeles singer-songwriter Anacarina just released 'Grave' a song where her vocals are passionate and the musical backdrop is beautifully arranged. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rex - Lovers Like We Used To Be. Known for their curvatures of post punk, new wave and Spanish rhythms, the Amsterdam-based trio Rex explore themes around the darker side of life. Caught in a whirlwind of frustration over dead-end relationships, the band are set release new cut ‘‘Lovers Like We Used To Be’ Straddling genre