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Touch the Buffalo - Vilde - Arkansas Dave

The second single from the forthcoming album by Touch the Buffalo is the title track 'Heart Is For', where the alt rockers deliver a sprightly and beautifully produced song. Vilde returns for a third time this year with another notable song entitled 'Through The Fallopian', the vocals are once again a dominant focal point, however the musical backdrop adds some real depth to the track and the video takes that even further. Arkansas Dave has just shared 'Diamonds' a song drenched in Americana vibes, the gentle pace and heartfelt vocals ensure this soulful track digs deep into our emotions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Touch the Buffalo - Heart Is For. “Heart is For” is title track, and the second single to be released off of Touch the Buffalo’s upcoming album, “Heart is For”. Band Bio: The DC-Based indie rock band, Touch the Buffalo, is a wild, heart-poun

Heavy Heart - Deux Furieuses - The Ghosts - Curse Of Lono - Earth Girl Helen Brown

Heavy Heart have a new release entitled 'Cry Ice'. Combining melodic dream pop with hints of alt rock that gradually builds, this is a gently paced track that begs for a second listen. 'Year Of Rage' by Deux Furieuses is a high octane rocker that packs emotion and power as this duo combine to create some potent rock and roll. The Ghosts have shared 'We Lie To Ourselves' accompanied by an imaginative video that works so well with the song. Musically there is a fresh indie rock feel, it's no surprise that the band are attracting plenty of attention.  This is our second Curse Of Lono 'Live at Toe Rag Studios' feature, last month we shared 'Blackout Fever' and they return now with ' I'd Start A War For You', which is another refined and mellow Americana styled song. Earth Girl Helen Brown return for a sixth time on Beehive Candy, this time with an E.P. called 'Uranus' plus a video for 'Oh! What A War' an epi

Chloe Foy - A Permanent Shadow - Sandra Andreis - Cleargreen - Jens Carelius

Chloe Foy makes her third appearance on Beehive Candy with 'Without You'. Her ability to write, create and perform beautiful folk songs remains intact, the latest piece once again demonstrates this. In just one word I would describe her music as stunning. From A Permanent Shadow we have 'Empty', a quirky, enjoyable and psych drenched song, with a suitably matched video, this one is very catchy. The Porgy and Bess classic 'Summertime' is given a thoughtful reworking by Sandra Andreis a modern version without taking away the originals class, and it's accompanied by a intriguing video. Cleargreen latest song is 'People' a bright and fresh sounding indie rocker, that is full of some rather deep digging hooks. We have the new track from Jens Carelius entitled 'All I Know' accompanied by his previous release 'Lay Me Down'. Both make good use of sweeping synths, and Jens characterful vocals give plenty of originality and interest to

The Side Project feat. Alita Moses - Erin Rae - Berith

The Side Project featuring Alita Moses have shared their gorgeously unique version of  'Redbone'. The saxophone quartet immediately stand out as different by the very nature of their set up, however it's the final product that matters and this really is something else. With the brand new album 'Putting On Airs' by Erin Rae she has thrown down a direct challenge to the stereotype of what a Southern singer should be. Well that's according to the accompanying promo piece, however listening through all the tracks, it's fair to say, she has a point. The music is fresh, the lyrics thoughtful and mature, and the sheer diversity of styles (from indie folk to Americana) impressive, for me the answer to her challenge is simple, there are no stereotypes here. There is an old time feel to 'You Could Be Mine' by Berith as the song opens, however it gradually develops a more current feel, as the musical arrangement expands, and her personal Norwegian roots

Candid - Espanola - Katie Rose

Coventry, England's Candid have just released 'Concrete Jungle' where the band deliver an indie rocker fuelled by exuberance, mega hooks and good old natural rock and roll intensity.   The self titled album from Espanola is a festival of guitar driven rockers, with the focus on what feels right and good, rather that an album in pursuit of perfection, which in a sense is also a reasonable definition of what rock was originally all about. The new single form Katie Rose is entitled 'Beginnings', a song that tackles anxiety and depression, doing so with a majestic musical arrangement and the very fine vocals of Katie. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Candid - Concrete Jungle. Backed by the likes of BBC Introducing and Fred Perry, Candid are fittingly honest when they come to describing their sound – music to dance to. On their forthcoming single, ‘Concrete Jungle’, the