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Glass Heart String Choir - Elijah Wolf - T Truman - Karen Myatt

Glass Heart String Choir - Wounds. Friends-in-arms reveling at the intersection of classical virtuosity, existential poetics, and art-film surrealism, Seattle art-pop duo Glass Heart String Choir weaves golden lyrical threads of haute-art into their achingly beautiful orchestral tapestry. Their latest single and video, Wounds, is a delicate folk-pop offering reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens and My Brightest Diamond. Set within the alluring visuals of Joshua Tree and the Coachella Valley, the video finds the duo’s violinist/composer Katie Mosehauer fighting to escape the cyclic burden of psychic wounds and emotional scars. Directed by Katie, the video finds her attempting to escape the confines of memory, artfully moving through unforgiving landscapes, endlessly looped back to a pool that should be a reprieve from the heat, but is instead a beguiling entrapment. Katie explains, “There are so many emotional spaces that we occupy alone, carrying a burden of psychic wounds and emotional scar

Alice Tambourine Lover - Adam Hattaway and The Haunters - Lara Mrgic - Natalie Jane Hill

Alice Tambourine Lover - Forse Non Sei Tu. Wandering between lazy Mazzy Star/Cowboy Junkies atmospheres and more gritty moments reminiscent of Mark Lanegan, Bologna-based duo Alice Tambourine Lover (Alice Albertazzi and Gianfranco Romanelli) are back with single 'Forse Non Sei Tu', out for heavy psych rock label Go Down Records (IT). For the first time the tracks are sung in Italian, but the music language lingers on their cradling dream-roots idiom - somewhere between Yo La Tengo and Cranes.  Forse Non Sei Tu features lyrics by Ligurian singer-songwriter Vittorio Carniglia, while the B-side is a cover version of 'Vorrei Incontrarti', one of the masterpieces of Alan Sorrenti's progressive production, played with a bluesy feeling that adds flavor to its cold beauty. Alice Tambourine Lover were founded in 2011 as a side-project of psych band Alix, with five albums released among which Ground, recorded by David Lenci and Good One, recorded by Steve Albini. In 2012 the

SUEP - Nisa - Jackson Dyer

SUEP - Domesticated Dream. The stubbornly high spirited SUEP create oddball music with a touch of theatrical storytelling. Led by SuepLord (Porridge Radio, Garden Centre, The GN Band) and Brain Wastefield (UK top model), SUEP is borne out of a near-decade of wearing silly clothes and deconstructing pop together. After relocating from Brighton to London, the pair added GN (The GN Band, Joanna Gruesome, The Tubs), Freakin' Deacon (PC World, Garden Centre), and T-Mr.9 (Head of Pastoral Care) to the line-up. They take turns writing songs and taking lead vocal duties but manage to create a coherent world of playful collaboration. Their songs take the listener through haunted castles, deprived encounters, days lost to the imagination in bed, and through the integral friendships that give SUEP the energy to keep dancing to their own beat. SUEP’s infectious debut single Domesticated Dream combines a classic 70s Yamaha disco beat, deep bass, nostalgic drum machine sounds, a whole lot of co

Matt Epp and Isaac Murdoch - Selkie - Brei Carter - Sarko Montaug

Matt Epp and Isaac Murdoch - Everything We Need. Isaac Murdoch (Bomgiizhik) is an Anishinaabe Ojibway artist and community organizer from Serpent River First Nation – a member of the Fish Clan – where he grew up in the traditional setting of hunting and gathering on the land. A world-renowned visual artist, Murdoch is perhaps best known to his tens of thousands of followers as a engaging storyteller – recounting live and online the many tales taught to him by his Elders in an effort to reach the heart of the human spirit so that we may all reconnect with, and be stewards for, the land. He currently lives in the forest at the cultural revitalization camp called Nimkii Aazhibikoong, an Indigenous community that focuses on traditional language, art, and land-based activities. International touring artist and award-winning songwriter Matt Epp is the quintessential troubadour of the Canadian prairies, who has won the admiration of an audience that spans the globe. A stark and confessional

Wendy Rae Fowler - Reb Fountain - Gustaf - Daisy Chute

Wendy Rae Fowler - Golden Brown. Wendy Rae Fowler has shared a brand new single - her own unique rendition of the Stranglers’ classic, ‘Golden Brown’. Whilst maintaining all the twinkling emotion of the original, Wendy makes the cover completely her own; adding a distinctive whimsical allure, a truly spellbinding rendition, exuding its own haunting grace. You may not think you know Wendy Rae Fowler, but you do. Wendy Rae Fowler penned and performed the theme music to one of your favorite dark-noir thrillers, The Killing (AMC), and her music has been featured on Orange is The New Black (Netflix). Her work has been variously described as “Brutal and Beautiful” by The Sunday Times and “Eerie and unforgettable” by The Guardian. She was a founding member of We Fell To Earth and has collaborated with numerous bands and artists, including vocals on Queens Of The Stone Age’s ‘Feel Good Hit of The Summer’, Mark Lanegan (Bubblegum, Field Songs, Here Comes That Weird Chill), Eagles Of Death Meta