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Andy Cook - Jenny Reynolds - Sandtimer - Jess Knight - Sun Cutter - Cold Beaches - New Fries

Andy Cook new album 'I'll Be Fine' is streaming in full below. This is a highly original album, musically it sits somewhere between indie and alt rock but drifts beyond there, the production is stunning and the musicianship on a par, Andy's vocals add even more distinction and character, this is class to say the very least. === We have another album in full below, this time from Jenny Reynolds and her new collection entitled 'Any Kind Of Angel', where the singer songwriter delivers some beautifully refined Folk and Americana songs. The storytelling lyrics are notable and the genuine nature of the album enticing. === We featured Sandtimer a couple of times last year and they return with 'Different Seas' which is a reinterpretation of an old song of theirs and it's absolutely stunning (why say more). === Having already shared two songs from her new album we now have the full collection as Jess Knight releases 'Best Kind Of Light'. Mixing bl

Natalie Schlabs - Hannah Georgas - Tempesst

Natalie Schlabs has a new single released today entitled 'Go Outside'. Its one of nine songs on her 'Don't Look Too Close' album due in October and put simply if you like this track you are going to love the album! === Hannah Georgas returns to Beehive Candy three months after we first featured her, this time we have the new single 'Dreams' where a stripped back musical arrangement is just right for her enticing vocals. === Tempesst make their sixth appearance with us and have announced that their debut album 'Must Be A Dream' will be released at the end of September, in the meantime we have the new single 'On The Run' and it's another really fine song from these talented multi genre rockers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Natalie Schlabs - Go Outside. The new single from singer/songwriter Natalie Schlabs "Go Outside" has been released today. Natalie says the

Marie-Clo - Venus Furs - Prinz Grizzley

Marie-Clo shares an original & thought provoking indie pop song called 'Animals Eating People'. === Venus Furs has just released 'Paranoia' accompanied with a video, the song is a powerful indie rocker, the subject matter unfolding both lyrically and visually. === Released yesterday Prinz Grizzley new single is 'Magdalena' and it's a striking Americana piece, with echoes of Nick Cave and bags of originality. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Marie-Clo - Animals Eating People. A true creative chameleon and seasoned traveler, Marie-Clo is a born performer who ropes her audiences into a feverish pitch in both official languages; thanks to “hooked on phonics”. Singer-songwriter and dancer, her eclectic indie pop tackles current themes & conscious lyrics, but also conjures a colourful and enchanted world. Marie-Clo began her artistic career on stages worldwide performing in musicals, but

The Northern Belle - Andrea and Mud - Lakes

The Northern Belle have released another song from their next album, this track is entitled 'Late Bloomer' (we shared 'Gemini' a few weeks back), and again the Norwegian bands ability to make catchy and timeless music is highly notable. === Andrea and Mud have released their new album 'Bad News Darlin' and it's streaming in full below. In April we shared 'Lines' as a foretaste of the collection and the other ten tracks have really lived up to expectations as the duo's Surf Western easily pleases. === From Watford in the UK we have Lakes and their new single 'Kids' which features Dan Lambton, together they create a refreshing, jangly and melodic indie rock song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Northern Belle - Late Bloomer. Ahead of their next album The Northern Belle have released 'Late Bloomer'. Written as an examination of personal relationships, the new