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CF Watkins - Teen Creeps - Lavender Diamond - Charlie Kaplan - Tracy Layne

CF Watkins has shared the title track 'Babygirl' ahead of the album due October 18 and it's an upbeat folk pop track that bodes well for the full collection. === Belgian indie rockers Teen Creeps have just shared 'Seeing Shapes' which is a full on and hook filled track. === Lavender Diamond announced their first studio album in 8 years 'Now Is The Time' with the new single 'This Is How We Rise'. The song itself is beautiful, with sublime vocals and a superb musical arrangement. === Charlie Kaplan has just released 'Pete Williams' ahead of his November album release 'Sunday', the song has been described as "gripping and impassioned" which is a fair and fine description. === Tracy Layne has a brand new single entitled 'Smoke And Mirrors' where her refined vocals are more than capable of powering up, adding passion and drama to a really fine song.   =================================================== CF Watkins - Bab

Peach Kelli Pop - Crawford Mack - Plants and Animals

Peach Kelli Pop returns just a month after sharing 'Cut Me Off' with her latest single 'Stupid Girl' and it's another bright and breezy two minutes+ blast of vibrant natural pop. === Crawford Mack has impressed us already this year with a couple of magnificent songs and his brand new release 'A Love I Can't Live Up To' is another exquisite and beautiful piece. === Plants and Animals share 'Love that Boy' ahead of 'The Jungle', their fifth studio album set to be released on October 23rd. The new single is highly original laid back indie rocker that gently ebbs and flows. =================================================== Peach Kelli Pop - Stupid Girl. Peach Kelli Pop is a musical project conceived of by songwriter Allie Hanlon. "Stupid Girl" is two minutes of pure guitar pop brilliance, but a self deprecating theme runs through the upbeat song. "As a non-linear thinker and someone that always felt uncomfortable in school

The Silverbeets - Kim Bingham - Scenic Route To Alaska - Psymon Spine

The Silverbeets recently shared 'We Mattered Once Upon A Time' along with a video. The song is from their next album 'Halcyon Days' and gives a good feel for the bands desirable and distinctive indie art rock. ==== Kim Bingham hasn't wasted her lock down and along with Jolyon White has produced a fresh and highly entertaining video entitled "Sweet Irene: Escape from Lockdown" which comes from her UP! album. ==== Scenic Route To Alaska have just released 'Polarized' and the Edmonton-based indie pop trio are impressive with this powerful and hook filled song. ==== We featured 'Milk' by Psymon Spine back in July and they are back with 'Modmed' along with a video, the new track is a swirling psychedelic piece with some light disco vibes. =================================================== The Silverbeets - We Mattered Once Upon A Time. Australian indie art rockers The Silverbeets have announced they will be releasing their 'Halcyon

Gianna Lauren - Samana

Gianna Lauren is a singer songwriter based in Nova Scotia and she has just released 'Spark' as a foretaste of the E.P 'Vanity Metrics' due in November. 'Spark' is a mellow and melodic piece that gradually builds in power, something of a journey from indie pop to indie rock. === Earlier this month we featured 'Passing Me By' from Samana describing that track as "pristine and breathtaking." They have followed that up with the new single 'The Glory Of Love' where their creativity and unique style is again, something very special.   =================================================== Gianna Lauren - Spark. Nova Scotia songwriter Gianna Lauren has just released the single "Spark" and  announces her 'Vanity Metric's EP on Forward Music Group due on Nov 13th. Gianna Lauren's new EP Vanity Metrics, is a deeply felt and dreamy set of songs recorded live in the studio, taking advantage of the tour-tightness of her band after