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ME REX - Kandle - Stolen Stars - Summer Sleeves - Scout

ME REX - Heart of Garbage. South London’s ME REX have shared a brand-new animated video for their infectious single Heart of Garbage, taken from their most recent EP ‘Stegosaurus’, which saw them receive acclaim from the likes of Stereogum and DIY. Talking about the track, lead singer Myles McCabe said "The central metaphor is of a plant trying to grow in a poisonous environment. The song is about digging out space, providing light and clean water, trying to create the circumstances under which growth can happen." Sometimes taking a break is the only way to reignite a passion. Having immersed himself in music from a young age, ME REX, originally a solo project by Myles, saw early success with previous bands, but quickly became disillusioned with the music industry alongside an addiction to alcohol and battling mental health issues. However, the artist came into his own when he first began experimenting with electronic bedroom pop in 2018 in the solitude of his own home, lead

Robyn Sherwell - Quiet Marauder - MaryLiz - Matilda Gracia - Carbon Memory - Oracle Sisters - Juanita Stein

Robyn Sherwell - A Kiss. Singer and songwriter Robyn Sherwell shares ‘A Kiss’, the second single taken from her upcoming new album ‘Unfold’, due for release on June 18th. Talking about the meaning behind the song, Robyn says; “A kiss is a simple act, but can also mean crossing the line between friendship and something more than friendship. The song speaks to the risk of doing something that can’t be undone, something that could change everything, and the floating exhilaration, fear, excitement and anticipation of that moment.” Robyn’s alluring vocals are set over gently rocking Wurlitzer keys, with lush electric guitar delays building up into beguiling cascading layers, giving the sense of free-falling as the line is crossed. Robyn’s vocal delivery is like the whispered sharing of a secret, as we hear every tiny breath and are carried on the journey into this moment, one that so many people can relate to. The song is accompanied by a dance performance video, featuring LA based dancer

Remember Sports - PACKS - Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones

Remember Sports - Out Loud. 'Like a Stone', the new album from Philadelphia's Remember Sports, is all about breaking away from old versions of yourself. Vocalist Carmen Perry (she/her) rummages through feelings of doubt and spins them into an imperative to treat herself more kindly; her experiences growing up with Catholicism and later studying religion, as well as living with an eating disorder, provide a visceral lens for the literal blood-and-guts self-scrutiny she writes through. With gated drums reminiscent of a naughties pop highlights comp, their third pre-release single, 'Out Loud,' is undoubtedly one of the album's standout moments. Vocalist Carmen Perry got to go "full Ariana Grande," guitarist Jack Washburn says of the diva-leagues vocal chops on display, “and the whispering she does on that last chorus is one of the most special moments on the record for me.” The songs on 'Like a Stone' are about insecurity, but they’re also about

Vök - Carley Arrowood - Spud Cannon - Zoe & Cloyd

Vök - Lost in the Weekend. Icelandic trio Vök have shared the bold and cinematic video for their dynamic new single Lost in the Weekend, which is out now through Nettwerk Records. Following the release of their acclaimed 2019 album In the Dark, which was written and recorded by the band in collaboration with producer James Earp (Bipolar Sunshine, Fickle Friends, Lewis Capaldi), Vök have been nestled away in their Reykjavík studios working on new material. The result is some of their most atmospheric work yet and Lost in the Weekend is an early taste of their progressive alt-pop sound. Based around a semi-autobiographical character, Lost in the Weekend focuses on the ease of over-indulgence when you’re living in the moment and the purposeful loss of a sense of self. Mixed by David Wrench (Frank Ocean, Goldfrapp, The xx), it builds playfully, launching into a bold chorus, which musically echoes the meaning behind the song. The video, directed by Einar Egils, portrays the story of a man w

Andrea Nixon - August Green - The Gama Sennin

Andrea Nixon - Outskirts. Since releasing her debut album in 2017, Edmonton, Alberta singer/songwriter Andrea Nixon has grown into a powerful voice within the Canadian country music scene, mainly by sticking to her roots while expanding her craft. Her new single “Outskirts'' -- available today on Apple Music and Spotify -- might just be her most accessible work yet without compromising her artistic identity. “Outskirts” follows Andrea’s 2020 single “Blind Spot” as the second preview of her forthcoming full-length album, the provocatively titled Barbed Wire Dreams. On “Outskirts,” Andrea continues to make significant creative strides with a song that’s at once thoroughly modern, yet based in classic country themes accentuated by Andrea’s pure, soaring vocal performance. Produced by Russell Broom (Jann Arden), who also contributes on guitar, the band on “Outskirts” includes drummer Lyle Mozan (Kathleen Edwards, Dean Brodie), bassist Chris Byrne (The Road Hammers), keyboardist Br

Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters - Render Sisters - Violent Vickie - the Slowinks -

Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters - New York / Open Up Your Door. There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has challenged every artist to think differently about their work, but Amanda Anne Platt and her band, The Honeycutters, are probably one of the few inspired to work on an innovative project at once more sweeping and yet more intimate than anything they’d previously done — a concept suite built from songs recorded under the straitened circumstances of quarantine and envisioned as a “deconstructed album,” released, not as a package, but in a monthly series of paired singles. For the first Organic Records release, Platt has chosen two numbers — "New York” and “Open Up The Door” — that exemplify the project’s essential concept of duality and its ultimate title: The Devil / The Deep Blue Sea. As she explains, “I’ve always liked that saying. For me, the two groupings of songs represent different sides of the creative process, with The Devil including the more manic,