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Hero Fisher - Lauran Hibberd - KYLYPSO - Bartees & The Strange Fruit - Wild Child

Hero Fisher - I Let Love. Background - "I wanted to write a song where the focus jumped from person to person, like a contagion. The idea was that each verse would be an ordinary “day in the life of” each character, and that whatever was going on was a banal and daily grind. Each character would be possessed with this spirit, making them push on through, and shake off their demons.” Hero Fisher’s ‘I Let Love’ is a rare and powerful treat of rock and roll swagger and pointed observational songwriting. Her narrative lyricism is bolstered by her effortless feel for melodies and song progression. From the timbres of the toms and the smooth steely chorus-soaked guitars to Fisher’s own vocal line, every element forms a vibrant sonic fabric of unforgettable musical sentiment. It’s about rising above the banalities of quotidian life, escape through desire, and the reflective trappings of nostalgia. The accompanying video runs the gamut of emotions with a stellar performance by its donk

Sarah Schonert - Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes - The Little Kicks - Half Forward Line

Sarah Schonert - Astound Me. Background - The full-length release entitled "Penguin Party" from Illinois-based indie singer/songwriter Sarah Schonert will be released on 8th December.  Her experimental approach should appeal to fans of innovators like Kate Bush and Imogen Heap. Sarah writes and records out of her home studio. Sarah combines classical-sounding piano with ambient washes, vocoded synths, electronic elements, and layered vocals, and she is not afraid to experiment with vintage instruments as well as new technology to create her sound. "For "Penguin Party," I chose to stick to the keyboards and loopers to focus on creative a more energetic album that people would want to move to. It also gave me a chance to experiment with some new ideas, such as using vocoder to make a drum track drive a bassline, looping live, and extravagant piano ornaments." WEBSITE , FACEBOOK . I have only heard a couple of tracks from the forthcoming album including

Nocturnal Animals - Paul Mosley and The Red Meat Orchestra - October's Child - ORFILA

Nocturnal Animals - Dark Lit Places. Background - Atlanta alternative/indie rock group Nocturnal Animals new EP is entitled "Dark Lit Places." Nocturnal Animals is an American Alternative band from Atlanta, GA. The group consists of Mason Jones, Will Bennett, Derrick Stephen, and Dawson Tucker. Formerly known as "Rude!", Nocturnal Animals revamped themselves and have caught attention with their brand new debut EP of the name "Dark Lit Places". "This band is very talented and promising. The vocals are charismatic and relateable, reminding me of the Arctic Monkeys with a dash of Billie Joe from Green Day. The production is stellar, as is the songwriting. This really makes alternative rock sound big and relevant again. Just beautiful arrangements and a unique dynamic/mixture of rock styles." The band are - Mason Jones: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Will Bennett: Lead Guitar, Dawson Tucker: Bass, Derrick Stephen: Drums, FACEBOOK . The new EP 'Da

The Bats - AyOwA - Skelhorn

The Bats - Busy. Background - New Zealand indie-pop legends The Bats started the year off by releasing their ninth album, The Deep Set, and now they finish it with a new video. Directed by Marc Swadel it sees the four-piece performing the track 'Busy' (off The Deep Set) in Christchurch Emigre, James Atkinson's, practice room under the arches of London's Haggerston Station.  Filmed the day before their final show in the Tufnel Dome, the onscreen triptych also features footage from around London during the band's UK/EU summer tour earlier this year. "Marc Swadel has done an amazing job of editing together band footage with some “busy” film of London's underground and overground using a wide triptych format" - Paul Kean, The Bats. BANDCAMP , WEBSITE . It was back in February of this year that we first featured The Bats. The band end 2017 with a new video for 'Busy', another refined song from the album 'The Deep Set' where indie po

Esther & Fatou - Typhoon - Death of Guitar Pop

Esther & Fatou - At Night. Background - At Night is the brilliant debut single from Esther & Fatou, a folky dream-pop tune perfect for the winter months. Hailing from Leuven, Belgium, the co-vocalists by equal turns charm and invigorate on a track that belies their lack of previous releases in its confidence. Warm, pin-point harmonies are accompanied by a snowy flurry of rootsy instrumentation, delivered in such a way as to retain a modern feel.   “It’s a song about the way everything is seen in a different light at night”, E&F explain, “the track was inspired by a nighttime walk through the city, when we began to wonder about ourselves and other people. In a very organized society in which everyone is expected to make a distinct contribution, there comes the night: full of chaos, everyone is left with their thoughts, insecurities and secrets. The nighttime raises more questions about existence and faith. By morning; they all seem to disappear’" Produced by Gaetan V