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The Locals - Pat Tierney - MIMICO - Jolene Dixon - Camp Howard - Kid Creole and The Coconuts - Dead Naked Hippies

The new album from Chicago's The Locals is 'Minutes, Seconds, Degrees'. The band waste no time, in getting into some full on alt rockers, the energy matched by impassioned vocals and slick and solid musicianship and the hooks flow constantly throughout the album. From Australia we have Pat Tierney and 'My Sweet Love' a beautiful folk roots song where his melodic vocals simply shine. MIMICO have shared a video for 'Common Tar', a song where the synths and vocals flow intrinsically together as the guitar and drums add further momentum. Jolene Dixon has a video for 'Dreamer' where her fabulous vocals and instinctive Americana song-writing sensibilities are both notable to say the least. Indie rock band Camp Howard latest song 'Swimming At Night' has a catchy nature as the melodic vocals and striking harmonies stand out as the understated musical backdrop allows them centre stage. We have the latest single and video form Kid Creole a

bdrmm - Madame Psychosis - Faultress - Very Good - The Electric Arch - Kacy & Clayton - Portland

bdrmm first appeared here in October last year and the new song 'Shame' makes for a refreshing return as the mixture of lighter shoegaze and to use their expression ugly pop, works so well together. We have previously shared a couple of songs from Madame Psychosis and the opportunity to present the new album 'Survivor' is to good to pass up on. The band mix alt pop and indie rock together with clarity and passion, they are quite open about their musical influences, yet manage to present a distinct and very fine sound. There are a couple of songs to hear from Faultress namely 'Marilyn' and 'Beating Heart'. Both are notably different, the vocals give some continuity, however the creativity and delivery is outstandingly good. Sean Cronin the man behind Very Good has also shared a couple of tracks recently with 'Ghost Warning' and 'Adulthood' showcasing his off the wall creativity. Genre defying and veering towards experimental at time

The Hengles - Tim Holehouse - Miriam Clancy - Beija Flo - Richard James Simpson

The Hengles first appeared here just three months back when we described their music as melodic and refined pop. The new song entitled 'Those Who Stay Behind' is cut from the same cloth, this band clearly know how to create gorgeous pop. Tim Holehouse shares 'Aveiro' accompanied by a video. His vocals are wonderfully distinct and the musical arrangement and harmonies make this an outstanding alt country song. It's a month to the day since we first featured Miriam Clancy with the song 'The Bells' from her keenly awaited 'Astronomy' album. The follow up track 'The Sound' is a lush hook filled piece with synths, a distinct drum beat and smooth melodic vocals collectively working wonders. Genre defying and beautiful, the new song 'Nudes' by Beija Flo really does up the creative stakes. Personal and passionate, I could easily play this song to often, but it's one to make last, until she surprises us again, something I feel Beija

Millington - Kid Bear - Paul Mosley and The Red Meat Orchestra

Millington just released 'I Am That' a fabulous indie pop song where his vocals are simply wonderful and the songs positive and catchy nature just so likable. With six fine songs we have Kid Bear and 'Ep2'. The collection drifts between rock genres (from roots to alt rock) with a refined feel throughout and the vocals are passionate giving the E.P extra traction. Back in late 2017 I was mightily impressed by Paul Mosley and The Red Meat Orchestra so their return is more than welcome. Our first taste of the forthcoming album is 'People Are Idiots' and Mr Mosley with his varied companions are already promising something good to savour is on its way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Millington - I Am That. Back from being right there, Millington releases life-affirming single I am that. Like closing your eyes and travelling inward, I am that is an uplifting escape with a soul tingling soundscape,

deux furieuses - Walrus - Mieko Shimizu - The Naked Sun

deux furieuses are back for a third time this year with 'My War Is Your War'. Once again the duo are impressive, the subject matter is conveyed with suitable darkness and a sense of brooding passion. Garage psych band Walrus have just released 'Half Smoke' where the video matches the song, and the unpretentious rock vibes are just right. Mieko Shimizu shares a highly creative and imaginative song entitled 'Me My Ghost'. Described as avante-garde electronica, it's all of that and gently but most definitely addictive.  The Naked Sun new single 'Secret We Don't Know' exudes roots rock beauty, the band describe their music as honest rock, a definition that makes honest sense, they are also honestly talented in their craft. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ deux furieuses - My War Is Your War. deux furieuses return with ‘My War is Your War’, the third single to be released from th