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Sisyphes - Josh Kumra - Malena Zavala

Sisyphes just shared 'Samsāra' and the Margate (England) band are impressive with this expansive, melodic and dreamy mixture of Shoegaze and pop sensibilities. === Another song released yesterday comes from Josh Kumra and it's entitled 'Pull Me Back In'. The singer songwriter has fabulously distinct vocals on what is a beautiful modern folk song. === We've already had the pleasure of featuring three tracks form her forthcoming album 'La Yarará' and now Malena Zavala has released another 'Memories Gone' and it's as gorgeous as the others, the album is out on April 17th, personally I can't wait. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sisyphes - Samsāra. Based in Margate, Avantpop shoegazers Sisyphes are made up of former La Houle guitarist and songwriter Geoffrey Papin, Clémentine Blue (Tiger Lion), John Davies (Michael A Grammar, Traams) and Jimi Tormey (Gang). Taking their cues

Anna Burch - Junk Drawer - The Reverse - The Sun Harmonic

Anna Burch new album 'If Your Dreaming' is released today. It comprises of twelve beautiful songs and is streaming in full below, her songwriting skills are notable and the musical construction of each track is imaginative on what is a really pleasing album. === Junk Drawer have just shared 'What I've Learned / What I'm Learning' a slow burning rocker that is both atmospheric and gripping. === Another new song release today this time from The Reverse with 'Kill Us All' where the lyrics intrigue to say the least, on this refreshing indie rock track. === The Sun Harmonic latest song offering is 'Sign On The Road' and it's a vibrant folk rock song that put simply, is rather catchy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anna Burch - If Your Dreaming  (Album). When Anna Burch introduced herself on her 2018 debut Quit The Curse, it was with a concentrated wash of energetic, serotonin-

HMS Morris - oh!no?ok.

HMS Morris return with 'Poetry' a couple of months after their very fine song 'Babanod'. The new piece builds in intensity, the vocals increasingly immersed in lush electro music are nonetheless wonderful. === oh!no?ok. return for a third time in a matter of months with 'Wheel Of Fortune' where the Salt Lake City band are in cracking form with this high octane rocker. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HMS Morris - Poetry. Hot on the heels of the well-received Babanod, released in early February, HMS Morris are now pleased to present Poetry. It’s the second in a series of singles due for release in 2020, and will be available from April 1st on Bubblewrap Records. The song reflects the sliding scale of madness that results from unreciprocated obsessive love. Beginning with some light-hearted hypothetical quasi-stalking, singer Heledd Watkins then moves through self-criticism, recrimination, and fin

The Goldhearts - Hannah Scott - Same - Carmanah

The Goldhearts have released their new E.P 'Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Bold' comprising of five tracks from which we have a video for 'Road To Roam' a song that gives a good feel for the collection of their timeless melodic indie rock. === Hannah Scott shares 'Shape' the London based songwriter is vocally powerful and passionate in what is a notable and stirring song. === From Pittsburgh we have Same with 'Bluish' a laid back indie rock song that subtly embeds some engaging musical hooks along the way. === Gentle and melodic folk accompanied by a well matched video ensures Carmanah and 'As I See You' quickly becomes a gorgeous, play me again sort of song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Goldhearts - Road To Roam. Waking from a three-year hibernation, The Goldhearts picked up where their debut album left off with the electrifying Be Brave and hook-laden Stars. Now proud to announ

Kalbells - Unruly Girls - Grace Joyner - Electric Feat

Kalbells share 'Mothertime' just a month after we featured 'Cool and Bendable'. The new song is fabulous, the vocals are warm and captivating whilst the intricate musical backdrop adds so much more. === We have the new single from Unruly Girls entitled 'She Grew Up In A Shotgun Row' and it's a fuzzy hook filled atmospheric rocker. === This nearly passed us by (it came out a couple of weeks back) nonetheless Grace Joyner latest single 'Fake Girlfriend' has to be shared, simple as that. === Electric Feat have just released an album from which we have 'Bring Something from the Night' the Athens, Greece band capturing rocks past and adding a few modern twists to many of rocks genres across the album. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kalbells - Mothertime. Today, Kalbells—the project led by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Kalmia Traver—is sharing “Mothertime,” the title track

Rex - Amaroun - Whitacre - Mats Wawa - The Mowgli's - Reliant Tom - The Claudettes

Rex are an Amsterdam based trio and they have just released 'Palaces' a beautiful track with hints of Nick Cave however the trio add so much more. === Amaroun already has a reputation for creating music that is hard to categorise, not that it matters 'Talk' is just one very individual song and it's wonderful. === They describe themselves as a mountain rock band and somehow Whitacre give that description credence as new song 'Prodigal' amply demonstrates. === Mats Wawa have a new album out called 'Rock Omelette' which comprises of ten tracks, described by their promo as a mixture of "AOR, slacker soul or just classic rock" it's all of that pulled together by the bands consistent catchy and highly melodic sound. === The Mowgli's are back with 'Weight On Me' and again the band are on top form with a colourful video accompanying this hook filled song. === Reliant Tom share 'Nevermind The Garbage' a song that opens g