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The Black Crowes - Live In London

If you are not a fan of The Black Crowes - Get Off of my blog !!! Well actually your welcome to stay, have a look around if you like, but expect some Black Crowes along the way! A pristine recording awaits, recorded at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire on the 19th March 2006. An excellent venue for a rock'n'roll gig, not to big, so it gets hot, and you can get up close to the band.. This is the full concert. REPLACEMENT LINK IN DOWNLOADS BELOW OR CLICK ON THE PICTURE (21ST OCTOBER 2009). A little feed back is always appreciated, especially as I am sitting on some more Black Crowes treasure. You can buy The Black Crowes albums HERE . You can visit the official Black Crowes site HERE (it's excellent if you have not been there before get there now!).

Jeff Buckley - Liquid Room Tokyo 1995

This is Jeff Buckley live in japan in 1995. The audio quality on this concert is superb for an audience recording. The concert took place on January 30th 1995, and as far as I know was just one of two gigs he undertook in Japan. The full concert listing is as follows: 1. Dream Brother 2. Grace 3. So Real 4. Last Goodbye 5. What Will You Say 6. Lilac Wine 7. Mojo Pin 8. Eternal Life 9. Improvisation / Lover, You Should've Come Over (10. Vancouver) (11. Kanga-roo) 12. Hallelujah / I Know It's Over (Smiths cover). I am afraid that my copy of the gig does not include Vancouver and Kanga-roo. This was a wonderful concert. My life flies by. It is now over ten years since the tragic loss of Jeff Buckley, I still often wonder what may have followed if only... This is the last full concert bootleg of Jeff Buckley for a while on Beehive Candy, however more are planned to follow. I am in the process of going through 'one offs', studio rarities and so forth, and as time permi

Jeff Buckley - Glastonbury - 1995

Jeff Buckley played the Glastonbury Festival on the 24th June 1995. Songs performed are listed below. 1. Dream Brother 2. Lover, You Should've Come Over 3. So Real 4. Last Goodbye 5. What Will You Say 6. Mojo Pin 7. Eternal Life 8. Kick Out The Jams 9. Grace. Unfortunately my copy of this concert excludes the final song (Grace), however that said this was a fantastic gig, I just wish I could have been there ! The link to the concert is below (again a zip file) Jeff Buckley - Glastonbury 24th June 1995. The Beehive Candy Store Jeff Buckley page is HERE .

Jeff Buckley - Live at The Knitting Factory 1997

Reloaded 20/May/2015 - This was clearly Beehive Candy in our minimalist era, music is superb though so enjoy! Five days prior to playing at Arlene's Grocery, Jeff Buckley performed a solo gig at The Knitting Factory in New York City. Set List: 1. Lover, You Should've Come Over 2. Jewel Box 3. Morning Theft 4. Grace(with Gary Lucas) 5. The Sky Is A Landfill 6. Everybody Here Wants You 7. Yard Of Blonde Girls. The Beehive Candy Store has a page dedicated to Jeff Buckley HERE . You can find out more about The Knitting Factory HERE . Reloaded - 20/May/2015 - download link in comments.