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Melody - Amaroun - Cat Princess - Grace Gillespie

Melody was raised in a musical family and at sixteen years of age her new song 'Room 111' clearly demonstrates the fruit-age of that environment, with this gorgeous singer songwriter song. === Amaroun makes her third appearance on Beehive Candy with 'Rise' and once again this talented artist develops a unique and rich musical piece. === It's been a year since we last shared some music from Cat Princess however they are back with a cover version of 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' where they notably put their own stamp on it. === Grace Gillespie returns with her latest single 'HUH' and again she is consistently creative and just wonderful to listen too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Melody - Room 111. Melody recently announced she will release a new EP called Teachers Pet on June 12th via Lauren Records, and she's back with a new track. Melody Caudill is a 16 year old singe

Market Junction - Certain Animals - The Brave Faces

Market Junction will release their latest album, 'Burning Bridges', on August 7 and ahead of that they have shared 'Nebraska' a song where the vocals are fabulous and the musicianship comfortably on a par. === As this is our sixth feature for the Dutch band Certain Animals I guess it's safe to say we like them and new song 'TV' sees them keeping up the momentum with another fine rocker. === We featured their debut single back in March and Brighton based band The Brave Faces are back with 'Lots Of Nights Out' which is another solid indie rock song, that stands out both musically and vocally. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Market Junction - Nebraska. Of the song, Matt says: "Home is not a place. It is a connection to another person. When you lose those people, you feel uprooted, disconnected, and lost. Being out on the road is hard on a relationship, yet the constant war inside

Meggie Lennon - Katy Kirby

Meggie Lennon shares 'Mind Games' which is a dreamy indie song, where her smooth flowing vocals are immersed in an equally melodic musical backdrop. === Katy Kirby new song 'Tap Twice' gently unfolds adding a few musical layers moving from a folk vibe into a refrained indie rock song, her fine vocals keeping the flow going. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Meggie Lennon - Mind Games. Somewhere in the land of uninhibited love and playful sins, Meggie Lennon is both the game and the rule that begs to be broken, crafting her songs through spirals of unrepentant escapism. Following the release of GAMIQ nominated EP Endless Dreams and Dreamlike Mornings in 2017, under the name Abrdeen, the singer-songwriter wasted no time making a name for herself, taking her music across the province alongside well-established acts such as Good Morning, The Dears, Julie Doiron, Sugar Candy Mountain and Laura Sauvage. N

Mighty Brother - Sergeant Buzfuz - The Cradle feat: Lily Konigsberg - Kairos 4tet feat: Emilia Martensson

Mighty Brother share a new video for 'Summer Road' a song that is upbeat and genre spanning, the musicianship is superb. === Sergeant Buzfuz latest song is entitled 'Theresa McKee' and it's a short, sharp and very catchy track. === The Cradle featuring Lily Konigsberg just released 'One To Many Times' it has a stripped back yet rich musical backdrop that's just right for the vocals on this singer-songwriter piece. === Kairos 4tet feat: Emilia Martensson have released the beautiful song 'The Body Keeps the Score' the incredible story behind it is included below, the track itself is exquisite. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mighty Brother - Summer Road. New Orleans band, Mighty Brother, has released their music video “Summer Road” - the second installment of their upcoming double album (The Rabbit. The Owl.), releasing on June 29th. The music video follows the band’s 2019 ‘S

SuperGlu - Gizmo Varillas - The Commander In Chief - DAYLA - Ebony Buckle

SuperGlu are a punk pop band and their recent song 'Soil' is now accompanied by a video for what is a powerful and hook filled track. === Our second feature for Gizmo Varillas this year is for 'Born Again' where the beats and bright vocals really please. === We have a couple of recent songs and videos from The Commander In Chief namely 'Non Si Sa Mai' and 'The Manager' and where do I begin, let's just say highly talented and creative for starters. === DAYLA has released 'Lighthouse' a modern and very individual pop song where the refined vocals are notable. === Singer songwriter Ebony Buckle shares her beautiful new song 'Ghost' which mixes a little folk styling with some wonderful pop sensibilities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SuperGlu - Soil. Manningtree punk-pop fourpiece SuperGlu have shared the video for their recent single Soil, which is out now alongsid