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Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys - Evie Sands - Elise Davis - Sea Fever - Emily Taylor Hudson - Mess Esque - Art Bergmann

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys - Evening Train. Following on from the release of her previously shared single ‘Evening Train’ earlier this year, Berlin based South African Lucy Kruger now returns with The Lost Boys to announce the details behind her new studio album ‘Transit Tapes (for women who move furniture around)’, which lands on the 2nd June 2021 via Unique Records. Written by Lucy Kruger and forged in a tiny 34°c rehearsal space in Berlin, ‘Transit Tapes’ melts dreamy indie rock with dark folk and returns 12 pensive tracks exploring restlessness and a yearning to feel alive. This project is the first time Kruger has worked with drummer Martin Perret, guitarist Liú Mottes and bassist Andreas Miranda, who form The Lost Boys. The depth that The Lost Boys add is clear on the dramatic soundscape in A Paper Boat or the slow rumbling climb on A Stranger’s Chest. ‘Transit Tapes’ resumes the introspective exploration of Kruger’s 2019 release ‘Sleeping Tapes for some girls’ but has a ma

Elephant - I Ya Toyah - Thrillhouse - Big Little Lions - Remington super 60 - Quiet Marauder ft. Kadesha Drija

Elephant - Midnight in Manhattan / E.P. Sunny, melancholy and in a major key. That is the sound of the 4-piece indie band "Elephant". Mellow pop music with an eccentric edge, for fans of Wilco, Andy Shauf and Big Thief. In March 2021, Elephant released their self-titled EP, produced by Pablo van de Poel (DeWolff) and recorded in the Electrosaurus Southern Sound Studio. ‘It may be midnight in Manhattan but here it’s time to rise. There is always someplace better, don’t let it fool your eyes.’ The subtle groove and the sobering lyrics make Elephant’s first single ‘Midnight in Manhattan’ a must-hear for music lovers. It was added to the playlist of Amazing Radio (UK/US), peaked at the 12th position of the ‘verrukkelijke 15’ chart of Dutch national radio, and quickly reached over 25.000 streams on Spotify. Their second single ‘Bird’s Eye View’ is a both a sweet and haunting song about coming to terms with faded dreams and getting older. On this track, Elephant is accompanied by

Genghis Tron - Sunfields - Elissa Mielke

Genghis Tron - Pyrocene. Genghis Tron share the official hypnotic 4K video for “Pyrocene” less than two weeks before the release of Dream Weapon— watch the Yoshi Sodeoka (Tame Impala, Oneohtrix Point Never) created video on YouTube. Guitarist Hamilton Jordan comments, "'Pyrocene' was the first song we finished for Dream Weapon. It all started with a single drumbeat that I wrote during an extended stay in the Arizona desert. I gave that beat to Michael, and within a few weeks he built an entire sinister, pulsating world around it. We knew, well before finishing the album, that this had to be the opening song on the record." The band’s first new studio outing in over a decade, Genghis Tron’s Hamilton Jordan and Michael Sochynsky are now joined by two new collaborators: vocalist Tony Wolski and Sumac/Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn. Together, the lineup perfects the unique mix of extreme rock and electronic music Genghis Tron has pioneered over their storied career. A me

Home Counties - Kieran Mercer - Mango In Euphoria

Home Counties - White Shirt / Clean Shirt. Home Counties return today with new single "White Shirt / Clean Shirt". The second of two new self-produced singles, it follows "Modern Yuppies" released in January, and the band's widely praised 2020 debut EP 'Redevelopment'. The band take a sharp left-turn on "White Shirt / Clean Shirt", upping the tempo and storming forwards with a hip-wriggling, eccentric examination of office work. Building on the playful post-funk hooks present in “Modern Yuppies”, Home Counties continue to show they're a band who are not afraid to colour outside the lines, both sonically and lyrically. Singer Will Harrison said: "'White Shirt / Clean Shirt' began life as a guitar-orientated number that was a staple of our live set last year at our first shows, but then we had sort of fell out of love with it. Through lockdown, as we started experimenting more heavily with synthesisers and drum machines; we rewo

Dessa - Nelson Sobral - The Catenary Wires

Dessa - Life On Land. Today singer, writer, and rapper Dessa has released “Life On Land,” the third installment of her new single series IDES — the project sees Dessa dropping new music on the 15th of each month. “I started writing ‘Life on Land’ sitting at my Casio keyboard wearing a green sweater and with my hair still wet from the shower,” Dessa explains. “I know because I filmed a little video of myself playing the key line to make sure I didn’t forget it. The first lyrics came easily: ‘Flip a coin, flip a car / I don’t care where we are / the picture and the sound won’t sync / some things time can’t fix’. Almost every other line resisted being written.  I walk a lot to try and solve that problem, muttering for a mile or two and coming home with another viable four bars. Like the other songs in the IDES series, this track is a collaboration between me and producers Lazerbeak and Andy Thompson. All three of us thought the song needed an epic pop chorus…but those are easier to talk a

Hunter Moreau - Laddermen - Sarah Klang

Hunter Moreau - Hazy. Hunter Moreau believes everyone should strive to be more in touch with the vulnerable parts of themselves. And Hunter Moreau practices what she preaches. Through her music, the soulful pop songstress frequently steps outside of her comfort zone to express the most vulnerable parts of herself, captivating listeners along the way. Her newest single, "Hazy," is no exception. Produced by Doug Schadt (Maggie Rogers, Ashe, SHAED), "Hazy" officially dropped on March 12. "As simple as it may sound, 'Hazy' is about the pure bliss of summer nights," shares Hunter. "Doug and I were reminiscing about stories with friends, both new and old, and the magic that seems to happen on warm nights where nothing seems to really matter. We wrote this song to capture the nostalgia of looking back on those carefree times, and longing for that same feeling again. The feeling that no other moment matters besides right now. The excitement of not ca