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Helven - Unite The States Project - Peter Joly - Lilly Hiatt - Oracle Sisters

Helven - if i could be like u. Norwegian alt-pop artist Helven has shared dreamy new single 'if i could be like you', the second to be taken from her debut EP volume 1, due out via Jansen Records on Jan 14th 2022. Helven, aka 21-year-old Jenny Bakke, fuses together honest, true and contemporary lyrics with inspiration from pop music of the past, capturing the experience of life as a 21-year-old woman in the 2020’s. Inspired by the many lessons her brother, who has autism and Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, has taught her, Helven is on a mission to wear her heart on her sleeve. Each of the five tracks that make up volume 1 focuses on a different emotion that she has struggled to express in the past: envy, care, love, sadness and frustration. Last month Helven shared debut single ‘u my homie’. Delivering her signature smoky vocals atop laidback trip-hop beats, the lyrics were pulled from text messages and notes Helven wrote whilst helping her childhood friend through a tough time. Tod

MARBL - Monica Aben - Casper Skulls - emie nathan - Lydia Brownfield - Renée Reed

MARBL - Everybody's Getting Married. Critically acclaimed Israeli Folk/Pop musician MARBL has released her new single “Everybody’s Getting Marries.” MARBL about the song: “The new song “Everybody’s Getting Married” is a humorous song that’s winks at those who think that there’s only one right way to live. The video tells the story of a young woman running away from her wedding in the last minute.  Tomer (who created the video) and me, wanted the situation to be as crazy and exaggerated as it can get, to make our point clear - I think that interviewing and dictating someone else’s life is much crazier and rude. People can be happy and live an amazing life with or without a wedding, with or without kids, in their own pace, due to their own wishes and life-map they draw to themselves. It’s our party, and our party only. Now go pour yourself a glass of wine and chill.“ MARBL, who also works as a vocal coach in Tel-Aviv, was able to generate a great media response worldwide with severa

SHEAL - Sophia Alexa

SHEAL - Dark. “I think a lot of my writing is me finding my voice. I’ve always been inspired by beauty and beauty in music, and that’s inspired me to create. My challenge was always finding my voice and feeling like I had something worthwhile to say.” explains SHEAL, Toronto-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. No doubt has SHEAL found something worth saying with her sophomore LP, Courage Again. Writing the album over the span of several years with the constraints of being a mother and teacher, and recording most of it at eight-and-a-half months pregnant with her second child, Courage Again is deeply reflective of love, fear, and motherhood. Introduced with an aching arrangement of strings and piano on “Gravity,” the LP’s opening line, “We are the same, and we come from the same place, baby,” is a call of gentle empathy and strength; a thread found throughout the album. “Courage Again is about how love makes your inner and outer world expand and how fear makes your inner

Elyza Bleau - KAVYA - Coda Facto

Elyza Bleau - Apparition. Elyza Bleau's newest single, “Apparition,” is taken from part of her upcoming EP, Haunted. The song is a very personal one for her that will entice you with every listen. Echoing the vibes of U2, but with more edge, her music is about her family’s legacy and more broadly about one’s own legacy not being able to be who you want to be due to your family's expectations or ideas of who you should be. “I was really inspired by this need to trace our heritage in the zeitgeist and the expectations that families and cultures can have around people falling in line with it, even if your path is very different,” says Elyza. It’s about not fitting a mold that fits your ancestry and the hurdles that come with that." Elyza was basically in a personal lockdown before March of 2020. She had moved away from the city into a bungalow on the beach and was working 2 full-time jobs. That fierce independence led Elyza to show up to her guitar every day in January. Afte

Nadia Vaeh - Alicia Stockman

Nadia Vaeh - Snake Lady. Pop artist Nadia Vaeh has just released her newest single, “Snake Lady,” which tells the story of a femme fatale that influenced and pushed her further in her journey of self-discovery. For the release of the single, Nadia Vaeh teamed up with The Love Yourself Project, a non-profit arts and education organization that provides community programs that promote self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-esteem, and skill-building.  Nadia Vaeh describes the “snake lady,” the antagonist in the single, as “a girl with a darkly magnetic aura. She had a charm to her...a snakey charm and I was instantly enamored and stricken.” Based on a real experience, Vaeh tells the story of her run-in with a temptress. “I was in a very vulnerable place in my life, and she exploited that. Despite all of this, she did give me something in return as I was now able to explore more of my sexuality and was pushed even further and deeper into my journey as an artist and back into my skin.”  As

Tessa Fleur - Julia Logan & Nina Persson - Sam Teskey - Benz

Tessa Fleur - The Hell of it All. Twirling her way back onto the scene, Brisbane's ethereal singer/songwriter, Tessa Fleur, graces us with her new single ‘The Hell of it All’. With a sound that has freshly floated down from the clouds, Tessa’s brand of fantastical folk provides the perfect escape from the daily mundane. Flourishing with honey-soaked harmonies and sweeping slide guitar, ‘The Hell of it All’ is a melancholy multi-layered masterpiece that encapsulates Tessa’s artful storytelling of self-exploration. Built around a striding beat and bassline, this nostalgic track exudes an essence of Fleetwood Mac that instantly transports you to a place of pure contentment. Accompanying the single release is a mesmerising music video that is nothing short of a visual feast. Tessa’s angelic aesthetic runs wild as she whisks you to another world in a flurry of wind-whipped hair. We meet Tessa amidst an unnerving cult, dancing through fields in a flock of flowing white dresses. The vide