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2015 - Out Of Our Inbox - August - One

Moke Hill - Doing It Wrong. Background words - With the stark contrast between their home bases in Detroit and LA informing the laid-back melancholy of the music, Moke Hill’s smoothly polished rock reverberates with both the blue-collar work ethic of their Midwestern roots and the sunny optimism of the West Coast.   Their collaboration unfolded organically through the cloud, which sounds oxymoronic, but such are the times in which musicians now connect, both with each other and with fans. There is an undeniable craftsmanship to these melodies, coupled with a probing lyrical earnestness that speaks to the virtues of suiting up, working hard and sticking with it until you touch people with something beautiful. Ben Berry and Drew Phillips first began writing and recording together as Moke Hill in 2013.  Despite a friendship that dates back to their Detroit grade school days, they didn’t get serious about making music together until Berry was in Chicago and Phillips in Mokelumne Hi

Fridays Refreshing Rock Double

No waffle, short sharp details and a couple of songs to 'knock your socks off'. If you remember the 'air guitar' craze, then feel free to strap yours on and play along, it's not only cheesy DJ's who can say "the weekend starts here"..... Jacuzzi Boys - Sun. Some details -  Miami's own Jacuzzi Boys have announced the release date to their forthcoming Happy Damage EP and reveal their new song "Sun". The track is the second single from the EP recorded at Torche Studios in Miami and slated to drop on September 18th via their recently launched MAG MAG label. The Jacuzzi Boys' (Gabriel on guitar, Diego on drums, Danny on vocals) signature Miami party sound is unmistakable on "Sun" where they provide the theme music to the Summer blues . A hypnotic rhythm and beat drive both guitars and vocals in this 'semi-surf' rock blast, what's more it's a free download. Website ( Here ) . ----------------------------

Thursdays Perfect Pair

Private Island - Bear Hands. Background - Southern California based six-piece Private Island released their debut EP 'A Good Look' in the fall of 2014, and is set to premiere their first studio single later this year. Blending an alt-rock vibe with a hint of retro and funk, Private Island has drawn comparisons to acts such as The Kings of Leon and Young the Giant. Private Island is Christian Lum, Tommy Nickerson, Cameron Anderson, Michelle Guerrero, Tim Barbour and Roger Mawer . Missed them first time around and Bear Hands is from the EP and is also free to download. Anyway sorry for being so late but this is to good not to feature. New music from them later this year according to another music blog! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The High Learys - Letters To Alice. Background - The High Learys are an Australian rock band formed in Perth Western Australia in 2011 by lead sin

Wednesdays Subtle Twist of Genres

CJ Hooper - By My Side. Promo words - CJ Hooper is more than just an independent singer-songwriter blessed with oodles of talent, he’s also possibly Australia’s most unknown and understated. By My Side is the first official independent release from the acoustic based Sydney solo artist who plays multiple instruments and delivers distinctive vocal harmonies and falsetto. By My Side was recorded in Sydney at Stereo Missile Recordings with the help of well renowned producer and engineer Steve Peach. “By My Side is a smokey, atmospheric journey that I loved working on. The acoustic guitars are hypnotic, the vocals are smooth, and the songwriting is top notch. Highly recommended!" – Steve Peach, Missile Recordings, Sydney. ‘It’s an uncomplicated love ballad in appreciation of having someone really special to share life’s journey. Not everyday is perfect, but sharing it with your soul mate is pretty close to it”, says CJ Hooper Currently recording a new album set to be release

Dub Is A Weapon - Charlottesville 2005 (Internet Archive)

From the Internet Archive this is Dub Is A Weapon performing live at the Outback Lodge, Charlottesville, VA, back on the 9th July 2005. This is a remarkable band whose live dub performances are a real treat to enjoy. Describing the formation of Dub Is A Weapon we quote the following - “It can’t be done, man!” That’s what Dave Hahn, mastermind behind Dub Is A Weapon, heard when he first floated the idea of a live dub group, as he and his mates listened to some prime 1960s King Tubby cuts in the band van. “Everyone seemed to think you could only do dub in the studio,” Hahn recalls. Hahn set out to prove them wrong, with skills learned live and on the road, and with help from a Jamaican beatnik percussionist, an old high school friend, and young upstarts from the Brooklyn scene. Together they’ve honed their live take on the genre’s spaced-out grooves. Concise Background - Founded in 2001, Dub Is A Weapon has set out on a mission to curate the history of dub reggae by offering the

Forget The Superlatives - Just Listen!

Science and the Beat - Mean Streak. Their Bio - This is how the world ends: with deafening indifference and retread of age-old strife. How we choose ride to out this wave varies, but still falls into the principle camps of acceptance and denial. Science and the Beat choose the latter, wanting to live moderately in their impact but decadent within themselves; feeling and loving in productive ways that give meaning to their lives. Science is the means to try and make sense of it all. The beat informs the rhythm and the approach. Nothing else matters. Multi-instrumentalists Tasha Katrine and Rob Zilla have been carving out their creative vision since being introduced in their teens. The approach has been dexterous, mixing live shows with elaborate video and lighting installations – most notably as More Machine Than Man. As a fixture in the Goth Industrial scene, the pair was conscious of the expectations and rigid identity that develops with a long-term project. To keep those limit

Sundays Alternative Take - Someone Stole The Genre

Basecamp - Watch My Back. Intro words - Nashville trio Basecamp announce their new EP, Greater Than out August 21st via OWSLA. The EP is a fully realized collection of R&B-tinged dance tracks inspired by the group’s admiration for art and the more technical aspects of electronic music . Cool vocals over a sparkling soundtrack that pauses and shifts along, their delight in the art of electronic music is clearly defined. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pure Phase Ensemble 4 - Morning Rise - (from the album). The details - Pure Phase Ensemble 4 feat. Mark Gardener (RIDE) to release 'Live at SpaceFest' LP - Pure Phase Ensemble is an international music collective, created especially for the SpaceFest festival in Gdansk, which takes place annually in December and is organised by the Nasiono Association. The city of Gdansk plays host to this blossoming music festival each year