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Julia Rakel - Paige Stark - Hush Pup

Julia Rakel's music might be described as lo-fi, however it's also packs a dreamy punch with the layers of gentle sounds and her seductive vocals. We've featured Paige Stark once before as a solo artist, along with several Tashaki Miyaki appearances, and she continues to really impress with her latest offering 'Depression Song'. It's less than a month since we first shared 'The Hours' from Hush Pup, 'Oasis' is a very welcome follow up where their experimental pop is once again blissful and endearing. Julia Rakel - You're Not Getting It. Umeå-via-Malmö Swedish musician and producer Julia Rakel is the latest addition to Stockholm indie label Rama Lama Records' (Melby, Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes, Chez Ali etc.) roster. Debut single PDFILWM was released in January and have since grabbed the attention from influential Swedish media as well as international blogs, calling it a "lo-fi gem", followed by People in February. N

Sarah P - The Ninth Chapter - The Arthur Brothers - Trouble in the Wind

We featured the 'Maenads' E.P by Sarah P. back in January however the video for the excellent title track is well worth a share. Australian six piece band The Ninth Chapter mix the genres and styles up with a funk meets folk kinda song. We featured The Arthur Brothers a couple of times last year and now we have an award winning video from them for what is a really good song entitled 'Violet Hum'. Trouble In The Wind share a gorgeous rocker with plenty of passion and feeling to round things off today. Sarah P. - Maenads. Maenads is a disco-inspired song about those nights that are empty of feelings. The video's visuals are a fast-forward to Sarah's life in Berlin - rather secluded, away from distractions. "This isolation-by-choice gave me time to process life events that had shaped me." The song's video features Sarah and Sabina Smith-Moreland cast as a bird that symbolizes mental illness. The video shows the importance of coming to terms wi

Porteau - The Hold Steady - Rock Eupora

Vancouver duo Porteau are about to release their debut album 'Water’s Gate' on March 15th. 'Penelope is one of ten songs in the collection and is a good indicator of the quality and beautiful sounds they create. The Hold Steady confirm they still have the knack to write and perform great new songs with this first offering from them this year. Rock Eupora have shared a video for 'Inbetween' a sumptuous rocker that suggests the new album will be rather special. Porteau - Penelope. Porteau is the creation of Victoria Williams and Craig Stevenson. The Vancouver duo’s debut album Water’s Gate transports listeners to a world of pragmatic mysticism. Layers of lush vocals and washes of light, modulated guitar are the foundation of their songs. Pulling the record into diverse moods and through vivid textures, their sound weaves through folk-inspired passages, celestial soundscapes, and electronic flourishes. Ethereal and expansive, Water’s Gate is Porteau’s open space

Metaspion - Trampoline - Sun Salute - Watling & Bates

The very idea of fusing folk, EDM alongside other genres had me intrigued and Metaspion doesn't disappoint with the splendid track entitled 'Pyros'. Trampoline released their debut album last month and 'Emilys Tea Party' is to good to pass up on even if we are (ahem) a little late to the party. Sun Salute share some gorgeous roots music channelling natural reggae vibes with a timeless feel. Watling & Bates give us a taste of Australia meets Americana style country music, that is both imaginative and a little on the Gothic side. Metaspion - Pyros. There is a new single from acclaimed Norwegian electronica artist Metaspion entitled "Pyros" (feat Skam R' Tist). Metaspion is known for fusing folk, EDM and other genres in intriguing ways as evidenced on his 2018 full-length Folktronica Schmolkfonika.. About new single "Pyros", he says: "It was a "wow!" moment when I first put an 808 kick over a Hardanger fiddle playing

Hobby Club - Rainbrother - HunBjørn

Hobby Club make their second appearance on Beehive Candy this year with 'Bedroom'. In January we described their music as " bright indie pop - with some fabulous vocals and a crisp musical backdrop," the new song pretty much confirms they are very good at this. Rainbrother have a new album on the way and 'Warriors' suggests it will be well worth checking out, the band are creative and not stuck in any particular rock genre. HunBjørn shares a gorgeous electro pop song with lush synths and an expansive musical backdrop supporting some very engaging vocals. Hobby Club - Bedroom. Jangle-pop duo Hobby Club release their cheerfully melancholic single ‘Bedroom’ from their first EP ‘Video Days’ released 8th March on Manchester tastemaker label Heist or Hit (Her’s, Pizzagirl). Inspired by Arthur Russell, The Beach Boys and Kate Bush, Beth Truscott and Joe Rose’s sound is as unique as their vision of the world – sharing an unusual eye condition they only discover