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New Sincerity Works - The Persian Leaps - Blue Sails - Fragile Animals

New Sincerity Works - Just Like Vapor / Love To Love The Love.

Background - New Sincerity Works was formed in the summer of 2014 by creative powerhouse Mike Tittel (ex-Loud Family, current drummer for Roger Klug Power Trio, photographer, artist, and music producer). The band was created in the image of what all bands should look like, themselves. The songs combine modest, heart on your sleeve themes with indie-pop, Americana, and 1980's guitar/synth driven new wave. A decidedly familiar, yet fresh presentation. The band has invited comparisons to a second distant cousin of Alex Chilton as well as Guided By Voices, Paul Westerberg, Phoenix, and The Postal Service. Perhaps best summarized by a fan from North Carolina "The music is like hearing your best friend sing. And who wouldn't want to hear that?"

"I always wanted to be in this kind of band, playing guitar and singing, but nobody ever asked me because I'm a drummer. I've played drums since I was eight …

The Desert - hunter & wolfe - A Shadow of Jaguar - Oh Geronimo

The Desert - Soulmates / Playing Dead.

Background - The Desert is a collaboration between singer-songwriter Gina Leonard and guitarist & producer Tom Fryer. Tom’s atmospheric production style which plays with big spaces and other worldly sounds, lives in the space between Gina’s honest and poetic lyrics, allowing her songs to shine that little bit brighter. 

The pair first met at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 2014 where Gina played a set for The People’s Front Room, a collective that Tom is a part of. Tom went on to record and produce a few of Gina’s tracks, however it wasn’t until late 2016 that The Desert officially came together to write and record their first collection of songs. 

‘I find it difficult working with other people, it has always just been me and my guitar behind closed doors.’ Gina explains. ‘It was so exciting to find someone I could trust to develop my songs with. We’re pretty different but we work well together’  Facebook here.

We first featured The Desert back …

Ella Grace - TIO - Bonnie Doon

Ella Grace - Here We Are Again.

Background - Indie folk artist Ella Grace has announced the release of her brand new single Here We Are Again, telling of a love lost to depression and the journey onward from that space. Using music to sooth and heal, Ella writes as if the future of this lost love were the present. A story of love in her twenties and the attempt to cope with mental health struggles, heartache, and personal growth at such a young age.

Discussing the inspiration for her music, Ella states: “I think sometimes we have to let go of love, and not always because the love is lost, sometimes it’s because the people in it have lost themselves”. The bass that underpins the hypnotic soundscape of natural elements takes us on a journey through this relationship; past, present and future. Ella discusses why she believes there is importance to building a unique soundscape around her music.

“It’s really important to me that when we go into the studio to build the track, we build it in-k…

Courtney Farren - The Commotions - Matt Hawkins - Fanny and the Atta Boys

Courtney Farren - Hard to Tell.

Background -  Ahead of the release of her debut album 'Nothing Like It' and following the release for the track by the same name, singer-songwriter Courtney Farren has revealed the new video for 'Hard To Tell'. This first collection of tracks she has released features guitar and piano songs recorded earlier in spring of this year.

"Out of all the songs on this record, Hard to Tell is my favorite for a few reasons. The main reason being that I so vividly remember the time and place I wrote it. I was in my friend's apartment in Woodside, Queens, and it was around 4 in the morning. And the imagery in the song is so literally what I was feeling and doing. So maybe I didn't actually put a tape of snoring on to wake up to (maybe I did), but the sentiment of all of the scenarios I describe in the song rang so true to how I was feeling that night," says Courtney Farren.

"I really love this song, and it means a lot to me. I…

Beatrix Players - Franks & Deans - Palace - The Rural Alberta Advantage - The Jar Family - Amanda Mair

Beatrix Players - All That Thinking / Hurt.

Background - London-based all-female trio Beatrix Players have been announced as winners of the Prog Magazine Limelight Award for 2017 at the ceremony last week. The band are celebrating the win with the release of their new, double A side single All That Thinking / Hurt, plus a single launch being held at London's St Pancras Old Church on Thursday 5th October where they will be joined for the evening by the SOUND choir.

The Limelight Award highlights the "emerging talent that's risen to the top of the prog ocean over the past 12 months".

All That Thinking is taken from their 2017 debut album Magnified, and is a song about the difficulty of having a child and the blame that goes on between partners, and the band are delighted to have joined forces with leading national charity Fertility Network UK to help raise awareness of National Fertility Awareness Week which takes place on 30th October - 5th November. This years they are…

Jon Tessier - Tenderhooks - SELKI - Anna Tosh

Jon Tessier - A Minute or Two.

Background - Jon Tessier is a Brazilian-French singer-songwriter who was born in São José Do Rio Preto (Brazil). Equally passionate about music production and songwriting, he began his musical elopement at the age of 14. 

Jon spent childhood and most of his teenage years in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), a time during which he played in several independent rock bands. However over the last 3 years, he’s been working on his music from Ibiza (Spain).

His musical heroes include: Mötley Crüe, Depeche Mode, The Doors, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers as well as the Brazilian “Bossa Nova” artist João Gilberto, amongst many others.

Jon Tessier is a solo artist, who’s musical style can be described as guitar driven pop music with an alternative-rock edge. A new artist with a fresh sound, his music is available on all music streaming platforms including: Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. Website here, Facebook here.

There's some fine production on 'A Minute or Two…

The Fluids - Coyote Run - Jenn Vix - The Limiñanas

The Fluids - Sign N' Drive.

Background -  “Sign N’ Drive” is the frenetic and addictive second single that The Fluids have shared from their forthcoming debut album No Kidding! (out October 27th via Axis Mundi Records. Self-proclaimed as America’s Newest Band™, The Fluids were introduced to the world earlier this month with their undeniable, critically-acclaimed debut single “Creatures”, which the New York Times said "...vibrates with the giddy energy of the city’s early-2000s rock scene — the sound is tight, the vibe is loose, the singer’s accent is adopted.”

With their debut full-length, No Kidding! flying high as their banner, The Fluids are storming the front lines of cultural trendsetting with ripping guitar solos and saddlebags filled with tequila sodas, calamari, and what they claim to be the best pot in the city (based on how great this album is, I’m inclined to believe them?!).

The band has drawn apt comparisons to everyone from the Talking Heads and Berlin-era Bowie, …