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Planet For Sale - Hailey Whitters - Xanthe Alexis - Big Little Lions

Planet For Sale share 'Old Father Time' which has a gentle rock vibe and notable vocals, the band enjoy a cult following in Iran, what other band can claim that! === Hailey Whitters has a new video for her stunning song 'Janice At The Hotel Bar' it's one of those Nashville tracks that just needs an immediate second listen. === From Xanthe Alexis we have 'Compass' and the indie artist really impresses both vocally, lyrically and through the understated musical arrangement. === Big Little Lions have released 'It's Amazing' ahead of a new E.P and the dual vocals and harmonies are gorgeous from this creative pair. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Planet For Sale - Old Father Time. Planet For Sale are a Brighton based musical universe whose artful fusion of rock and blues is a mix of compelling lyrical imagery, incendiary guitar solos and trippy psychedelia. They are the anguished

The Jayhawks - The Commander In Chief - Lara Taubman - Ci Gofod - KEYS

The Jayhawks have released their album XOXO today and taken from it we have the new single 'Bitter Pill' with the bands thirty year track record of creating great music remaining easily intact. === We featured The Commander In Chief in May with two songs 'Non Si Sa Mai' and 'The Manager' both taken from her brand new album 'Berit Vol.2' which is released this week, she also shared 'The Lockdown' recently which is another example of The Commanders exceptional talent. === From New York we have a new album 'Revelation' by Outlaw Folk Americana Musician Lara Taubman it's streaming in full below and put simply it's a gorgeous collection of wonderful songs. === Ci Gofod shared 'TV Screens' today and it's accompanied with a fine video that does justice to this very catchy song. === We featured KEYS twice last year and now have their new single 'This Side Of Luv' to enjoy, described by the band as an "attemp

Miesha and The Spanks - Macajey - Gasoline Lollipops - PainKillers

Miesha and The Spanks have released 'Unstoppable' and the "high octane garage rock description" is well deserved and considering that they have been around since 2008, the energy levels are something else. === Macajey shares 'Mornin' which is a melodic and fresh indie song, with a beautiful vibe running throughout. === Gasoline Lollipops have shared the title track from their next album 'All The Misery Money Can Buy' due in September, it's a slick mixture of Americana and refined rock that bodes well for the album. === PainKillers brand new song 'Live Your Dreams' starts out gently enough, but hold on to your hats, this builds with musical layers and some feisty passion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Miesha and The Spanks - Unstoppable. Miesha & The Spanks are a high octane garage rock duo from Calgary AB, made up of rock n roll matriarch Miesha Louie and her partner

sir Was and Casper Clausen - Sam Valdez

sir Was and Casper Clausen just released 'Flyder' and it's a creative beauty, with gliding vocals and a wonderful soundscape. === Just a week after featuring 'Clean' from Sam Valdez she returns with another gorgeous song entitled 'Toothache' and again her blend of genres (anything from Shoegaze to Americana) really impresses. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ sir Was and Casper Clausen - Flyder. sir Was and Casper Clausen, singer of experimental Danish post-rockers Efterklang, yesterday released their collaboration ‘Flyder’ ( Floating). sir Was’ album ‘Holding on to a Dream’ and recent follow up EP ‘Letter’ have received praise and support worldwide from BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 1, Radio Nova, KCRW, Double J, Complex, Les Inrocks and Notion. He headlined Scala in November and would have had a mainstage appearance at All Points East alongside Tame Impala and Caribou before the current lockdown.

Grace Gillespie - Zoe Polanski - Shem Sharples - Zachary Kibbee

Grace Gillespie makes her fifth appearance here with 'Empty In The Capital', we've described her music as creative and beautiful in the past, so have some more of all that, with the new song. === Zoe Polanski shares 'The Willows' which is a delightful mixture of dream pop and ambient soundscapes. === Shem Sharples just released 'Clear Crystal View' where his distinctive and energized indie folk is irresistible. === Zachary Kibbee has a double A side out which kicks off with a potent rocker 'Somewhere To Put My Gold' accompanied with  'Come Back' and a gorgeous bonus track that could be a single in it's own right. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Grace Gillespie - Empty In The Capital. Grace Gillespie is a London-based artist and producer originally from Devon, who spent much of 2017 touring as part of the live line-up for 4AD’s Pixx. Her first two singles found their wa