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Armonite - Charly Bliss - Dan Franklin - Doe Paoro - Stonefield - The Venus Fly Trap

Armonite - Freaks / Clouds collide. Background - Instrumental violin rockers Armonite hail from Pavia, Italy, a place entrenched in musical history. Like their classical predecessors, they employ no voice, lyrics or guitars in their compositions, yet the band actively pushes their craft forward with a blend of electronic, world, and progressive rock. Spearheaded by the duo of composer Paolo Fosso and violinist Jacopo Bigi, both classically-trained musicians, Armonite seeks to tap into a modern universal language, removing all barriers to reveal a sound that is visceral and direct. While Jacopo was obtaining his Master’s in Violin Performance, pushing the boundaries of classical protocol by using the electric violin to achieve a distorted guitar tones, Paolo was mining the burgeoning technological side of music. “Since I was a child, I’ve loved music tech” Paolo reflects. “Programming in Basic on the Commodore-64, moving into sampling on a 4-Channel, I’ve followed it all the way in

Dahlia Sleeps - Foxhole - Sarah Nixey

Dahlia Sleeps - Storm. Background - Dahlia Sleeps return with the news of new EP ‘Love, Lost’ - set for release December 3rd via Beatnik Creative. Recorded and produced in the band’s own basement studio in South London, the EP news arrives today alongside the release of its stunning lead single, ‘Storm’. Written about the blurred boundaries that we so often encounter when two hearts or two bodies meet, it’s a song that was formed initially on the piano in singer Lucy Hill’s living room. Luke Hester, the bands producer then built the beautiful instrumental piece around it the very next day. Hester's haunting, skeletal electronic production, paired with Hill’s delicate, soulful vocal make for a stunning partnership - and signifies a new dawn for the band. “It’s a song that feels truly us - I feel this comfort in it that I don’t think I’ve felt before”, says Lucy. “I’ve been reading a tonne of poetry in the last year or so and that's massively inspired me to step up in my wri

Praa - Satellite Stories - Amy Rigby

Praa - Y. Background - Through a sensual and sultry track impregnated as much with Solange, Air or even Portishead, Praa questions our human connection about the - mostly - virtual relationships we maintain through our screens. An illness, symptom of this generation that is the namesake of this song ‘Y’. Marion Lagassat, is the real name of singer, musician, composer Praa. She was born in the sunny Southern-French town of Valence. A child of the 90’s born to music-loving parents, she was exposed early on to Brit-Pop sounds and American Folk and grew up with the beats of 90’s RnB. Greatly influenced by Hollywood cinema and conceptual art of the 70’s - 80’s, it was only natural for her to fly to Los Angeles upon turning 18.  Radio airplay and noticed covers on Dailymotion at the age 16 were already promising signs for her future. Through her first Folk project she managed to tour her home country opening for such acts as Angus Stones, Tété, Arthur H… In parallel, she joined a pysch-

JJ and The Pillars - Eva B. Ross

JJ and The Pillars - Howl (Feat. Alyssa Morrissey). Background from JJ and The Pillars - In early 2017, we began recording our second album, Daisy, with producer Kevin Dietz (The Cranberries, The Glorious Sons, Circa Survive.) The resulting effort is the band’s best work to date, full of strong songwriting, energetic performances, and powerful delivery. Our new single, “Howl,” marks a change in my writing style and features the powerful voice of country singer, Alyssa Morrissey. Adding a refined  southern flair counterpoint to our feverish pop sound. “Howl” is about finding someone that makes you feel free, not afraid to be yourself around them. We have always been very comfortable both on/off stage together. Alyssa was always the country girl, while I’m the rock guy. We wanted to write a song about our relationship that was perfect for both of us. Daisy is slated for release this fall and will be performed in its entirety live at Toronto’s Lee’s Palace on October 5th, featuring s

Honey Moon - Rosie Carney - Breichiau Hir - Ricky Lewis

Honey Moon - Mover In The Dark. Background - Jangle-pop four-piece Honey Moon unveil Mover In The Dark, the final aperitif served ahead of their new EP Four More From…, hitting your ears on 21st September, via Manchester boutique label Heist or Hit (Her’s, Pizzagirl). Snare trills, melodic staccato guitars and barber-shop harmonies transport you through the decades, to a summer evening leant on a parked Chevy Bel Air by a dimly lit beach front. Like a hazy memory however, it’s hard to locate exact feelings, and an eerie tone pervades: “Its vulnerability isn't laid quite as bare and its message not quite as obvious as in some of our other stuff. Kinda creepy, kind of 'dark' - for us cheesy boys, anyway” says ringleader Jack Slater Chandler. A continued evolution from the dreamy, floaty Honey Moon sound of old, and a side-step from the more straight-up love tunes that make up the rest of the EP, Mover In The Dark is unique take from the four-piece. Honey Moon’s style is

The Woolly Mammoths - Chorusgirl - Rina Mushonga - Terry Emm - The Hate Club - Tania Vinokur

The Woolly Mammoths - No Confidence Man. Background - No Confidence Man is the funky fresh track from the self-effacing young Bostonites, The Woolly Mammoths. Consummate music nerds The Woolly Mammoths create sly, idiosyncratic dance punk that falls somewhere between Parquet Courts and Animal Collective. Their high energy, cheeky vibe seems to be a direct response to their starchy childhoods on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, where they learned to escape the doldrums by indulging themselves in off-beat esoteric indie rock. Since their inception in 2014, the quintet has cut loose with two LP’s and EP, culminating in 2017’s Resist Consumerism, Buy Our Album which received a positive shout out from Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop. Their dynamic, collaborative recordings and sweaty live show quickly created a local groundswell, culminating in praise from Greater Boston Music Publications and prodding the band to leave NH behind to pursue music in Boston proper, locking in openin