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Francine Honey - Anya Hinkle - Commonwealth Choir - Snake - Charlotte Rose Benjamin

Francine Honey has shared two versions of 'I Carry On' the second one includes Robert Gray who co-wrote the song, both are beautiful heartfelt tracks. === From Anya Hinkle we have a new video for 'Road of the Winds' which is a mixture of exquisite country and bluegrass. === Commonwealth Choir have released 'Light' accompanied by a cracking video as the band serve up some energised hook filled indie rock. === Three months after we featured 'Falling' Snake are back with 'Lost Girl' last time we described their song as "one feisty and fabulous rocker" and the new one is just as potent. === Charlotte Rose Benjamin shares 'Autopilot' along with a self made video (due to Covid lockdown) and both are captivating as she continues to gain trans-Atlantic interest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Francine Honey - I Carry On. “I Carry On ” is a testament to the human spi

Discovery Zone - Jessy Yasmeen - Pete Gardiner - Ynys - Greg Klyma - Blake English

Discovery Zone has just released 'Dance II' which follows on from 'Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody' which we featured four weeks ago, the new track is another refined electro piece with dreamy vocals. === Jessy Yasmeen just released the beautiful song 'Dreams' where both the musical arrangement and vocals really impress. === Pete Gardiner is back with 'Pick Your Side' a song that is vocally and lyrically mesmerizing, it takes a second listen to take it all in. === We featured Ynys last July and now we have 'Aros Am Byth' as the Welsh language singer once again shares a melodic and beautiful song. === The latest Greg Klyma video for 'Coffee and Weed' was made entirely during social distancing, it's described as a country waltz, an expression that kinda say's it all. === Blake English mixes Glam rock and punk together wonderfully on his brand new 'Spiders Make Great Poets' E.P, it's energized, imaginat

oh!no?ok - Café Spice - Jess Knights - Rett Smith

Making their fourth appearance here in under a year oh!no?ok are back with another classy alt rocker entitled 'Firemouth'. === We featured Café Spice twice last year and they are back with 'She Loves And Leaves' where they shift genres towards indie pop doing so with grace and quality. === We were introduced to Jess Knights back in January and the new song 'Baby Won't You Stay' sees the artist serving up some gorgeous and timeless soul vibes. === And we have to go back a whole ten days since Rett Smith was last here, the quick follow up 'Luck Burns Deep,' is a potent stomping rocker, the video is pretty cool as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ oh!no?ok - Firemouth. oh!no?ok. is comprised of high school friends Ryan Osborn, Cole Miller, Jackson Ludlow, and local guitarist Nick Storey. The band is a year old, and has been working closely with locally-renowned producer Nate Pyfer

Laura Cortese and The Dance Cards - Art of Empathy - Josiah Johnson - Nicole Atkins

Laura Cortese and The Dance Cards share 'From The Ashes' as a preview for their 'Bitter Better' album set for release in July. Their claim to push the boundaries of folk and roots music is subtly born out with this gorgeous track. === The first single and video from Art of Empathy 'End Of I' album is the atmospheric piece 'Where Souls Shine Brightest' a song that is both mysterious and dramatic. === Josiah Johnson has just released his new single 'False Alarms' which gradually builds into a beautiful, personal and totally engaging song, where the splendid musical arrangement is just right for his vocals. === Nicole Atkins has shared 'Mind Eraser', a new track from her upcoming album 'Italian Ice' due out at the end of the month, the song itself takes on the subject of Lucid dreams (and do I get plenty of those) doing so with an addictive and imaginative mixture of sounds.   ------------------------------------------------------

Endless Forms - Zoe & Cloyd - Jenny Banai

We have three tracks from Endless Forms brand new album 'More Than Candy' with each song exploring differing styles where warm synths, dramatic musical backdrops and refined vocals vie for our attention. === We featured Zoe & Cloyd around a year ago (time flies) and their new song 'Where Do You Stand' is a thoughtful piece with some classic Americana vibes. === Jenny Banai was featured back in February with 'Couch Walker' and her new song 'Intermittent Heart' is another gorgeous and imaginative modern pop affair. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Endless Forms - More Than Candy (Album). Endless Forms have released their third album, More Than Candy. The album is their first since 2017's If There Were Water and follows an appearance of their song "Lungs" on Netflix show Elite. "This is serious listening for the serious-minded music fan," V13 raved in a review