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Wilma Nea - Palm Friends - Deer Scout - Sky Barkers

Wilma Nea - The Beginning. With her dynamic expression, shaped by influences from Fiona Apple, Ane Brun and Kate Bush, Wilma Nea debuted with the EP "Issues" in 2020.The debut was warmly received by a united group of critics such as The Line Of Best Fit, GAFFA, Aftonbladet and Dagens Nyheter. As Wilma today releases her debut album "This Too Shall Pass" due, it's with an equal force. ”My music is singer/songwriter pop that has been called both indie-quirky and bedroom pop. I see inspiration as a luxury, and one that does not always come naturally when wanted. For me, inspiration is so much about energy. Going for a run, showering, hanging out, being somewhere else." On the album "This Too Shall Pass", where Wilma also makes her debut as a producer, we hear an artist exploring stories of daring to communicate her needs, daring to let go and start breathing again. It’s an honest, raw and naked portrait of relationships, the importance of self-respe

Bo Milli - Betty Reed - Kate Klim - Sam Bambery - Sooner - Many Voices Speak

Bo Milli - At The Wheel. Bergen, Norway based artist Bo Milli  shares her debut track "At The Wheel". The latest signing to MADE Management (Sigrid, AURORA), "At The Wheel" was co-produced by Odd Martin Skålnes (Sigrid, Sløtface, AURORA). With a predisposition to self-criticise and a talent for turning that into art, Bo Milli is an essential new voice in music. Through her diaristic lyrics, the super smart environmentalist writes hook after hook as she navigates her inner conflict. And indeed, in putting her own life into words, she has unknowingly narrated our collective existential angst. “Writing music is an emotional outlet, but it’s also a puzzle,” she says, reflecting on her craft. “Sentences come to me and I try to make the pieces fit together. And if just for a moment my music is a good thing in someone’s life, then I will take any opportunity to play it.” Debut track “At The Wheel” is a Soccer Mommy-adjacent song about becoming an adult and suddenly findin

Merv Pinny - Fe Salomon - The Brotherhood

Merv Pinny - My Freedom My Rights. Merv Pinny pens a song about those fighting for freedom and never giving up on their beliefs. Taking on a storyteller role with this latest single, Pinny voices the words that many around the world are crying out for. "Let us be kind to our brothers on the road  ...  and their freedom is their journey  ...  their feelings may over load  ...  and the voices call for freedom." Merv Pinny's brand new album is set for release in 2022. Titled Dark to Light, the album follows Pinny's journey as an artist with songs that have captured the imaginations of millions from across the globe. War; humanitarian crises with children; refugee crises; the cruel world of love on the internet; and gun violence have been the topics that Pinny felt compelled to write about in the hope of invoking change for the better. Seeing the effects that both money and power had had on so many of these devastating events, Pinny used his songs to help give more meani

Dana Gavanski - Papercuts - Laurie Biagini - Ursa Minor

Photo by Clementine-Schneidermann Dana Gavanski - Under the Sky. Arriving where introversion and extroversion meet, forthcoming new album When It Comes is Dana Gavanski’s most vulnerable record to date. A Canadian-Serbian artist unafraid of extremes, she seamlessly blends her love of music from the 50s-70s with mythology.  Led by instinct in its purest form, Dana’s latest chapter is an ode to the voice as an instrument – its power, and how intricately it can deliver words to tug at, and tie knots in, every heartstring. “Under the Sky,” the second single to be shared from When It Comes, was written as an end of summer tune. Dana wanted to create something innocent and love-y sounding but also plaintive and questioning: that hazy way we sometimes feel when looking back at the past and the memories that stick and wonder what really happened. Shifting perspectives, waves of emotion, chest full with that bottomless breath.   =================================================================

Guise - The Shipbuilders - Vök - Lynne Hanson - Becca Stevens & Attacca Quartet - Rosanne Baker Thornley

Photo - Ben Morse Guise - Don't Come Back. ‘Don’t Come Back’ is the first instalment of what will be their debut studio album and it sees frontwoman Jess Guise tackling a complicated love affair with uptempo chord progressions, and emotive lyricism to stop you in your tracks. Talking about the single, Jess says: “This isn’t a song about one particular person so much as a string of disastrous decisions. It’s about the brutal transience and sheer depressing turnover of romantic entanglements I found myself in living in London during my 20s, and about crashing headlong into people who just bounce off and bounce along like dodgems. It’s also about sometimes being the dodgem myself, and not giving myself too much of a hard time about it.” ‘Don’t Come Back’ sees GUISE hone down their staple acoustic sounds, with a touch of nonchalance. Having initially had plans to leave ‘Don’t Come Back’ out of the album, Jess teases that collaborator and husband Frank Turner, “told me I was an idiot,”