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MYNTH - Forever Honey - Lesley Barth - Percy

MYNTH just shared 'Laurel' which is the first single from their third studio album due in September, the song itself is a gorgeous mix of guitar led Electro music and lush vocals. === We had the pleasure of sharing 'Christian' by Forever Honey a few weeks back and they have returned with 'Twenty-Five' which is another refreshing mixture of melodic pop and rock. === Lesley Barth first single from her forthcoming album is 'Woman Looking Back at Me' a hook filled song that combines Blondie style disco beat with reflective lyrics. === UK band Percy just released 'Love Song' accompanied with a video, the bands powerful post punk sound remains intact with addictive vocals, it's a fine taster for their next album ‘Seaside Donkeys’. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MYNTH - Laurel. 'LAUREL’ was out yesterday April 10 and is the first single from MYNTH’s 3rd studio album (SHADES | M

Camille Delean - Orpine

Camille Delean has just shared her new single 'Fault Line (Late July)'. The singer - songwriter delivers a mixture of folk and roots rock, the musical arrangement is refined and a wonderful match for her engaging vocals. === Back in February we shared 'Sondern' from Orpine who have returned with 'Two Rivers' where the duo once again delight with their creative & intimate modern folk sound. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Camille Delean — Fault Line (Late July). Montréal-based singer-songwriter, Camille  Delean, is sharing her enticing new single, ‘Fault Line (Late July)’. In tandem with releasing new music, Delean is announcing news of her sophomore album, Cold House Burning which is due for release via the Hull, Québec-based artist-run label, E-Tron Records on June 5, 2020. Whilst becoming something of a staple on the East Coast Canadian music scene over the past few years, supporting the

Sunshine Boys - Diners - The Roseline - CIEL

Sunshine Boys just released their second single 'Summertime Kids' taken from their forthcoming album 'Work and Love'. The Song has fresh positive rock vibes and plenty of musical hooks. === Our second helping of Diners this year comes in the form of the new single and video for 'Big Times' which oozes indie pop charm both musically and visually. === Last Friday The Roseline released their new album 'Good Grief' and it's a refined collection of Americana, folk and country rock beautifully arranged and delivered. === CIEL make their third appearance this year on Beehive Candy with 'Same Old Times With U' and once again the Brighton based band are on top form with this dream pop/rock piece. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunshine Boys - Summertime Kids. "Summertime Kids" is the second single from the Chicago band's sophomore album Work and Love, which will be relea

Juniper Bush - The Coo - Bijou Noir

Juniper Bush brand new album is entitled 'Healing Through A Sonic Figure'. We featured the video for 'Turn' just a few days ago and it really is a pleasure to share the full album today from this highly talented psych-rock and shoegaze band. === The Coo have shared a video for 'If Only', a live track recorded in April last year in Amsterdam and it's a gorgeous dual vocal acoustic piece. === It's been eighteen months since we first featured Bijou Noir and they are back with a cover version of The Beatles 'Tomorrow Never Knows', a song that they creatively and sensitively put their own mark on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Juniper Bush - Healing Through A Sonic Figure (Album). Healing Through A Sonic Figure, the debut full-length record from Winnipeg psych-rock/shoegaze troupe Juniper Bush is out now via Transistor 66. The album deals, in part, with finding one’s way through th